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AU: Being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend comes with a lot of unprecedented things, but something you were definitely not prepared for was the jealousy. Nonetheless, you still know it’s harmless and he just loves you too much. 


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“Petty Bitch”

Request: Could you do a club smut where Justin spots her in the crowd and invites her up to VIP then they talk for hours before she finally gives in and they have sex.

Warnings: Smut. Language!!

set during Bizzle days

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The hoots and cheers from the crowd, accompanied by the screeching music conceived by the DJ was enough to make a person go deaf. The pounding of the music had my eyes bulging and bones vibrating through my body - but I must admit that part of that had something to do with the extensive amount of alcohol I had consumed so far tonight.

a girl to my left and my boys to my right - I could definitely say tonight was a success so far. The boys jumping around to the music, partying with the crowd while making jokes at how tipsy Za had become after only a few rounds of shots. The girl grinding up my leg had me gagging at the job she was doing. Her lanky body swaying from side to side while attempting to act sexy.

She was a bad turn on, and it wasn’t hard to tell she wasn’t worth the fuck. As we continued to party, a few people had began noticing us, coming to crowd around. And after a good 20 minutes of shuffling around in attempt for some space, I had become fed up with the main dance floor. 

Gathering all the boys back up, with a little convincing, we made our way back over towards the VIP section, settling down in the booth we had claimed for the night. J-blaze - one of my dancers who came along tonight - was smart enough to order us another round of shots, coming back to the table with a sigh.

“Shit Bieber, why you gotta be so well known?”

“Don’t remind me.” I groaned, rubbing my face with the palm of my hand.

“Let’s not think about the fan’s tonight.” Maejor began. “Lets just concentrate on having fun and getting wasted!”

The boys around us all began hooting and hollering, lifting the glasses of shots a bartender had brought us. After drowning the content, I couldn’t help the groan that escaped my lips, as the fire-like liquid ran down my throat. 

“Shit, there are no girls worth fucking in here tonight.” Khalil announced, eyes wandering around the crowd we were previously dancing in. “Everyone here is wifey material. Guess the one night stand felt like staying home tonight.”

“Or they’re all already off fucking each other in the back.” Lil twist commented, causing everyone to laugh. That’s when suddenly, Khalil’s hand shot out, slamming Za in the chest a few times for his attention - yet his eye were diverted to something off in the distance.

“Man, get your hand off of me.” Za frantically shouted, leaving Khalil to slap the back of his head. “Nigga stop tryna act important and look!” 

Khalil’s hand shot out towards the public dance floor, pointing towards a stunning young women dancing amongst the crowd. She sported a beautiful strappy, satin silk slip that only came past her mid thigh, with a pair of Kylie inspired knee high heels. A thick choker wrapped around her neck, completing the look with beach wavy shoulder length hair.

A few other girls surrounded the girl, some with similar outfits, others with different but just as stunning outfits. But this girl of all stood out the most.

“Damn…. Dibs on the one in the silk slip!” Za called.

“Which one? Half of them are wearing silk slips.” J-blaze commented.

“The one with the short hair.”

“Nope!” I immediately shouted. 

Za craned his head to look my way in surprise, eyebrows furrowing. “What? Why?”

“Cause. I already got my eye on her.”

“Nah boy.” Maejor interjected. “She’s mine.”

“All of you find another girl. I saw her first.” Khalil said.

As the boys where arguing, I took this is my opportunity to slip out of my seat, and silently began making my way over to girl, leaving the boys to argue in the dark. 

It wasn’t long before I was back on the dance floor, glancing around the swaying crowd in search for the dancing beauty. That’s when the similar satin silk caught my eye, leaving me staring at a sight for hungry eyes. Damn, she looked even better from down here. Licking my lips and rubbing my hands together, I was finding myself strutting my way over without even thinking.

She was facing the opposite way, swaying her hips to the beat with her friends. I smirked as I watched, enjoying the way she moved so fluently before deciding to slide my arms around her waist, leaving her jumping back in shock.

Her back collided with my chest, giving me perfect access to her ear. “Hey baby girl. I’m Justin. I saw you dancing back from the VIP section. Damn you got moves.” I growled.

“Is that so?” She smirked.

“Mhmm.” I mumbled. “Why don’t you come over and join me and my boys? What do you say….” I trailed off in search of her name.

“Y/N.” She answered my unspoken question. I smirked. “Beautiful name for a beautiful face.”

“Depends.” she shrugged, grinding her ass against my dick. “Can my friends come?”

“Whatever get’s you on me faster.”

“Then sure. Why not.” she smirked. 

Grabbing a hold of her hand as she shouted to her friends to follow along, I guided the girls over towards my booth, where the boys where all now watching with a burning fire. 

