Warm On A Cold Night


This imagine is based off of Warm On A Cold Night by Honne so here is a link to it if you wanna listen to it while you read or wanna listen to it later.


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You sat down your fifth empty beer bottle from the case of coronas you stole frim your dad’s stash. You knew you would be catching the repercussions later from not only the killer hangover you would have come morning (or early afternoon), but from your parents as well. But, you also didn’t care.

You laid back on the blanket in the clothes you wore to the kick back you attended earlier, or apparently the clothes you “weren’t”. You wore baby blue high-waisted shorts with a white bralette paired with a long beige cardigan. The beige sandals you wore were thrown on the bed inside your room before you opened your window and crawled out onto the roof.

As you sighed while you looked at the stars in a tipsy daze, the intro to your favorite song played softly beside you on your phone-

“Okay, it’s 3:17 AM. You’re tuned in with your main man Tommy Inglethorpe. This next song’s gonna keep you warm on a cold, cold night. So if you don’t got a lover, just close your eyes and listen to Honne…”

So you closed your eyes and did exactly that.

“…Like a rabbit in headlights,

they’re stunned by all your charm.

And I feel so damn lucky

to have you on my arm.

But I can’t he-”

“What are you doing?”You heard a voice in your ear and you jumped, grabbing your chest before realizing- “Justin!” You smacked him on his chest.

Your neighbor and best friend Justin now sat beside you chuckling at your panic.

“God, you scared the shit out of me! What the fuck do you want?” You laid back down on your cover and stayed sitting up beside you.

“Woah grumpy, just wanted to see why you left? I went to the upstairs with…” He stopped and thought for a second, “I went to the bathroom and when I came out you were gone.” He proceeded to lay down beside you. “Why’d you leave?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” You huffed under your breath. You knew what was coming next.

“Let me guess,” You heard him turn his head and you could feel his eyes on you. “You and Nathan broke up again.”

And before you knew it, your bottom lip was poking out and tears welled up in your eyes.

“Oh, come here.” Justin grabs you and pulls you to his chest while you cry in it. “That dick doesn’t deserve you anyway”

You sniffled and wiped away tears. You didn’t know why you were crying, this isn’t the first break up you and your boyfriend - or ex-boyfriend now - have had. You and Nathan had been on and off again for about two years, and it was becoming an ongoing cycle. You and him would be good for a month or two, he’d take you on cute surprise dates, surprise you with flowers, and just do what a normal boyfriend would do. But then, he’d get into a fight with you about the most irrelevant things, like what you were wearing, or if you missed his phone call or text and didn’t reply immediately when you were obviously busy; and that’s when he’d pull the “You obviously aren’t trying in this relationship.” or the “It’s obvious you wanna see other people bit. It was tiring, but for some reason when he wanted you back, you always fell for it.

“I don’t know why this keeps happening.” You sniffled and wiped your eyes as you got off of his chest laid back down beside Justin. “I try so hard to be a good girlfriend and then it fucks me in the ass every single time.”

Justin rolled around on his side, leaning his head on his hand while he talked to you. “It’s not your fault, kid. It’s more than likely him being a dickhead as per-usual. What was his excuse this time anyway?”


“Yeah, excuse so he can go fuck with other girls while you mope around until he decides he want’s you back.”

You rolled your eyes, “Justin, I’ve told you he doesn’t do that.”

“And how do you know?”

“He told me himself.” You crossed your arms over your chest.

“Sure.” He gave you a knowing look. “But, what did he say?”

“He said that I was too dressed up for a kickback and I was attracting too much attention.”

Justin scrunched up his face. “Seriously?”

You nodded, “And then I told him that I didn’t see anyone staring and that I looked fine. And then he basically said that I looked like a prostitute and called me a slut and said that if I wanted to go “fuck” other guys, then I should just go.”

“Y/n, that’s absolutely not okay. No one, especially your own boyfriend, should ever talk to you that way.” He said in a stern tone.

You sat up again, wrapping your blanket around your shoulders. You looked down at your legs while you spoke. “Well, I mean, my shorts are a little sho-”

Justin sat up beside you and looked at you. “No, they’re not. Stop sticking up for him, y/n. Your boyfriend isn’t supposed to talk to you that way, even if it sounds like he’s just ‘playing’. That’s showing signs of abusive behavior.”

You looked at him with a perplexed look on your face. “He doesn’t hit me.”

