bid diamond

Rose quartz lied about killing pink diamond to serve her rebellion

The new episode has me convinced.

As zircon said only someone who was close to pink diamond and had enough strength could have destroyed her.

Rose probably was there when it happened, but she must have only played witness to it.

If we go by what Zicron said and yellow diamonds reaction (and assume YD did it)

Pink diamond must have left her palanquin to greet yellow, who wasn’t scheduled to be on earth

Yellows guards must have taken out her enterauge and assassinated pink diamond, rose and pearl might have only lived because they weren’t supposed to be there and weren’t planned for therefore whernt part of the initial skirmish, but were spotted and unable to get away.

Then yellow must have let Rose and pearl live, rose so she could serve as someone to blame (as pearls would be an unbelievable story). And pearl so that she could act as a ‘spokesperson’ from what was left of the enterauge and tell the home world gems who came knocking that Rose killed pink diamond. (Who would question an obedient distraught pearl?)

Then finally yellow diamond must have had her own attendants assassinated to cover up the crime.

That’s why our pearl doesn’t know yellow pearl. Because she relatively new to the position and might not have even been made while pearl still served as an actual pearl.

It may also explain why the weapon of choice in the cover-up story was a sword.

Yellow diamonds troops have, time and time again proved to like the pointy stuff with no accounting for finesse. Yellow must have seen it as a reasonable enough weapon to have killed pink, but it doesn’t take into account that rose quartz didn’t have the capacity to forge a diamond killing sword at that time. (As far as we know)

But home world didn’t know that because they don’t know what her rebellion’s resources were on earth, and by extension BD didn’t. Therefore although to us it seems impossible that Rose shattered the diamond with the sword, to blue diamond and yellow diamond who don’t know the full story it looks plausable.

And that’s all yellow diamond needed.

-so rose was actually guilt ridden for helping to cover up a murder.
-and yellow diamonds bid for power spun out of control.

anonymous asked:

My bidding is on White Diamond. But in the UF-verse, I kept pointing to Bill; even if he never directly shattered PD while disguised, he seem to had orchestrated her demise to further his you-know-whatever.

Hm I am sort of leaning towards liking the idea of Bill orchestrating the whole thing in UF… but I’m not going to decide on it for sure until we know for sure what actually happened. 

Specifications of Spoonmaker Diamond

Weight: 86 carats Dimensions: 42 x 35 x 16 mm Color: Colorless Weight of Rough: Unknown Origin: Unknown; probably India Date Found: Unknown Current Location: Topkapi Palace and Museum, Istanbul, Turkey; Turkish Crown Jewels


This stone has an uncertain history, but since the early 1800’s has been in possession of the Turkish government. It is currently on display at the Topkapi Palace and Museum in Istanbul.

There is a discrepancy in the historical record concerning the weight of this diamond. It is reported as 86 carats, yet documentation from the early 1800’s state that it is the third largest diamond in the world. This would not be accurate, as the Orlov (189.6 carats), Darya-I-Nur/Great Table (a minimum of 175 carats), Koh-I-Noor (estimated at 186 carats), Florentine (137.27 carats), Nassak (90 carats), and Shah (88.6 carats) would be bigger, making it at least seventh. (All carats used in this paragraph are old carats to avoid confusion with the historical record.)