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I really liked your opinion on Louis's article. The comments in the beginning about personal problems didn't phase me because timing wise we learned had to do with his mum.The mention about fanatical fans really had to do with the shit show @ the airport. But the article has spread & the general public knows more about him. The fandom & industry execs know how incredible he is. It is rather odd he stayed at Syco and a bid deal hasn't been made about it. So that's really what I'm curious about.

As far as I can see Syco is only using Louis Tomlinson to promote their human trash panda James Arthur. Trash Panda is actually way too nice a description so just take the “panda” part out. 

I’m really glad that Louis did a project with Steve Aoki, but sometimes given Steve’s relationship with Simon Cowell (they were both meant to work on a DJ talent contest together back in 2015) it doesn’t always seem as organic as it was made out to be. Kind of like when Simon tweeted this

And then a couple months later Zayn, having recently gone solo, was in the studio with him. 

The result of “Just Hold On” was fantastic and genuinely the most stunt and drama free I’ve ever seen Louis Tomlinson™, and I’m definitely not doubting their friendship, I’m just saying that Louis Tomlinson™ is a business. Just like Harry Styles™, Liam Payne™, Zayn Malik™ and Noll™. 

Speaking of Niall, may I once again point out how aggressively Niall is the perfect example of “one of these things is not like the other”? 

I cannot name one girl that Niall has dated in the past two to three years besides Selena Gomez and even that is just because someone I know saw them making out in Shoreditch House with their own two eyes. Selena Gomez was in London with Niall Horan and there were ZERO articles about it, but Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend wears clothes and it’s Daily Mail worthy? Niall is the only member of One Direction who has been able to release music without being publicly attached to a woman. Why? 

Niall can hang out and be all over other women’s snapchats without being rumoured to be dating them and yet some rando buys the same shirt as Harry Styles and suddenly she’s “The One”…but only until his album has dropped and his tour has sold out and then he dumped her or she dumped him depending on which tabloid you’re reading. 

Louis Tomlinson, despite being in LA numerous times over the past 285 days, didn’t post one thing about that baby on Instagram, and yet three weeks before his single is coming out he’s teaching the baby to play guitar and is suddenly father of the year? He was rumoured to have cheated on his ex-girlfriend, which resulted in said baby, then proceeded to be rumoured to be thinking about marrying the baby mama, then dropped her like Netflix drops diversity for another woman who a year later he’s rumoured to be thinking about marriage with, then dumps her, gets back with the original gf and now they’re goals and also rumoured to be engaged? I’ve never met a twenty-five year old man who wants to get married as badly to any woman as Louis Tomlinson apparently wants to marry every woman he dates.

The general public knows everything there is to possibly know about Louis Tomlinson™ except for the way his music sounds. I really, genuinely hope that this shit show pays off in terms of converting public interest in his soap opera of a life into music sales, but once again the only promotion I’m seeing for Louis’ music is from fans. Bebe Rexa is the only person connected to Louis’ career IN MUSIC that I can see talking about his music. Does his team genuinely think there’s going to be a “No Control Project” for every single thing they fuck up? 

I’m just sick and fucking tired of Louis Tomlinson being used to promote everybody’s career but his own. 

BTS React to S/O already having kids

@shyreas :  Hi I love your work I was wondering if you have the time and arent stressed out could you do a reaction to their s/o already having kids? It’s okay if you don’t want to do I understand🙂

Thank you for the request!

I am honestly surprised I’ve gotten so many requests today, I didn’t think that many people read my posts / blog so it’s made me really happy. :) I love you guys <3

J Hope:

Would be a little surprised when he finds out, but it doesn’t change the way he thinks or feels about you. 

When you tell him that you would like to introduce him to the kids as your boyfriend, he would feel really touched. 

“You must be really serious about me, wanting to bring me home like this.”

He would reach out, grasping your hands. “You like me. Y/N has a crush on me!~” He would sing at you, teasing. 

“Of course I do, bonehead! We’re dating.”

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It wouldn’t bother him too much, the only thing he worries about is what his parents might have to say about it. 

“I love your kids, you know I do jagi. How could I not when they have your DNA?”