“He doesn’t have to.”

You could hear the seriousness in his voice. You sighed as you swallowed back tears and ran your hand through your now tangled hair. Justin pulls you to him, hugging at you so that your head was on his shoulder.

“I think i’m just done with all of this. I need someone that actually treats me right.” You said, sounding winded.

“I could.” Justin replied.

“Oh, please,” You pushed Justin and sat straight to turn and look at him. “If Nathan didn’t take reign for biggest fuckboy, you would be in the lead.” You both laughed at your comment.

“But listen, I would change.” Justin grinned at you.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, really!” He retorted.

You tested him. “How so?“

“I mean,” As he grabbed one of your hands. “I’m sure that if I had a beautiful girl like you on my arm, there would really be no reason for me to be looking at anyone else.” You raised your eyebrows at him in a questionable expression, while he nodded back at you. “I could treat you way better.”

You soon found your faces moving very close to eachother’s. Justin’s eyes kept flicking from your lips back to your eyes which indicated what you both wanted. The music behind you definitely set the mood.

“Girl you can keep me warm…

You can keep me real warm…

There’s just one thing:

Girl, you could have anyone

So why you choosing me and not leaving me on my own?

Girl, you could be with anyone…”

You thoughts cleared when you realized that your tipsy persona was making your decisions for you which sobered you up quite a bit when you got the idea that kissing Justin may make things awkward between you two.

Before you two got too close you said, “I’m tired.” You bit your lip as you felt a tinge of regret in the pit of your stomach.

Justin chuckled and backed away before standing up and holding out his hand to you. “Well let’s get the pretty tipsy princess to bed, shall we?”

You grabbed your phone and your blanket, wrapping it around you as you stood. You stood a little wobbly before Justin lead you to your window. He had you crawl down into your room before he did.

You left your blanket on the ground and sloppily pulled back your covers and threw yourself onto your bed while Justin went into your bathroom. You made yourself comfortable on your side and he came back with a cup of water and two extra-strength Tylenol tablets and sat them on your nightstand beside you.

Justin sits on the bed beside you, pulling the covers up over your body and basically tucking you in. “I’ll see you later. Call me if you need anything.” He stood and bent to leave a chaste kiss on your cheek before leaving to your window. “Love ya, kid.” You chuckled as you watched him crawl out of the window and run across your roof to get to the ladder and climb down.

You Piss Me Off (part two) MATURE

The ride home was more like a drag race to see who could get home faster. The highways and streets were vacant due to it being almost three in the morning. Jason would speed up, taunt me by honking the horn and revving his engine. Silly Jason, I don’t think he realizes who he’s testing his luck with.

I twist the handle speeding me up to be right beside his car. “Don’t be difficult, Y/n. Pullover.” He yells. I shake my head, “nah, I think I’ll be fine.” I reply. Jason slows down and gets behind me. Me being the paranoid woman I am, I speed up but only for him to sped up more. He knows I hate it when drivers are on my ass. So I speed up again, probably going to break the speedometer, definitely not thinking clearly as I brake immediately. The wheels squeal against the black road as Jason’s stop completely.

Angry. An angry, pissed off Jason exits the vehicle, “I could’ve fucking killed you! Why the fuck did you stop?!” He was fuming. I took off the helmet and threw it to the ground. I glared, “honestly, I don’t know why I stopped. Maybe because, I don’t know, I was testing my boyfriend-” “testing me? Why the fuck would you risk your life just to test me? I could have killed you, Y/n. You would have died if I didn’t slam on the fucking brakes! Do you have any idea how fucking destroyed I would be if you died? Let alone if I killed you?” He was mad, but hurt the most. I can feel it in my bones how hurt he is just thinking about me dying. I felt guilt course through my body, ashamed of myself. “I would never forgive myself, Y/n.” He muttered.

“Jason, I’m not dead. You didn’t”

“But it’s the fact that you could be.”

“But I’m not, Jason.” I argued.

“Are you not getting it?! You’d be dead if I didn’t react quick enough. It’s dark as fuck outside, and it doesn’t help that you’re wearing dark clothes. I had to rely on the shine off the bike and helmet to realize you stopped so suddenly. God damn it, Y/n!”

