What we often forget about 'virtual friendships' is that behind the computer, at the opposite of the world, there is a real person. People says that you can't be friend with someone you met 'virtually'? I met my bestfriend on the internet. People are meeting at school, on the street, at parties.. How you meet the person does not change her way of being. Internet is not a barrier but an open door to every body that needs a friend. My bestfriend is a kind, unique and amazing person, we are both very close, and we met on the internet, so what? We both live our 'real lives' and she's part of mine. I saw her three times, I'll see her at the next holidays and I'm going to the Believe Tour with her. There is nothing more normal than that. Fuck stupid people who still think 'virtual' friendships are not real.

hi, so this is my first follow forever. i find it hard to write cute stuff so i just wanna wish a super merry xmas and a hella new year, i hope this year comes with a lot of blessing for you and your family. i love you a lot and you make my dash so interesting and full of everything, i believe everyone of you is so special tbh. i send you all my love all the way from mexico to wherever you are, stay fab :-)


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