bieber jokes

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>My friends:</b> I have a master degree in psychology, I study architecture, I'm a professional dancer....<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm a professional fangirl<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Sirius: Moony, can you please help me with that Potions essay?
  • Remus: No Padfoot, I can't
  • Sirius: Please?
  • Remus: Nope
  • Sirius: Cunt Muffin
  • Remus: Slut puppy
  • Sirius: Ass Pirate
  • Remus: Justin Bieber fan
  • Sirius: *gasp*
  • Sirius: Take
  • Sirius: That
  • Sirius: Back
  • Remus: *grins maliciously*
  • Remus: *whispers*
  • Remus: Never

THE ONE WHERE: He wants to tell you a penis joke.

  • Justin Bieber: What's the most confusing holiday for black kids? Father's Day!
  • White people: HAHAHAHAHA! Hey calm down it's just a joke he's not racist!
  • Black person: You know I think white girls are obsessed with Starbucks!
  • White people: oh my God you're such a racist not all white people like Starbucks! I don't care if you're a part of a minority making a racist joke is horrible!
The first NDP debate is over

Here is how I felt about the candidates:

1. Niki Ashton.
2. Charlie Angus & Guy Caron (tied)
3. Peter Julian

Niki Ashton stood out to me as the candidate who differed from all the other candidates as far as her vision for the party. Lots of acknowledgment of marginalized groups; women, LGBTQ, indigenous people. Only one to describe herself as a socialist and to push the party to the left.

Charlie Angus didn’t impress me as much as I thought, but he still had a lot of very powerful moments. Not that impressed by his more centrist view on energy/oil pipelines (Ashton & Julian opposed to all pipelines Angus & Caron take more of a middle ground position). Charlie Angus is a great speaker, though. Apparently his french isn’t perfect but way better than most of Conservatives.

Guy Caron really impressed me, considering I knew almost nothing about him before this debate. Had a lot of concrete ideas and advocates for a universal basic income. Only one to call out the fact the NDP as a party is too white. He also made a funny Justin Trudeau/Justin Bieber joke in his closing remarks.

Peter Julian was ok. I agree with him policy wise but I don’t find him that pragmatic, and he was fairly vague on his policy ideas.