“Could you stop making me feel worse?! I already feel bad-”

“Good. I hope it fucking sinks deep. I care too fucking much about you and for you to act so stupidly… I expected more from you. You’re the smart one. You’re not supposed to be the stupid one, getting into trouble.” His words cut deep. God damn you, Jason. You stupid fucking perfect human being.

“Jason I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” My voice was so low, I barely heard myself.

“Oh, I’ll show you how sorry you should be.” He grabs me by the arm and rips me off the bike. I squealed; his tone was demanding, dark and raspy. My body didn’t react quickly as he pinned me to the hood of the car.

His body laid between my legs I could feel his dick pressing into met inner thigh. His lips attacked my neck kissing, sucking and nibbling at the sensitive flesh. A moan slips passed my lips as my hips bucked eagerly into his. The vibrations of his groans coursed through my veins causing chills to wash over my body. His teeth grazed against my skin causing me the shudder.

I heard a belt being unbuckled and a zipper flying down before a soft thud and a jingle of his belt hitting the ground. Next thing I knew, my leggings were being ripped from the center. I squealed, “Jason what the fuck?!” Ignoring me, “look at how wet my princess is. I hadn’t even touched you yet and your pretty little pussy is soaked.”

I whimpered at how sultry smooth his voice is. I looked around frantically hoping to God no one is driving by or is around. My train of thought stopped as soon as I felt Jason’s head between my thighs. He kissed my inner thighs, rubbing his hands up underneath lifting me up for a better support. I shuddered feeling my back arch up off the lid of the car. I didn’t have anything grab, but his head. More whimpers of pleads came from me, he was teasing me. “Jason, ah God,” I mumbled through clenched teeth.

His lips came into contact with my pussy, making me quiver. “I love the affect I have on you, so vulnerable to me.” He growls. His warm tongue goes up the slit before parting the folds. I moan, pressing myself upwards into his face. He growls and pushes me back down, holding my thighs in place. “You can whimper all you want, this is your punishment.” His voice vibrated against me making an inhumane sound come from me.
His jaw moved up and down as he switched between sucking and licking my sensitive nub. “J-Jase, fuck I’m gonna cum, baby.” I warn him, immediately regretting it as he pulled away.

I glare at him, “what the hell?” You don’t ever leave a girl when she’s about to climax. What the hell is the matter with him?!

“Keep glaring, princess, don’t get you anywhere.” He says as he pumps himself. Oh lord. His impressive dick hard and proud, Jason has a firm smirk plastered against his lips. I almost drooled to how mouthwatering his cock truly is.

He smacks between my knees, “spread ‘em,” he directs. Slowly, I did so. “Mmm, glistening. Just how I like it.”

He then pressed his glory against my throbbing, needy clit, running it up and down, lubricating his shaft with my arousal. My head fell back as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I don’t think he understands how badly I need him.

My body reacted to his movements then did the same; grinding against his lengthy cock. “Jason please,” I murmured, “I beg you, please.” I whimpered. He hissed, “fuck Y/n,” no warning, he slammed himself into me making me yelp.

His thrusts were relentless, merciless, but no less than satisfying. He had a firm grip of my hips slamming me onto him. My body jolts at high points as he hits the right spot over and over again. I felt my orgasm coming, but I don’t tell him. I’m pretty positive he can figure it out. I just hope he lets me cum. I kept moaning his name, eventually started screaming it for my allowance to climax.

“Jason please! Please!” I beg as I screamed. My body was now clad to his, my legs wrapped around him as he continued to thrust. I held onto him for dear life. His head was buried in the nook of my neck as was his glorious cock was buried deep inside me, stretching me in ways only he would know.

I nip his shoulder to stop🛫myself from screaming any louder. He hisses and pounds himself into making me yelp. It hurt, but it was a good hurt. Jason makes me hurt so good. “You wanna cum? Then say the words, Y/n.”

“Please let me cum, Jason. Please,” I whimpered feeling the knot in my stomach clench more. My legs quivered violently as my body convulsed. My limbs literally feel like jell-o. “Nuh-uh. Tell me you love me.” He grunts, getting sloppy, “and mean it,” he looks me dead in the eye. His hazel ones full of lust and desperation. He should know that I love him to death.

“I love you. God I fucking love you, it’s unreal. I love you so much,” my words broke as I came closer to my climax.

“Cum, my angel, cum with me.” He finally kisses me, hard.