“We just have to be really careful with how we break the news to my parents. They’re really traditional and conservative.”

“If I have too I’ll put my foot down, you’re too important to me for them to dictate whether our relationship continues or not.”

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Joonie would feel a little of-kilter at the news, but he would adjust quickly. 

“Children? Your children?”

“Okay, umm, okay I got this. When do you want me to meet them?”

“I’ve got to make a good impression. Any tips? What are there favorite snacks or toys?”

“… wait. How old are they?”

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When you tell him, he panics. 

“You already have kids?!”

“.. babe, I’m only 20 years old. I’m way too young to be a father.”

“I don’t know anything about child care! Oh god, I’m going to have to be the responsible adult, but I’m not an adult yet, not really! I’m still in training.”

You do your best to calm him down. 

“Kookie, I’m not asking you to be their dad. You can be the cool ajusshi that comes to visit sometimes.”

saying ‘ajusshi’ is the magic word, he instantly starts to calm down from his freak out. 

“Ajusshi, yeah. I can be the fun uncle. That’s good.”

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Would accept it instantly, not making a bid deal about it. 

“Ahh, your kids? What are their names? What are they like?”

He would be happy to meet them, and right away he does his best to make a good impression on them, bringing gifts for them (cute little stuffed animals and a couple of happy meals) every time he visits. 

“They’re actually really cute and well behaved. You’ve done a great job raising them.”

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“Oh my god, you have children!”

“And here I thought I was your first.” He would say, teasingly haughty. 

“Tae… I’m a full grown adult. I think for most people it’s better to assume they’ve already had sex.”

“Ahhh, I know. I was just playing.”

“We should go on a date! All of us together. We could go to the ocean, or an amusement park! Kids love those, right?”

“I’ll bribe their love with cotton candy and corn dogs.”

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He would be a little worried when he found out. 

“You already have children…”

“Jagi, you know I want kids too. Are you willing to have more?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ll love your kids like they’re my own. But I do want to have biological children too. I’m the oldest son in my family, it’s expected.”

After you tell him that you wouldn’t mind more munchkins, he would be relieved. 

“Ah good… So when do I get to meet them? How should I act? Aish, now I’m all nervous.”

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‘These University Guys’- Part 3 (Maknae line smut, lie 4 and 5)

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A/N: Reaaally tired so I’ll fix mistakes soon :)

Summary: You and Jungkook are finally able to finish what you started. 

Pairings: You x Jungkook, You x Jimin, You x Taehyung

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 4k+

Warnings: Open relationships, graphic smut, oral, swearing, arguing, mentions of drinking and smoking, age difference relationships (not weird tho)

Part 2

It was so cold that you considered turning back to get Jungkook’s leather jacket, which lay forgotten on the swinging bench- or, more likely, on the cold wooden floor. But if you returned you were sure Jungkook would try stop you. You kick the floor and groan. How long would it even take you to get home? Was this even the right way? You wish phone’s batteries would last forever.

A couple of cars had passed you and you didn’t think much when you started hearing the next car’s rev. But when you realized it slowed down next to you, you felt you heart lurch. Your mind raced for possible ways to escape and you slowly, fearfully turned your head to look at the car.

“Oh, god!” You cried. “I thought you were a kidnapper!”

Jungkook, who had his one arm hooked over the door out the open window, smiled. But his eyes were just as concerned as they were at the party. You were embarrassed that he was seeing you this angry and upset and you were embarrassed that you left him earlier.

“Get in.” He requests casually. 

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Request Idea: Confident Plus size character.

Chibs/Plus Size Reader

A/N: Thank you to @a-daydreamers-stories for helping me and being awesome as always! Anony I hope you enjoy it and I hope I did it justice for you!!

Images/Gif’s are NOT mine. Credit to rightful owners.

Happy leaned back in his chair and smiled as he looked down at the text he had just received. His favorite cousin was coming to see him. They were born weeks apart and grew up together. As children they were inseparable. In the recent years they didn’t see each other much but kept in touch often.

“What got the killer so smiley?” Opie teased.

“Nothing. I’m going back to work.” Hap snapped back. The killer doesn’t smile. That’s just not what he does.

