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auction | tommy shelby

SO i’ve just had a brain wave. Pretty please could I request an imagine where there’s an auction on at the garrison for charity and the crowd are bidding on the selected few people stood on the bar to take on a date, Tommy makes the reader get up thinking he will easily outbid anyone for her but another guy starts bidding loads of money n he gets jealous OR reader makes Tommy get up as a joke and another girl starts bidding and a bit of a cat fight starts hehe u choose which way! thank YOU

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Rocket Angel Week Day 4: Family & Friendship


Synopsis: Remember when I wrote this headcanon? Yeah, have some mother-in-law Ana bonding with Angela. And banter. I enjoy writing banter.

Pairing: Rocket Angel/Pharmercy (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler)

“Ana, I found something. Here, take a look.” Mercy knelt on the ground, examining the contents of an open cabinet in the abandoned Talon lab they were ransacking. She withdrew a large, sealed cylinder, handling it gingerly. The canister was opaque, but Mercy could feel the contents buzzing.

“Are you sure it’s not a bomb?” When Mercy nodded her head, Ana knelt beside her, peering into the cabinet. Another canister, identical to the one Mercy held in her hands lay broken, what looked like silver grains of sand spilling from the cracks. They exchanged looks. Mercy did a good job of hiding it, but the tautness around her mouth and the flare of her nostrils betrayed her fury and dismay. “Series Seven?”

“Six,” Mercy said, her eyes blank and her voice devoid of inflection. “Replicas.”

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