I felt his warm seed shoot into me seconds after I came. His breath shudders as he moans. My body shivered and jolted due to the intensity of my orgasm. “Fuck, I love you.” He mutters against my neck before framing my face in his palms, looking me in the eye, “I love you, Y/n.” The look in his eyes is sincere and genuine. I smiled, “I love you more.” His lips met mine for a quick second, “not possible.” He kisses me again.

It was about thirty seconds to a minute when I realized we were still on the hood of his car butt ass naked on the highway at four in the morning. I blushed, “Jase, babe. We’re still on the freeway.” I giggled. “And? My dick is still inside you. What’s your point?” He answers with a smug look painting his features.

“You’re unbelievable.” I smiled.

“You too, sweetcheeks.” He pecks my lips and pulls out. I almost frown realizing that I liked the warmth of him against me. “Sorry about ripping your pants…” He says eyeing my ripped leggings. I sigh, “how am I supposed to go home like this?”

A minute passed before he spoke. “I’ll take the bike back. You take the car.” He offers.

I nodded. “Be careful with my baby. Don’t crash it.” I point at him referring to my bike.

“Don’t crash my car.” He replies in the same tone. I smiled before awkwardly getting off the hood. Jason pulled his pants back up his legs, buckling it into place.

A couple of kisses later, we promised each other to cuddle when we get home. His idea, not mine.


Requested: I want Justin to wear a hoodie and then steal my purse and then I chase after him and when a guy helps me to tackle him down, I see it’s Justin and then we fall in love. PLEASE AND THANK YOU"

here you go nonnie, i hope you like it xo

It was a frighteningly cold day in Brooklyn. I was making my way down the sidewalk, wrapped up in my coat and scarf. I pulled the sides of my beanie down past my ears in the hopes of fending off the cold. The people of New York looked miserable as always, but it was comforting to see other people out in the streets despite the cold weather.

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"Party Animal"

