Choplin by Rene Bieder.

Rene Bieder did it again, his wonderful taste in shaping typefaces delight us again with this release of Choplin, a geometric Slab Serif font, base on Campton. Rene describes his own font in this way:

Choplin is a modern and clear geometric slab serif with a sturdy heart. It was designed based on the Campton Family, with the same principles in mind: geometry, simplicity and neutrality. As a consequence, Choplin could be seen as an immediate companion to the CamptonFamily. However, during the process lots of details were changed in order to sharpen the slab serif character which resulted in a slightly different interpretation.

Similar to Campton, it is perfectly suited for graphic design applications ranging from editorial, corporate, web, interaction to product design. In addition, it has an extended range of alternative glyphs, ligatures and opentype features which provide flexibility and uniqueness wherever it is placed.

You can get the font with a huge discount of 85% off that’s mean $35 for 18 fonts. If you have followed Rene for some time you will know that this kind of offer never repeats, the normal price of this professional font is $250.

Get it here:


Campton: The new font from Rene Bieder.

Rene Bieder the master designer behind Quandon, Gentona, Canaro and other lovely fonts, is launching a new geometrical Typeface derivated from Canaro: Campton.

Campton is a simple sans serif with a geometric skeleton, based on the mid to early twentieth century visual trend of achieving neutrality. Although, there are a lot of typefaces focusing on similar principles, tries to find its niche in the field of anonymous typefaces by combining simplicity with a subtle friendliness. It is perfectly suited for graphic design application ranging from editorial and corporate design via web and interaction design through to product design.

You can buy this font with 84% off here (you won’t regret it, is a very professional font the real cost is $250):


Fonts of the Month: November.

November is gone, but he left us with amazing releases on the type-scene, my favourite type designer Rene Bieder release a beautiful font Galano Grotesque (which you can get at $45 the whole family of 40 fonts), then we have revivals like DIN Next Slab wich is a beautiful din font with rounded edges and of course: Slab. The S-Core Type Foundry released a new variant of their fonts Circus and Magic: the Rough version. And Latinotype is following the Rough trend with their variant of Trend, the Trend Rough (yeah isn’t word play, is real, but beautiful). Better check by yourself this releases and choose your favourite typeface, click on the name to see details: 

  1. Galano Grotesque (85% off)
  2. DIN Next Slab
  3. Juliette (25% off)
  4. Jasminum (30% off)
  5. Amoretta 
  6. Core Circus Rough (72% off)
  7. Emblema Headline (85% off)
  8. Orev (90% off)
  9. Larry (35% off)
  10. Ainslie Slab (77% off)
  11. Mariné STD (75% off)
  12. Graviola (70% off)
  13. Rough Love (20% off)
  14. Core Magic Rough (72% off)
  15. Roper (70% off)
  16. Westcoast Letters (50% off)
  17. Trend Rough (88% off)
  18. Ahkio (35% off)
  19. Graphique Pro Next (50% off)
  20. Veronia (75% off)
  21. Byker (90% off)
  22. Wingman 
  23. Bron
  24. Dulcet (40% off)

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And finally this  are the best 10 fonts released in 2013. Click in the name of every font to see full details. :

  1. Brandon Text  by HVD Fonts.
  2. Nanami Font by Thinkdust.
  3. Canaro by Rene Bieder.
  4. Tide Sans by Kyle Benson.
  5. Niveau Grotesk by HVD Fonts.
  6. Trend by Latinotype.
  7. Core Circus by S-Core.
  8. Wishes Script by Typesenses.
  9. Voyage Font by Fenotype.
  10. Zulia by Sudtipos

You can check the full details in this site dedicated to the 100 fonts of 2013:


Galano Grotesque by Rene Bieder.

Galano Grotesque is a geometric sans in the tradition of Futura, Avant Garde, Avenir and the like. It has a modern streak which is the result of a harmonization of width and height especially in the lowercase letters to support legibility. Galano Grotesque aims to be a universal weapon not only because it works great in headlines, short and long copies but also because of its subtle neutrality. It comes in 10 different weights with matching italics and is equipped with a set of powerful opentype features including alternative glyphs, fraction, arrows, ligatures and many more. An extended character set, supporting Central, Western and Eastern European languages, rounds up the family.

During the design process of the alternative glyph shapes of Galano Grotesque, the interest of creating a standalone version emerged rapidly. This was the birth of Galano Grotesque Alt. Not only because of the legible and unique character created by the alternatives, but also because this could be the small copy embracing stylistic companion to Galano Grotesque. In addition to the alternative glyphs, the height of descender and ascender was increased, supporting structure and rhythm. When finishing Galano Grotesque Alt, it turned out to not only work great in small and long copies but also to be a great performer in headlines and short copies.

Download it here:


Top 10 Fonts of the Year:

Finally the kings of the best fonts released this past year. It was very tough to choose the top 10, but this is how the market dictated the trend on this past year. Rene Bieder, Fontfabric and Laura Worthington are the great winners of this 2014, their neat, dedicated work deserves the first places of this list.

These are the top 10 fonts of the year click on the names if you want to see more details:

  1. Galano Grotesque by Rene Bieder
  2. Nexa Rust by Fontfabric
  3. Glober by Fontfabric
  4. Adorn by Laura Worthington
  5. Selfie by Lián Types
  6. Trend Rough by Latinotype
  7. Lulo Clean by Yellow Design Studio
  8. Harman by Ahmet Altun
  9. Brandon Printed by HVD Fonts
  10. Texta by Latinotype

You can check the full details in this site dedicated to the 100 fonts of 2014: