bidayah wan nihayah

Did you wage war against the Romans?

Sufyan ibn Husayn al-Wasiti says:

I spoke ill of a person in the presence of Iyas ibn Mu’awiyah al-Muzani, who was the judge of Basra, a Tabi’i and a very intelligent person. So he looked at me in the face and asked: ‘Did you wage war against the Romans?’ 

I replied: ‘No.’ 

He asked: ‘Did you wage war against Sind, India and the Turks?’ 

I replied: ‘No.’ 

He said: ‘How is it that the Romans, the Sindis, the Indians and the Turks are safe from you while your own Muslim brother is not safe from you?’ 

Sufyan says: ‘I never did this again.’

Reference : al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah