Celestial V: Reacts to Falling in ♡

Amongst the gods V has always been considered the cute one, being adored by all his brothers and predecessors. However, being a god came coupled with a function, a mission, and he never truly got used to all the duties that came with his fate. This is the real stimulation behind his constant visits to the human realm. For him it was an escape and you were part of that for him.

Although being loved by the other gods, V would also be lectured often. He would accidentally commit transgressions and his excitement about having you in his life would sometimes blind his judgement. But in the end, he always found a way to stay happy and to keep all those around him happy as well.

V has always been curious about humans, fascinated by their circumstances. He finds you precious and awesome, as if he was the one lucky enough to have met you. When he realizes he loves you, he would not hesitate to let it show. He wouldn’t say it directly, but it wouldn’t be hard to figure it out.


Upon reaching the clearing, the open sky expanded above and beyond the grassland. You ran into the open field ready to be submerged by the star-studded sky. Never had you seen so many stars in one place. They seemed to dance together, right there! Right above your head! V, although usually being the energetic one, found himself calmly walking behind your trail, hands in his pockets and eyes glued on you. His chest felt it would burst while watching you shine, releasing the tiny butterflies fluttering within. You turn around mid-run, giggling loudly. The moment seemed to progress in slow motion before his eyes, and he was unsure if he could contain himself. He let out that bubbly laugh of his and couldn’t help but run over to you, lifting you up and spinning you in his arms. This moment here, with you, easily became the best moment of his life. After laughing together, lost in the blurring vision made up of starry sky and each other’s smiles, he puts you down. His hand lands on your head and his body bends slightly so your eyes are leveled with his. He couldn’t find the words that his heart wanted to communicate to you. They grew inside him, swelling beyond his threshold. He wanted you. He wanted to keep you. He felt about you as you felt towards him, that if he were to look away, if even for a second, you might disappear without a trace…

…and he could no longer live without you.

His eyes were still fixed on yours when his lips parted into a smile. He belonged to you now, as you did to him.

Accompanying song: “Purpose” by Justin Bieber

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