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Hi! Sorry to bother you. It's my birthday tomorrow and I was wondering how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to an MC who forgot her own birthday?

You never brother me anon !

Happy prebirthday to you I hope you will have a very lovely day !

I assume they all know it´s your birthday I hope that is okay for you.


  • He was a bit surprised that you not mentioned your own birthday even when it was slowly coming closer.
  • Zen just brushes it off though and prepares a birthday party for you anyway.
  • You where really busy before your birthday so somehow you forgot and when the day comes and Zen is extra sweet to her in the morning you have no idea why.
  • Zen gives you a present and you are  just really surprised.
  • You think he is just being super sweet till he wishes you a happy birthday and you tell him that you forgot.
  • Zen is really shocked about that like how can you forget the most imported day on earth.
  • To you the day is maybe not that important but to him it is.
  • Zen will make sure that from now on you never forget that it´s your birthday again.


  • He has it marked on his calendar with a huge star for what ever reason you think it might be for a game or something.
  • But no you forgot your own birthday.
  • Yoosung bakes a cake in the evening and you just don´t know why
  • He is also hiding something you that makes you feel bad you just go to bed without telling him what is bothering you.
  • When you get up in the morning you are a bit grumpy and then you see the decorations.
  • Have you forgotten a holiday ? Oh no was it something imported you panic a bit.
  • You walk to the kitchen and see Yoosung smiling at you and wishing you a happy birthday and then it hits you.
  • It was today !! You completely forgot you almost cry because Yoosung is such a cutie he got you the think you always wanted and you tear up.
  • Yoosung thinks he did something wrong but you tell him how sweet he is and that makes him so happy.


  • You made sure to remember her birthday since you knew she would forget otherwise.
  • Your own birthday on the other hand you forgot it just was not really imported to you.
  • Jaehee had marked it down and even took a day off to celebrate with you.
  • You not mention your birthday so Jaehee thinks its just not a big deal to you just as much as her own birthday is no bid deal to her.
  • She spends much rather just time with you anyways.
  • You two meet up for a dinner on your birthday she wishes you a happy birthday and then you remember it was today !!!!!!
  • You forgot Jaehee is surprised too since you made such a effort for her on her birthday like how could you forget such a imported day.
  • You remind Jaehee that she would forget her own birthday too and she really can not disagree with that so you make a pact to make sure that neither of you forgets their birthday again.


  • He would make a national holiday for your birthday if he could but since he can´t he settles with preparing a unforgettable day just for you.
  • He tells you to take the day off and you do but he does not mention why and you just think he has some sort of date planned.
  • The day comes closer and you are exited for what ever Jumin has up his sleeve.
  • Of course he thinks its because of your birthday.
  • Once the day comes he wakes you up and you two have breakfast.
  • Then you take his private yet and have some nice day on the beach
  • – or what ever location you prefer-
  • Once its time for dinner he has booked the entire restaurant just for you its so romantic everywhere are candles and there is a orchestra playing.
  • Its just so sweet you wounder why he did all of this and then he asked you “Do you have a pleasant Birthday my love?” and then you suddenly remember.
  • After you tell him that you forgot your own birthday he is really shocked you can not forget such imported thinks.
  • He will think about making it a national holiday once again but he can´t so he will just make public announcements a week ahead so you are reminded of it.
  • You will never forget your birthday again.


  • Since he knows everything about you he makes sure to not forget your birthday.
  • No matter if he is really busy with his job he has a reminder in his computer and his smartphone.
  • He will prepare a huge surprise party for you he planned to pretend that he forgot just to be like bam party.
  • Well since you forgot it does not brother you but it sticks him as a bit odd but maybe you are trolling him.
  • He teases you about the upcoming day you think he is joking or he plans some sort of prank.
  • When the day comes you have no reaction to him not wishing you a happy birthday that upsets him a bit.
  • But maybe you figured his plan out maybe you are an better actor then he thinks he is impressed with that thought.
  • Then he tells you you two are going out - out in the real world shock-
  • you arrive at the location its dark till they lights turn on and all your friends and faily are their and the RFA.
  • You are so surprised you are screaming from shock and then you are just really happy.
  • Their seven figures out you literary had forgotten your own birthday !
  • Seven will make sure you remember it in the future he will set up a countdown that counts all the days down till your next birthday.
  • Just so he can troll you proper next year