“You a stingy fuck Bieber.” Khalil growled, glancing at Y/N on my arm. 

“Don’t worry bro.” I smirked, gesturing towards her other friends “I got you some friends as well.” 

“Petty bitch.” Za whined. His eyes wondered over the other girls, before stopping and widening against one. He suddenly shot up, wrapping an arm around a light skinned beauty, licking his lips before swiping his hands down his chin. “Hey lil mama. Aha, I’m Za.” 

Khalil was next to find a girl, eyeing a similar one down. “You got lucky.” He muttered towards me, making his way over to the girl.

I chuckled, sliding into the booth as the rest left to go talk to a girl they found attractive. Once seated comfortably, I immediately pulled Y/N against my lap, gliding my finger around the top of her thigh. 

“So, you into…One night stands?” I questioned, looking down at the finger drawing patterns against her skin. 

Y/N chuckled, using a hooked index finger to draw my hand up to her face. “Uh-uh-ah. Not so fast, pop star.”

I pouted. 

“You can’t just call me over and expect a fuck. I need some kinda seducing.” She smirked. 

“How about I take you into that dark corner, and seduce you in a different way.”

“Or..” She began sliding off my lap. “How about….You come and get me.”

She used her finger to motion a ‘come here’, slowly strutting backwards. Like a lost puppy, I followed a long, shuffling off the seat to follow her but by the time I had gotten up, she had already lost herself in the crowd, leaving my eyes to wander over the place.

Oh how I like a girl who plays hard to get.

Quickly darting after her, I had just managed to catch sight of her silk slip, weaving through the crowd. Her giggle the only thing audible above the beat of the music and cheers of the clubbers. 

I took off running after her, bumping into a few people and not caring to apologize. I kept looking, following the beauty until I had finally reached a pair of stairs. Looking up, I spotted her at the top, hands either side of the railings, teasing me with her posture. One leg crossed over the other.

Quickly wasting no time in climbing the stairs, this time she stood in place, following me with her eyes. I began jogging towards her, finally reaching out to take hold of her wrist which I managed to succeed in. 

She smirked down on me with lust driven eyes, leaning forward to nibble against my ear, “You got me.” She whispered. 

It wasn’t until I then realised she had led me to the bathroom that I realised her motives, and that quickly lead me to drag her through the door of the women’s bathroom. With the click of the lock, I spun around on my heels to face her, still smirking. The lighting in here was much more efficient then the few flashing ones down in the club, giving me a much better view of her body.


Y/N chuckled while I walked towards her just as she started giggling, backing up until her back made contact with the sink behind her, halting her movements altogether.

I was quick to approach her, placing both hands on either side of her waist. with one swift lift, she was seated on the basin, legs spread and wrapped around my own waist. With my hands flat against her thighs, I leaned in, kissing up her neck. One hand kneaded through her hair, as my lips trailed closer and closer to hers, right before connecting. Moaning against her lips as she returned the gesture.

Slowly, my hand on her thigh began inching upwards, drawing the satin silk further up her thigh until the material of her panties brushed against my fingers. Her moans echoed throughout the empty bathroom, leaving me smirking as I slipped my finger passed the fabric and against her soaking clit. 

Her lip hooked underneath her pearly white teeth, drawing back the moan which threatened to spill and I smirked leaning forward to grab a hold of her lip with my own teeth, pulling it loose. “Don’t hide your pleasure.” 

And she nodded.

My fingers slowly began circling her soft bundle of nerves, leaving her breathless in a matter of seconds  “You’re so fucking wet” I hissed hungrily, kissing her passionately as my fingers began to run up and down the slick folds of her pussy.

“I can’t wait to taste your pussy baby” I moaned against her lips, simultaneously beginning to rub her clit faster than I thought possible. She gasped as the pleasure began to take over. Her lips moved to my neck as I continued to move my fingers faster and faster against the bundle of nerves between her lusciously long legs. And that’s when the mouth watering desire to taste the girl over took me, causing me to leap to my knees and cradle my head between her. 

The room in my pants continued to decrease as the woman before me succeeded to turn me on. She looked down on me in sexual distress, squirming around against my touch. I smirked and proceeded to lick my lips, using my index and thumb to spread her pussy open. The air flew past my lips as I began blowing cool air over her clit, causing her to let past a small moan, pushing me to my tempting limit. 

I dove down, dragging the flat of my tongue along her pussy, tasting the arousal between her legs - the arousal which I had formed from my teasing. “Fuck you taste good” I moaned, sucking her clit before simultaneously slipping two fingers past her tight pussy.

Her back arched in pleasure, a moan escaping a little louder than I suspected she intended it to be, as she leaned down to weave her slender fingers through my locks. She felt so good against my tongue that I forgot the fact we were in a public bathroom for a moment, and that I really needed to spead things up before someone came knocking for the bathroom. The surprise didn’t disappoint, and as I released her clit from my mouth, her moans seized into small whimpers.