- Y/n’s siblings have a party while their parents are away that Y/N does not condone. [Y/SIS/N = Your sister’s name] . It took a lot of circumstances for your parents to allow you and your siblings to stay home alone for 2 nights without a babysitter or going to a close relative’s house. Your parents told you prior that they were going away for 2 days because of their anniversary so it wasn’t a big surprise when they got up 7 days later and packed to go abroad on holiday.  “Y/N since you’re the most responsible out of your sisters, you are in charge of the house till me and your mother get back” notified your dad as he placed the remaining luggage into the family Range Rover while your mum waited with you and your 2 sisters, Y/SIS/N and Y/SIS/N, before saying goodbye. “You 3 better keep this house cleaner than how you treat your white trainers because if I get home and receive any complaints you will NEVER be alone.” Shouted your mum while she hugged you and your sisters individually while slipping some money into your back pocket. “There’s food in the fridge for you all and I will be checking up” continued your mum/mom as she ran to the car determined not to miss her flight. “LOVE YOU!” you shouted while the car drove away out of the community. Walking into the house felt completely different to when you walked out, you haven’t even moved into this house for a year but it felt like home which is the main reason why your parents worked so hard to buy a house so prestigious. The rest of the day was spent with you being isolated from your sisters rewatching Teen Wolf (Issac Lahey especially), The Get down and Orange is the new black before you fell into a deep slumber with dreams about your man crush everyday. * You were in the middle of one of the best dreams you had yet where you and Justin, your major crush, were in the middle of your honeymoon at the Caribbean Islands until your body was awoken to sounds of thumping and sound in your bedroom. Peering around your bedroom you began to notice that your light up mirror was tilted, the walls nearest to the windows were wet and a couple were heavily making out on your bedroom floor on the borderline of getting frisky in the middle of your own damn bedroom. Watching them in you horror you managed to whisper, “Excuse me guys but… ” No reply. Just moans as if you weren’t there. Frustrated at how two strangers even came to your room you angrily removed the white duvet covers and marched straight to the blonde and brown haired couple and pulled them apart and adding a piece of your mind, “What do you think you’re doing here? Get out and go find a room!” you growled walking out of the room hoping that they would follow their way out. “Get a room? We are in a room” smirked the brunette boy with his quiff messy on the side and his shirt off; “think your smart? ok, if you do not leave in the next 10 seconds your ass will be dragged of my property onto the side of this neighbourhood on Instagram looking for an Uber code that you can use so that your measly coins can be put into good use now get your ass out of my room” you shouted as your fists closed and started shaking as a signal that you are pissed off. “Bitch” “And a bad one” you replied making sure to close the door behind you and pushing your way towards the stairs as you looked for your sisters but you had to hold that back when the Handsome and Blonde haired Justin Bieber came walking to your direction wearing a white shirt with ripped denim jeans added with black Yeezys to complete the look. “Overslept?” he asked taking a sip of the unknown beverage in the red cup “What do you mean?” you replied clearly confused at what this fine specimen was talking about but maybe he was just pissed drunk. “Well, you are wearing crocks and a Black One Direction shirt dress so…” “Ummmm…. Have you seen my sisters by any chance?” you ask while making a mental note to change into something less, “preteen”. “You look a lot like Y/SIS/N and Y/SIS/N but yes I did” “Do you know where they are?” “In the Kitchen talking to some guys but I will see you around beautiful” “Sure but after I change because this really isn’t a party central style” you chuckled walking towards the kitchen where you did correctly see your sisters. “if you don’t mind boys I just need to talk to my favourite siblings” you sarcastically boasted, dragging them away to the sit them on the outdoor sofas surprisingly garden/yard was something special at night. The copper seethrough candle containers and plants really illuminated in the night as if it came straight from a high-class magazine. “You two really outdid yourselves who could piss off the most but to be honest a nerve was hit when our parents didn’t even know that their innocent daughters hosted one of the largest parties in this fucking town” you shouted emphasising innocent with a clearly angry facial expression evident on your face, “You know we can’t really take you seriously when you’re wearing crocks” slurred your sister slowly standing up to leave until you pushed her down “I do not give two shits what I’m wearing, you know if dad comes home he is whooping all our asses with the remote, belt and maybe even the spoon” you shouted as you knocked the red cup from her grasp. “If they find out that this party I going on you two will be having more problems with me so have fun because this will be the last party you two will very have you owe me” You continued as you slowly smirked thinking about all the jobs they could do for you. After viciously shouting at your sister and taking a chug of alcohol, you knew it was going to be a long night when you have 2 party animals as sisters. Justin was here in your humble abroad so you needed to glam up show up everyone else here so Justin could notice you, you needed a piece of the cake and you were determined to get it. You decided on two outfits which were a Bardot nude playsuit or a nude bralette matching with a skirt then resuming to go to a natural look and finalising with white heels. If your momma only knew. The house was fuller than before you went upstairs with only a couple of people leaving right before the party got more hype. Unlocking your IPhone you made sure to text your friend Maggie to go to your house. “I see you dressed up quite nicely Y/N” approved Justin sparking another conversation between you two “How do you know my name? Justin” you asked taking a full look at him “Well I don’t go to any party without knowing the owner of the house you know” he replied getting rid of a curl from your hair and tucking other strays behind your real making it harder for you to resist the smile creeping up on your face (damn his hands were softer than expected) “Let’s go have fun” he continued taking your hand and leading you to where the music was playing but not before giving you a 7-UP to drink. Controlla could be heard from the living room where the music system was. “Let’s put those moves into good use” you squealed knowing that that’s your song of the month resulting to you dragging him to the dancing floor where you sang along to the song with a little dirty dancing and having a lit time with Justin, with the music being that loud you were honestly surprised that the neighbours didn’t complain. The DJ had his moments with him playing other R&B songs such as I got the keys, The fix and even some the Weeknd songs to add flavour, it was  close to hitting 3am when your sister, Y/SIS/N cut the music and ordered everyone “to shut the fuck up” to answer a phone call, “hello this is the Y/LN’s residence how may I help?” she asked acting as casual as she could attempting to hide the drunken state she is. “Y.N?” asked the caller “no sorry this is Y/SIS/N but I can pass it to her” “Y/SIS/N this is your uncle Dwayne now explain to me why outside tour house there are teenagers smoking weed and drinking on the front porch?” he asked “Ummm, Uncle D I think Y/N is calling me I will call you back right away” stuttered your sister quickly ending the call allowing the music to be plugged and the party to be continued until the songs were cut again filling up groans from the guests however not by your sister….. It was your uncle. “Party’s over guys now pull away and get out” he shouted leaving the door open allowing masses of people to leave. It took a little over 40 minutes to get everyone completely out of the house especially people upstairs and extremely sleepy drunks; when it was safe you say that everyone was out of the house you were left with only your uncle, sisters, Maggie and Justin causing an awkward tension around the kitchen. Uncle Dwayne did some My wife and kids type of stunt which low-key made you glad that he was there to dissolve the situation, however, it also disappointing to know that Justin will have to leave which you realised when you walked him to the door, “Y/N I had fun and It would be cool to hang out more but I’ll see you later” muttered Justin right before he pecked you on the cheek which you knew you would never wash again. After many attempts to your uncle decided to stay until the last day before your parents returned home so that It looked like that you were responsible with the duration that they went on holiday yet as a price you would literally have to spend the whole day cleaning making sure that the house was cleaner than the whitest shoes you owned. You removed any excess makeup that you missed and got rid of the heels replacing them with you pink puma Rihanna Slides and checking up on any Instagram or snap chats that mainly consisted of videos of the house party and captions saying “Lit party” or “Great night”. Snuggling into your bed and on the verge of going to sleep you felt a small vibration under the pillow, unlocking your phone  you were faced with a text from Justin reading “Goodnight crocsy x” earning a smile on your face before you dozed off to face the morning ahead.