  • He made sure right away to remember such an imported day it was one of the first thinks he asked  Saeyoung.
  • V makes sure that you will have a special day and he would do nothing rather then spending it with you.
  • You are happy when he invites you to have some dinner with him even when you don´t know why.
  • You really look forward to it you even buy a brand new outfit for him.
  • He is waiting in front of the restaurant for you with flowers.
  • It so sweet of him you thank him and when he wishes you a happy birthday you are surprised.
  • Was that today? Wait yeah it is how could you forget ? You feel stupid but V remembered it what is very sweet.
  • He feels bad that you forgot it and he makes sure that the rest of this special day is really good for you.
  • V spends the whole rest of the day with you and it feels really special to you.
  • He will give you a friendly reminder a week before your next birthday so you remember it this time.
  • If you forget it again he will make sure to remember it for you and make it special again.

Skip this one for spoilers


  • He was never keen on holidays after anything that happened to him.
  • But your birthday is really important to him since you became the light of his life.
  • He wants to make a effort to repay you for your kindness he plans a date for you two since he wants to show you that he is capable of doing normal thinks.
  • You keep telling him that you are happy as it is with him but of course you look forward to having a date with him in public.
  • You had no idea it was a birthday date but it was super special for you.
  • Saeran avoided people by being in a quiet area of a park with you you had some icecream even when it was still cold outside.
  • It was a nice and quit date but you really enjoyed your time with him he liked being outside with you and you where hoping that you could do this more often with him.
  • Hew asks you if that is your birthday wish you are really surprised by that question.
  • Then it hits you it´s your birthday and you completely forgot it !
  • Saeran is just as surprised as you are like really you forgot how could you it´s your own birthday.
  • Its so important to him now but you just forgot how dare you !
  • He is not actual mad just really shocked you then just tell him that your actual birthday wish is to be with him and you got that.
  • He finds that so sweet of you he almost cries you end up holding his hand till you are back home.
BTS won, but beware of the negativity they’re gonna get from it...(please read)

Shit, Im so fucking pissed right now… 

I am sooooooooo happy BTS won at the Billboards you guys

…but you should see the amount of shit they’re getting from immature “latino” fans, and also some other the fandoms that didnt win…

They’re insulting them, and acting like the award was no bid deal, saying they’re irrelevant…

Please beware of this comments, which are mostly being fueled on Twitter…I’m so pissed that some people are so close minded, mostly toward the east asian culture, and they alienate them when they’re obviously part of the world

Divisions only create conflict, why are people ignoring that fact. It’s fundamental, and I invite everyone to reflect a little bit more on their words, and how you carry yourselves around the acceptance of cultures, foreign to your own.

This is extremely saddening, and tell me I’m overreacting, but there is 2 truths I want to live by:

1. I will always take responsability and own up to what I’ve said in the past, no matter how racist, or fucking ignorant whatever I said was because it’s molding me into the person I am today, the fact that I was able to overcome myself in being what I hate today is something I want to hold proudly, and be able to say “yes I WAS that, but I HAVE changed”

2. I will always be true to my own feelings, and will embrace them. No matter how crazy, and stupid, or “gay” they sound… Feelings are human, and I want to experience them to the fullest of their extent.

Having said that, this world makes it just harder to stay around really… I’ve always been the kind of person that just wants to die for things like this, I just wish the “impossible utopia” of a world, everyone has pushed away for their own benefit, was actually real…

To finish this off, I advice you



Learn that silence is a very powerful weapon, and when it comes to ignorant, and belligerent people, it’s the best way to end the problem with them

the source of me being pissed

Sorry sir your card has been declined…

Went out to dinner with the wife tonight, had a wonderful time (20oz bone in prime rib rare!). Afterwards while paying the bill the waitress came back and informed me my credit card has been declined. No bid deal I just handed her another one which ran no problem. I knew it was nowhere near being maxed because it has a pretty high limit and gets paid in full monthly. When I came home I checked my voicemail and yup Chase Fraud Services left a message. I immediately called them and they informed me unusual activity had occurred so they declined that transaction and shut it down. Turns out someone about 1000 miles from me tried to charge over $1300 at a Dollar General. Let me repeat that over $1300 at a “DOLLAR GENERAL”, according to my limited math skills THAT WOULD BE 1300+ ITEMS LMAO!!!

