biennale di firenze


“In 1998, I curated a presentation for the Biennale di Firenze in Florence, together with the brilliant cinematographer Dante Ferretti from Rome. The theme was fashion and cinema. Out of the 22 designers that I’d chosen to take part, Raf was the most demanding, despite being the least well known. He insisted he would only take part in the exhibition if we would allow three teenage boys to live in his installation for the show’s three-week duration. The Florence fire department, and health and safety officers, had to be persuaded first. I also had to convince the organisers that Raf Simons was an extremely important designer and that his vision of fashion was absolutely relevant to the future and that the title ‘2001 minus 3’ was a reason he had to be included. Eventually the reconstruction of Raf’s all-white Antwerp apartment was built at the back of Stazione Leopolda, and the boys lived in the exhibition space during opening hours, then sneaked out of the back door each night to experience the delights of Florence’s club-life.” – Terry Jones

Photos by Bert Houbrechts via [x]