I smirked and brought my lips up back to her own, attaching them as my hands fiddled with the buckle of my jeans. Her passionate kisses eventually subsided, becoming inpatient with my fumbling.

She swiped my hands away, swiftly unbuckling the strap herself with ease, leaving my jeans to pool around my ankles, soon followed by my underwear. Deciding against jumping straight into it, I began rubbing the tip of my erect dick against her pussy, leaving her even more hot and flustered then before.

“Justin for fuck sa-“ She began but as if that were my cue to begin, she was cut off by my smirk then the feeling of the head of my cock being pushed inside. I let out a load moan and she kissed me passionately, pushing the rest of myself inside of her until I was right up to the hilt.

I wasted no time in beginning my pumps, starting fast and only excelling in my thrusts from there. “Oh fuck Justin! right there.” She practically screamed as the head of my cock pressed against her G-spot. 

My movements grew much more aggressive as I kept moving my hips towards hers, thrusting deep and hard inside her. She moved her hips against my own, attempting to raise the pressure and intensity of our approaching climax’s. 

“Fuck baby!” I moaned out, my thrusts becoming deliberate and forceful against that spot inside her. My fingers snaked in between us and began rubbing at her clit as fast as they could. Her body racked and shook in pleasure, head lolling against my shoulder and eyes rolling to the back of her head.

“Come for me baby” I whispered against her skin just as her teeth sunk into my neck, tipping me over the edge instead. My cock began spasaming inside her pussy as I reached a climax like no other. She moaned over and over, her back arching against my body releasing delicious noises of release. My name and various expletives falling from her lips as her high over came her. 

I was quick to remove myself, pumping a few times into a tissue which O had retrieved from the dispenser besides me. Leaving us both in tiresome positions, panting fan gasping for air. 

“You’re incredible” She chuckled and I smiled at her, kissing her once more.

“No baby, that was all you.”

“I can’t believe we just had sex in a public bathroom.” She chuckled causing us both to erupted in a fit of giggles at the realisation of what we had done.

After standing there for a while, we helped each other get dressed, and represented ourselves to look half decent, riding of our sex hair. But she showed no intention in sticking around for long, since she began making her way to the door. 


She spun and raised her eyebrows. 

“Can I at lease get your number?”

“You already have it.” Was all she said, before strutting out with a smirk. 

My eyebrows furrowed as I thought on what she just said. Already have it? Since when? Shoving my hands in my pocket in thought, I suddenly felt something rolling around inside. After pulling it out I couldn’t help but smile.

Call me xx 

Its sloppy I apologise. But it turned out okay! I think…

sneaky weekend playlist

flume - say it (feat. tove lo)
drake - one dance
kanye west - ultralight beam
astrid s - paper thin
beyonce - freedom (feat. kendrick lamar)
haley reinhart - cant help falling in love
labrinth - jealous
rufus - say a prayer for me
the internet - gabby (feat. janelle monae)
rudimental - rumour mill (feat. anne marie & will heard)
beyonce - hold up
rihanna - needed me
justin bieber - company
young franco - drop your love
george maple - sticks and horses
daya - hideaway
duffy - whole lotta love
the temper trap - fall together
troye sivan - dkla (feat. tkay maidza)
calvin harris - this is what you came for (feat. rihanna)
jack garratt - surprise yourself
ariana grande - be alright
cazzette - sleepless
kanye west - feedback
rihanna - same old mistakes

That Should’ve Been Me|H.Styles Blurb

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#She’s married to someone else

Inspired by Justin Bieber’s That Should Be Me

Do you do what did when you were with me

That was a common question flowing through his mind since the day he found out about her new relationship. He often referred to her new guy as his replacement. That was what he was, he was the guy that was replacing him in her hurt and it hurt him more than he ever thought possible. Maybe it was the fact that the media had a little frenzy attack the moment the relationship had gone public. His mind was swirling as he wondered how she found someone so quickly. How could she just replace him in a matter of months. It hurt him, maybe it was a way to get over him but then again he didn’t think he’d stick around as long as he actually did.

You said you needed a little time

Those were the words that ran through his mind when the word got out of the engagement. He was crushed to say the lest. He hated the fact that this guy had stuck around for as long as he had, and now she was gonna be his wife. The thought alone sickened him, but again those words ran through his mind. She told him that, she told him she’d be back, but not once did she reach out to him. But the envelope sitting in his mailbox hurt more than those words did the moment they left her lips.

That should me

Were the words he kept repeating the day of her wedding. She was marrying someone else and it wasn’t him. But he knew no matter how hurt he was, as along as she was happy in the end that was all that mattered.