Leave Me Lonely

Request: Do you have an imagine where Y/N cheats on Justin? If so, could you write one?

You stumbled into the dark house with a heavy heart. You had just indulged in another night of sweetly sickening deception. Leaning against the closed and locked front door you allowed your eyes to flutter shut as you considered reelecting the events that had taken place not even two hours ago. Practically every inch of you knew that what you were doing was wrong, sinful in-fact. You acknowledged your offense after the first caress of your skin and delicate kiss on your chest. Four months had your infidelity been taking place. Four months of lies and infatuation. Four months of pain and pleasure. Four months of guilt and contempt. Four months of loneliness and company. Four months of you battling the demons you faced every time you looked at yourself in the mirror.
“How could I do this to him,” you mumbled to no one as you looked down at your disheveled clothes and dangerously red pumps which dangled in your hand. Pushing forward into the house, you turned on as many lights as you could. You had enough darkness inside of you to last an entire lifetime, there was no need for anymore if you could control it. After nights of unfaithfulness, you resided to a cold glass of Scotch and Jack Daniels mixed, this night was o different. It was one of the most God-awful things you’d ever tasted; never the less, you felt that you deserved every bitter and fiery sip that you engulfed. You left the lights off as you poured the two drinks together and watched as the particles entangled themselves in one another. Justin didn’t deserve this. You knew what you were getting into when you married him. His lifestyle, you agreed, would become your own. You vowed that you could handle it all and during the time, you honestly thought that that was the truth. As time progressed and shows began to get booked, tours planned, and albums sold, you realized that there was no greater challenge than being married to him. Deep down, you knew that he tried his best to love you as much as you deserved, but his passion for music took away a lot of the love you felt he promised you. 

The first time was meant to be the last. It was a silly one night stand in which you felt that you received the attention that your body longed for. You ached for Justin to be the one to lay you down in bed and make unapologetic love to you. To kiss you with the sweetness of a star-crossed lover. But he wasn’t there, so you apprehended it in someone else. Squeezing your eyes shut you threw the drink back and swallowed it harshly. 

“Why’d you do it to me Y/N?” 

It was almost as if Justin was right there in the room with you. You could practically feel the hurt in his voice and it left your knees weak and breath shallow. You squeezed your eyes tighter in a pathetic attempt to get rid of the hallucinations. 

“Honestly Y/N, of all things that you could have done, why this,” his voice asked again. You whimpered in frustration. This had to be a form of punishment from God for what you did. Pure torture. A sob clawed it’s way from your throat in a hideous tone. You opened your eyes and turned towards the island to see that Justin in fact was sitting in front of you. No hallucinations nor imaginations. Pain and regret stricken on his face. You gasped, but not because you were shocked that he was there, but because you realized that he knew. He actually knew about all that you’d done and the reaction that you had prepared yourself for in case of this event, was nothing like the one that he held. Your heart clenched tightly in your chest and you realized that your cheeks were wet as you stared at him.

“Justin,” you sputtered as he shook his head disgusted. 

Dangerous Love, you’re no good for me darling. 

