10 Great Warriors Headcanons

• Jahad/Zahard is asexual
• Yeon Hana fell in love with Jahad/Zahard & vowed that she would never be with a man who wasn’t him or bear another mans child
• Arie Hon & Khun Eduan were in an open relationship while climbing the tower
• Eurasia Blossom & Po Bidau Gustang were in a secret relationship that was only brought to light when she got pregnant with Enne
• along with being an inventor Tu Perie Tperie is the best cook amongst the warriors
• Ha Yurin has beat all the other warriors except Jahad/Zahard in arm wrestling without using shinsu
• Eurasia Blossom’s original sobriquet was to be “Lazy River Shrimp” but she killed the man who suggested it
• Jahad/Zahard is known to have the loudest & most annoying laugh of the warriors
• Hendo Lok Bloodmadder along with being a largest member is also the clumsiest. Khun Eduan often referred to him as “Beached Whale” in battle
• Ari Han is the youngest of the warriors & held the Scout position alongside Ha Yurin
• Han & Yurin had their twins while climbing the tower & because of her abilities she often rushed into battle leaving him to watch the twins
• Gustang is a coffee addict
• Hon, Eduan, Jahad/Zahard, & Yurin are the only members who enjoy spicy food
• Khun Eduan is the resident hair stylist of the group
• Jahad/Zahard found the food inside the tower disgusting & made it a point to introduce “outside” food once he gained his throne
• the other warriors often asked Jahad/Zahard to sit out of battle because if he didn’t they’d never get a chance to truly let loose & vice versa
• Gustang, Yurin, & Hon are the only smokers in the group
• Hendo has the most allergies
• Han has an intense fear of almost every Shinheuh
• Jahad/Zahard was extremely indecisive but kept it internalized until his training in the “Rice Cooker”
• Tperie & Gustang are very close friends & often debate over research
• Yurin & Blossom have a lot in common but do not get along at all
• Hon serves Jahad/Zahard but does not trust him
• Eduan has been rejected by every female member of the group
• Hana often cried during the climb while thinking of the outside
• before he got a Compression License Hendo was used as a pack mule by many of the warriors & Blossom, Han, & Eduan often rode on him

(i’ll probably add more as they come to me buuut for now here’s what i got lol)