Payday gang gaming headcanons + examples of what they like
  • Dallas: Plays simulator games, I'unno. Game Dev Tycoon/moneymaking type shit.
  • Wolf: Likes a multitude of genres. Probably makes his own considering he's a software developer. Probably makes death houses in Sims 4 on his free time.
  • Hoxton: Usually does board games, mostly due to his time in prison. You could probably organize DnD with him or something. Probably also likes Mario on the down low tbh
  • Chains: ...Arma 3? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I really don't know. He probably has Call of Duty and only plays it to assblast people online (and to get people angry on purpose). Actually really likes the Fallout series.
  • Houston: Fighting games. Mains Luigi in Smash, and has a burning hatred for people like DSP when playing online matches.
  • John Wick: Do not bring up Nintendogs around the others. Just don't. Let the man take care of his DS doggos in peace.
  • Clover: Largely the same as Hoxton except she has a specialty for tabletop RPGs (specifically grimdark shit). Still angry about Warhammer Fantasy not getting an awesome game on the scale of 40k's Dawn of War.
  • Dragan: Laughing as he plays his role as a brutal cop in GTAV. Normal players hate him with a burning passion.
  • Jacket: Plays on an old-ass NES he's somehow managed to maintain through the years. Often plays shoot 'em up games like Gradius or Xevious as they're "relaxing."
  • Bonnie: Doesn't entirely get video games, but you can see her poke into idle games like Neko Atsume. Gets hilariously frustrated if Tubbs visits.
  • Sokol: [JonTron voice] SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORTS. Will kick your ass at air hockey if you ever play him.
  • Jiro: Pretty much the only sane choice in terms of games out of the gang. Poker usually ends with him winning, strip poker has him with everyone else's suits. He gives them back afterwards, though.
  • Bodhi: "Seriously, why don't you guys try some actual extreme sports sometime?" This was said as he casually hid a copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 under his shirt. Part of the GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE.
  • Jimmy: Is the one person insane enough to play Dark Souls on a KEYBOARD while his character is ass naked, and wins.
  • Sydney: Doom, Mortal Kombat, basically anything that has maximum potential for gore. Runs Brutal Doom with the Overdrawn at the Blood Bank setting, and pre-ordered Doom 2016. Secretly likes Touhou games (don't tell anyone).
  • Rust: "what are you talking about" he says as he just casually plays on an old Gameboy, because he didn't really have time to do much in terms of consoles and such. Beat Pokemon Red and actually discovered the Mew trick on his own.

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My lil brother bought me an Xbox one for my bday/xmas (cause he's an angel) and I've been playing fallout as my first ~real~ gaming experience. It's a lot of fun but im also pretty terrible. I'm a girl and it already is so intimidating to be into gaming and a lot of my male coworkers/friends make fun of me for not being good right away/make sexist jokes. Any tips on how to get better? Also I love you. You are such an inspiration/beauty and I picked fallout as my 1st game mostly because of you!

That was so sweet of him omg! And fuck I’m like so pissed that some jerks are making it less fun for you? Like honestly, enjoying video games doesn’t have to be about being good at them. Set that sucker to “very easy”. Use VATS all the time. Run away from fights. Like whatever allows you to enjoy it at your own pace is the key. I’m not technically great at Fallout cause I spend my time trying to get into everyone’s pants/hoarding shit so that I can sell it so I can in turn hoard caps because ????????. I’m awful. Anyway, if you really want to get better at it, just keep playing. The hand/eye coordination thing is tricky to get the hang of!
And omgggg you’re so kind and wonderful! I love you too, boo!
Why I’m Boycotting GDC
If there is one conversation I want happening at every games event this year, it’s the one about activist burnout and the exploitation of marginalized people by conferences and other institutions. …

If there is one conversation I want happening at every games event this year, it’s the one about activist burnout and the exploitation of marginalized people by conferences and other institutions. Video games and the tech industry overall are riding off the diversity wave- with good intentions, we can all assume- trying to answer criticisms over the past several years of how homogenous the environment is and the ethical implications about not working to change that. So now we are seeing some diversification, particularly in conferences and conventions which are the easiest to critique and change, at least on the surface. While there is greater effort to change the kinds of bodies are in our spaces, little is done to change the space itself, perpetuating the revolving door phenomenon where populations of marginalized people are leaving as much as they are entering. Minoritized people are definitely welcome, but as resources to be used up and eventually disposed of when a newer vein is discovered.

On boycotting GDC.


Waaaant!  Just make sure to mute the thing.


Thanks to things-betwixt for tagging me! (Though it was hard to think of just 9)

1. Pokémon Sapphire
2. Star Fox 64
3. F-Zero
4. Metal Gear Solid
5. Dark Souls 2
6. Super Smash Brothers (series)
7. Megaman Battle Network 6
8. Mass Effect
9. Resident Evil 5

It’s hard to come up with these lists, you can always think of one more game. ALWAYS ONE MORE GAME.

Anyways, I’ll tag fullblacknabot and tioletstore to try this out.


Oh no! I’m being drawn back into the world that is animal crossing. I could play with my roommate and we’d have a little town and OH NOOO.