I really LOVE this request. Should I write a part two? Let me know ASAP

Dangerous Game (Mature)

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My arms were tightly wrapped around his neck as his hands were fixed on my ass, squeezing it every now and then. Our eyes were gazing deep into the other’s. The sexual tension was at its peak, almost suffocating me. Our lips so close, the littlest movement could make them touch. My hand softly caressing the little hairs on the back of his neck, making his eyes flutter for a quick second. His hands bringing my crotch closer to his, forcing me to feel his arousal. We both knew what we were doing to each other, we were playing a dangerous game but neither of us cared. 

Having had enough, he moved his mouth closer to mine so he could kiss me but I was quick to react as I pulled my face back and left him hanging. He groaned and squeezed the life out of my ass which made me moan and grip his hair tighter. He hissed and brought my lower half even closer to him, if that was even possible. 

“Stop teasing me,” he growled, fire blazing in his eyes and lust dripping in his tone. I let out a breathy chuckled, very turned on myself. 

“I’m not,” I whispered as I subtly grinded against his bulge making him let out a sigh of frustration. 

“Yes you are! You’ve been teasing me for years now, babe. I’ve wanted this for so long and I finally have you exactly where I’ve always wanted you,” his face in extreme close proximity to mine again. His gaze so intense, even the strongest would crumble before him. “Let me have it, let me have you. I gotta have you, please,” he nudged my nose with his and his voice strained as he begged. Begged. He was begging. He was begging for me and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. Justin Bieber begging, pleading for me to give him what he’s always wanted. And what has he wanted? Me? Or the pleasure I could give him? In that moment, I was fine with either because the ache between my thighs was screaming at me and his begging only made it worse. I knew what I had to do, what I needed to do. I had to give him what he wants.

I didn’t have to do much since his face was already so close. So I moved my face and smashed my lips on his with all the force I had. He moaned against my lips, due to surprise? Pleasure? I didn’t know. I tilted my head to get better access to his mouth because I was extremely eager at his point. I wanted all of him and I wanted it now

He invaded my mouth with his tongue without my permission and I moaned at the contact. His tongue was dominating mine and I let him, happily. We both were breathing heavily through our noses and I tugged on his shirt, finding it extremely annoying because it was getting in my way to feel him. He pulled away momentarily and reached back to pull off his shirt, exposing his toned chest to my hungry eyes. I eyed him up and down, licking my lips and biting the lower one afterwards. I knew for a fact that my eyes were screaming lust. 

“Don’t give me that look, it makes me ache for you even more,” he growled as he backed me into the wall. He attacked my neck as my back ran into the wall and hitched my thigh on his waist. His hand travelled further up my thigh, under the hem of my dress, as he caressed it. He pinched my underwear clad ass, making me squeal. His lips were sucking my collarbone and his teeth tugging on the skin, for sure marking their territory. 

“Just fuck me already!” I moaned and moved my hips against his so he would feel how much I needed him. He hissed, and in a split second, he had picked me up and lifted me on a nearby counter. Now that I was on the counter, only then was I able to be exactly his height as he stood between my legs. His palms were flat on the counter, on either side of my legs as he leant forward to press his lips against my sternum. He trailed his kisses lower until my dress didn’t allow him to go any further. His hands moved to my back and I felt him pull the zip down. I arched a little towards him so his lips were pressed harder against my upper chest. I was desperate to feel pressure but Justin was purposely avoiding it as all I felt were his butterfly kisses. When the zip was all the way down, he lifted me up a little and removed the dress from my body completely. Now I sat before him, half naked and his darkened pupils were burning my skin. He was taking his sweet time, admiring my body since it was the first time he’d ever seen it. 

“I’ve been longing for this sight for far too long,” he whispered as his gaze wouldn’t move from my body. His hands went from caressing my thighs to caressing my sides, almost very lovingly. Love. That was something that we couldn’t mix with this. Oh no, we could never. It would make everything that we’ve built until now, go down the drain. “You’re so fucking gorgeous,” his voice so deep, it hit me right there. I shivered as his hot breath hit my skin. My desire for him was building as the seconds went by. He was going too slow for my liking. 

I reached out and tugged at his jeans. I popped the button open and pulled the zip down. I breathed heavily as I could now see his bulge peeking from underneath, all the while Justin watched me intensely. I dragged his jeans down, followed by his boxers. My lips parted as I saw his fully erect cock that stood almost right in front of me. My body reacted immediately as I let out a low moan and I was sure my underwear was completely soaked now. My gaze not moving from his dick as my hands gripped it and I felt him twitch. 