To wrap it all up I really like Chase credit card services, I do a lot of business online and this isn’t the first time someone has swiped my card number but they have caught it every time and taken care of everything for me. Thanks Chase your ok.

“Dark Kara” Lasts Longer Than An Episode?

😂 Andrew Kreisberg’s interview made me think it would last an episode. Now, this one makes me think it will be longer. 🤔

On the plus side, we find out in less than a week.

Following the events of the finale, Kara (Melissa Benoist) will take a dark turn in season 3, pushing aside her humanity in a bid to deal with the overwhelming loss she suffered by setting off the lead dispersal device. With Mon-El (Chris Wood) gone, Kara buries herself in work, much to the dismay of those around her.

“She’s really fragile at the top of the season, but only people closest to her will see that, because she’s almost solidified on the exterior and is really trying to push down whatever pain she’s felt about losing Mon-El,” Benoist tells EW. “In turn, she has made this massive decision to say goodbye to her humanity and really embrace being an alien. We hear her say quite a bit in the first five episodes, ‘I’m not a human, I come from a different planet, so this doesn’t apply to me.‘”

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About the evil turtle ask is it okay if I add to it? What if the turtle realized what they were working for and wanted to switch sides? Would the gang let them?

Hi! Nice follow-up :)

Leonardo: Obviously the guy is going to be suspicious. Despite what the other turtle says, he isn’t going to accept them right away… Even if he may have feeling for them…

Donatello: Same as Leo, hes suspicious, but he’s also hopeful. He really hopes that this Ex-Foot Turtle legitimately wants to join their side… it would make things a lot less awkward, considering his attraction towards them.

Raphael: He’s going to act like it’s no bid deal. New turtle? Whatever… He may loosen his guard a few times, but despite everything, he has one message for them: Don’t mess with his family.

Michanalgelo: Oh boy, does this turtle have faith. He’s the one to throw a welcome party, despite any awkwardness. He wants, more than anything, for this Turtle to truly join them… and be closer to him.

When You Tell Them You Like Anal Play (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

SUHO:The relief on his face would be real, like he’d be so happy to hear that his kink was shared

CHANYEOL: He’d make a bid deal out of it (in private) when you told him, acting all shocked and surprised (when in reality he had a feeling you’d had some kinda kink that you weren’t telling him about)

KYUNGSOO: He would snap to attention as soon as you said anal. I honestly with my whole heart think he’d be down for it

BAEKHYUN: He’d have a fit of mad giggles, not meaning to embarrass you or anything, but I think he’d be surprised that you’d be into something like that

JONGIN: I think on the outside he’d stay calm, but the inside he’d be screaming. I think he’d like to try but at the same time he’d be running through all the ways the situatin could go wrong. Like what if he does it wrong, what if he hurts you, WHAT IF YOU LEAVE HIM (He tends to overthink)

SEHUN: He’d be ready. For a thusand years he would’ve been ready

XIUMIN: I think he might play with you and so no, but at some point when you guys were doing the dirty later, he’d ask you if you wanted to

CHEN: This dude, he’d be like ‘for who? me or you? my body is ready baby’

but he would agree eventually lol

YIXING: He’d get real shy and embarrassed talking about something like that, but if you wanted it, he’d prob do it for you


KRIS: You would certainly catch him off guard. After a while f convincing him that you weren’t joking, he;d be happy to fulfill your wishes

TAO: He’d be surprised to (and a little turnt) to find that his baby was so adventurous and dirty. Would most def say yes

LUHAN: He would immediately take a liking to the idea, even though he might never have thought much about it. I feel like he’s an adventourous one in bed

One day Maya’s asked out by this random person out of the high five...

Riley: gets excited for her the same way Maya is for her whenever she went on  date with Lucas or Charlie.

Farkle: first makes a bid deal out of it because he is supposed to love her in that way, but really he is just happy for her.