“Fuck,” he moaned as I started rubbing him slowly. He was panting as his eyes were solely trained on me. His gaze was intense as he observed the way I pleased him. His hands reached out to grab my hips as my pace quickened and his breath hitched. His lips moved to my neck, sucking the flesh once again. He hissed against my neck as he felt me squeeze him in my hand. His hand moved up to cup my neck and he moved his face so he could gaze into my eyes. “Baby, I wanna be inside of you. Please don’t make me wait any longer,” the desperation was clearly evident in his voice as he grunted because of the pleasure my hand was giving him. I loved to mess with him and maybe I would’ve teased him more if I wasn’t immensely turned on myself. I could just feel how soaked I was for him and the burning desire was rippling through me like rapid fire. And so I didn’t deny his plead; I let him undress me fully. His calloused hands gliding across my now bare body sent tingles up my spine as I longed for him to touch me somewhere else. 

My arms wrapped around his neck as I pulled him closer to me so I could feel his lips on mine once again. We both moaned at the contact and he wrapped his arms around my waist to pull my body against him so our chests were pushed together. His tongue was quick to invade my mouth as mine fought with his for dominance. He let me win this time and I explored his mouth which seemed to arouse him because I felt him twitch against my thigh. He eventually pulled away, breathing heavily to whisper in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you so good, you’ll never forget this night.“ 

His words made my breath hitch as I felt him aligning himself with my entrance. "I’m gonna hold you to that, Bieber,” I purred seductively as I caressed his cheek. He bit his lip in response as I saw hints of lust and adoration swirling in his irises. I felt him push inside of me and I cried out as he stretched me. I threw my head back as I felt Justin’s dull nails dig into my hips. He grunted as he pulled almost all the way out and plunged back in causing me to whimper at the shock of pleasure coursing through me. I regained my posture as I grabbed his face and kissed him again so I wouldn’t scream embarrassingly loud. But to my dismay, Justin pulled back, “No baby, I wanna hear you. Scream, and let everyone know who’s fucking you good,” he moaned and buried his face into my neck. My hands moved to his back and my nails clawed at his skin as, this time, I moaned out his name. 

His thrusts were becoming relentless as we both neared our orgasms. He stayed true to his word as he fucked me into oblivion which made me a moaning mess. Sweat was glistening on his forehead as his hips worked their magic. His biceps contracted as they kept him up against the counter. The sight was so sexy, it brought me even closer to my high. 

“Justin,” I groaned and tugged at his hair. “Fuck, don’t stop. It feels so good,” my lips moved to his neck and I sucked on his skin; extremely eager to leave marks so that whenever he would look at them, only I would consume his thoughts. Upon hearing my words, his thrusts only become faster and his hand moved down to my clit so he could make me cum before himself. My hips bucked upwards, trying to meet his thrusts but his hands held me in place causing me to whine a little. His lips on mine once again silenced me as I sucked on his tongue. 

He pulled away and in an instant, he pulled me off of the counter making me gasp, turned me around and pushed my upper half on the counter so my cheek and palms were against the marble. He pulled my ass back towards him and inserted himself in me from behind. He slapped my ass and the smack echoed through the room alongside our feverish moans and grunts of pleasure. “Shit baby, I feel you clenching around me. Are you close?” He growled as he continued to ram into me causing my legs to shake beneath me but his firm grip on my hips kept me steady. 

“Mhmm, s-so close. Do that again,” I moaned out and heard him chuckle as he slapped my other ass cheek. My muscles contracted around him once again and I whimpered as I felt myself extremely close to cumming. 

“I see someone likes spanking,” Justin moaned, pleased with the new found information. “Cum for me babe, let me watch you come undone,” he whispered as he thrust into me so hard that he hit my g-spot which had me seeing stars. I cried out as I let myself go. I clenched so hard which would’ve triggered Justin’s orgasm as I felt him release in me as he cursed. I was panting and quivering underneath him and I could say, I had been fucked real good. 

“So was it worth the wait?” I breathed out. 

“Most definitely,” he squeezed my ass, probably proud of himself for finding my weak point. 

Forgive me for i have been MIA for so long but i took a break since my exams were going on and after that…i kinda didn’t know how to continue with my imagines. Hopefully, i will be forgiven and hopefully this imagine makes up for it. I promise im writing the pending requests just bear with me for a while longer and don’t let this flop. On a side note, I’m back bitches!