Zay: makes funny jokes about the person that asked her out and about how luck that person is.

Lucas: wHAT NO Maya!!1!! THEY ARE No goOD FoR yoU i mEAn not ThAT i wOULD kNOW Who iS BuT!1!1!!??? You’re a short little stack of pancakes you can’t go out with anyone like this!!!! I MEAN NOOOO



“If only I’d known you’d prove such an apt pupil.” His voice was genuinely admiring, almost surprised. To my horror, I found that pathetic orphaned part of me taking pleasure in his praise. “Why come to me now?” he asked. “Has it taken you this long to recover from our skirmish?”

If that had been a mere skirmish, then we really were lost. No, I told myself. He’d chosen that word deliberately, to intimidate me.

I ignored his question and said, “I didn’t expect compliments.”


“I left you buried beneath a pile of rubble.”

“And if I told you I respect your ruthlessness?”

“I don’t think I’d believe you.”

The barest smile touched his lips. “An apt pupil,” he repeated. “Why waste my anger on you when the fault is mine? I should have anticipated another betrayal from you, one more mad grasp at some kind of childish ideal. But I seem to be a victim of my own wishes where you are concerned.” His expression hardened. “What have you come here for, Alina?”

I answered him honestly. “I wanted to see you.”

I caught the briefest glimpse of surprise before his face shuttered again. “There are two thrones on that dais. You could see me anytime you liked.”

“You’re offering me a crown? After I tried to kill you?”

He shrugged again. “I might have done the same.”

“I doubt it.”

“Not to save that motley of traitors and fanatics, no. But I understand the desire to remain free.”

“And still you tried to make me a slave.”

“I sought Morozova’s amplifiers for you, Alina, that we might rule as equals.”

“You tried to take my power for your own.”

“After you ran from me. After you chose—” He stopped, shrugged. “We would have ruled as equals in time.”

I felt that pull, the longing of a frightened girl. Even now, after everything he’d done, I wanted to believe the Darkling, to find some way to forgive him. I wanted Nikolai to be alive. I wanted to trust the other Grisha. I wanted to believe anything so that I wouldn’t have to face the future alone. The problem with wanting is that it makes us weak. A laugh escaped me before I thought better of it.

“We would be equals until the day I dared to disagree with you, until the moment I questioned your judgment or didn’t do as I was bid. Then you would deal with me the way you dealt with Genya and your mother, the way you tried to deal with Mal.”

He leaned against the window, and the gilded frame came into sharp focus. “Do you think it would be any different with your tracker beside you? With that Lantsov pup?”

“Yes,” I said simply.

“Because you would be the strong one?”

“Because they’re better men than you.”

“You might make me a better man.”

“And you might make me a monster.”

“I’ve never understood this taste for otkazat’sya. Is it because you thought you were one of them for so long?”

“I had a taste for you, once.” His head snapped up. He hadn’t expected that. Saints, it was satisfying. “Why haven’t you visited me?” I asked. “In all these long months?”

He stayed silent.

“There was barely a day at the Little Palace when you didn’t come to me,” I continued. “When I didn’t see you in some shadowed corner. I thought I was going mad.”


“I think you’re afraid.”

“How comforting that must be for you.”

“I think you fear this thing that binds us.” It didn’t frighten me. Not anymore. I took a slow step forward. He tensed but did not move away.

“I am ancient, Alina. I know things about power that you can barely guess at.”

“But it’s not just power, is it?” I said quietly, remembering the way he had toyed with me when I’d first arrived at the palace— even before, from the first moment we’d met. I’d been a lonely girl, desperate for attention. I must have given him so little sport.

I took another step. He stilled. Our bodies were almost touching now. I reached up and cupped his cheek with my hand. This time the flash of confusion on his face was impossible to miss. He held himself frozen, his only movement the steady rise and fall of his chest. Then, as if in concession, he let his eyes close. A line appeared between his brows.

“It’s true,” I said softly. “You are stronger, wiser, infinite in experience.” I leaned forward and whispered, my lips brushing the shell of his ear. “But I am an apt pupil.”

EXO Reaction To You Failing At Chopsticks (Done by possible new admin)

This was done by Possible Admin M. The gifs did not transfer over, so I picked out these gifs. But the ones that were chosen were very good. Please feel free to message me your opinion on this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Xiumin: He would do his best to help you in every way possible. Once you started to lose faith, he would say some encouraging words to help you feel better. When you told him that you gave up for today, he tried to change your mind but your mind was set. When you went to grab a fork, he would stop you leaving you confused. He grabbed some of your food with his chopsticks. He held it out in front of you with a goofy smile. You chuckled at his quirkiness which caused him to blush but he still held out the chopsticks. “Are you going to eat or do I have to keep holding this out for you?”

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Suho: He would not stop until you got it. He would move his hand over yours and show the correct position of where your hand should be or he would explain how to use them again. He wouldn’t get frustrated with you; he would only have a cute smile on his face once he noticed that you began to get angry. His smile gave you butterflies so you couldn’t get mad. After about ten minutes of practicing, you finally get a hang of it and Suho has a proud mama smile as he watches you stick some food in your mouth.

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Lay: He would have a confused look on his face as he watched you struggle with the chopsticks. “Jagi? Do you know how to use chopsticks?” He asks in a soothing voice which makes your heart skip a beat. “N-No..” You say as you feel your cheeks becoming pink from embarrassment. A smile grows on his face as he stands by you with his hand over your hand. He would quietly speak into your ear of how to properly use the chopsticks. With his helpful words, you quickly learned how to use the chopsticks.

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Baekhyun: He would quickly come to the rescue and help you learn, although it would be impossible for him to not make a joke or make fun of you a bit. You would strike him a glare since this wasn’t something that you were proud of, you were quite embarrassed actually. Every joke he made, a quick sorry followed after it. Even though he was making fun of you, you still chuckled a little after seeing him laugh. You didn’t laugh because of his jokes, but because his laugh was adorable. “See! You’re laughing at yourself!” He says but you quickly stop his laugh and say, “No! I was laughing because your laugh is cute.”

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Chen: He would be surprised that you didn’t know how to use chopsticks but he wouldn’t make a bid deal about it since he could tell it was something you were embarrassed about. He would offer to help you as much as you needed but he would also remind you that it’s okay if you don’t get it the first time. He would make inside jokes as he taught you how to use the chopsticks to lighten the mood and the two of you would pass small smiles to each other.

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Chanyeol: He would be a big goof about it. He would over react and pace around the room throwing his hands up in the air when you told him you didn’t know how to use chopsticks; saying things like, “You don’t know how to use chopsticks?!” “Wow!” “Oh my god!” “I can’t believe it!” Even though he was kind of making fun of you, you were laughing your heart out to how dopey he was acting. After awhile, he cracked and chuckled to himself. He sat next to you and apologized with his cute smile and began to teach you how to use the chopsticks.

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D.O: He would be such a sweetheart. He would come behind you, his arm reaching over your shoulder with his hand on top of yours to guide your fingers correctly. He would look at you with gummy smile to make sure you understand what he was saying. He might make a joke or two about not knowing how to use chopsticks but it wouldn’t be rude, in fact you would start making some jokes yourself. Once you got it right, he would cheer while jumping up and down causing you to have butterflies.

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Kai: He would first let you know that it was okay that you didn’t know how to use chopsticks and that it shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about. Once he felt that you were comfortable with that, he would help by first explaining by words and then explain by moving his hand along yours. He would also show how he used them so you could see and copy him. Once you got it, he would have a giant smile on his face and say something like, “Glad I could help you with this significant moment in your life!”

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Sehun: He would be really cute when helping you since you felt embarrassed about not knowing how to use chopsticks. He would speak like a child as he helped you and would show some aegyo. You chuckled at his adorableness which showed him that you felt less embarrassed. He then started to act like his regular self and continued to explain. Once you got the hang of it, he went back to speaking like a child which caused you to close his mouth with your chopsticks.

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Rumor Has It- (young) Remus Lupin imagine

Request: Can I request a marauders era Remus imagine where y/n (ravenclaw) has a crush on him but there are rumours going around that she and Sirius are together and she’s kinda shy anyway so she doesn’t say anything; then something happens and Remus, who fancies y/n as well, finds out and confronts her, please?


Even from two tables over, you scanned your eyes over every detail you could of Remus’ face. The way his Gryffindor scarf outlined his jaw, the soft sweep of his hair, that special gleam in his eye when he caught your gaze.

You snapped yourself out of your revere when you realized: Remus was looking back at you! You refused to flush, so you looked away and down at your food as fast as you could. After a short time passed, you thought it would be a good idea to look up at him again, just for good measure before class where you would not see him.


Your first lesson passed with no outstanding events. But the second hour… That was something to be remembered.

In potions, Professsor Slughorn was assigning new seats to his students as they came in. You were heading towards the front to see the chart, but abruptly turned around once you saw your seating position. You were quick to turn, so you had no time to react to seeing a figure already behind you.


“Sorry!” You and the other person said simultaneously. You looked up with a nervous tint to your cheeks. Sirius Black smiled politely.

“No bid deal. It was my bad, really. Here’s your book, love.” He smiled and held a dropped textbook out to you. With a wink he stepped around you. Clearing your head of your embarrassing thoughts, you sat yourself at your table next to a fellow Ravenclaw.

“So it is true!” She gasped.

“What is?” You questioned, confused. The girl scoffed teasingly and nudged your arm.

“You and Sirius! Ooh, he’s so dreamy! However did you manage to tie him down?” She gushed. Even more confused than before, you were left speechless. “Never mind, never mind! Just be careful about him. Rumor has it he’s been around, if you know what I mean.” She giggled to herself, leaving you wide-eyed and voiceless.


What the girl said seeped into your mind at random moments in the day. You and Sirius? Where in the world did she hear that from?

“I didn’t know you and Sirius were together, Y/N.” Now a Gryffindor boy was asking. “Well, I guess you and Sirius will tell everyone when you’re ready. Sorry to intrude.” You smiled, trying to seem grateful for whatever reason, because you had no idea what to say. You had to get to the bottom of this.

By lunch, four people total had asked you when you and Sirius began dating, or something along the lines of that. If anyone knew you, it would have been rumored that you and Remus were dating, not Sirius.

In the Great Hall, murmurs of both question and awe seemed to follow you. You kept your head down, feeling uneasy about all this new attention you were receiving. You sat down where no one was around to question you too much, when suddenly an arm was reaching across your back.

“Afternoon, Y/N.” The flirtatious Sirius Black was sitting right next to you with the audacity to place his arm over your back.

“Sirius!” You jumped, sputtering slightly.

“So, we’re dating now, huh?”

“Wh- No we are most definitely not. Well, I mean, you’re perfectly nice, but–”
“Hey, I get it, Y/N.” He leaned in to whisper in your ear. “I’ve gotta go babe.” He pressed his lips to the side of your mouth for a few seconds before strutting his way back to his seat. You knew your mouth hung open, for when you came to your sensed, your teeth clamped shut. You held yourself together just enough to get out of the Great Hall. But once outside, you let out a noticeable grumble of frustration. Sirius had made it worse.

“Hey, Y/N!”

You couldn’t take it anymore. “If you’re here to ask me how long I’ve been dating Sirius, then you’ll be disappointed to hear that I’m not– Oh.” You stopped talking when you saw who it was. Remus Lupin himself, leaning against a pillar at your side. His eyes held a certain sad feeling in them.

“You’re not dating him, then?”

“No!” You sighed impatiently. Remus pursed his lips and pushed himself from the pillar to stand more in front of you. You looked at him nervously. “Sorry I snapped at you.”

“I get it, you’re frustrated with it. So…it’s all a rumor?”

“One-hundred percent.” You breathed.

“Why did he kiss you if it was rumor?”

You groaned. “I have no idea. Ask him. He made it all worse, but I had nothing to do with it!” Remus swallowed and straightened his back as if preparing himself to say something of importance.

“It was all Sirius being Sirius…” He met your eye now. “Then would you, perhaps, be open to accompanying me to Hogsmeade this weekend?” He asked, biting his lower lip between his teeth. Your lips parted in surprise.

“Why would you want to do that?” You asked before you could stop yourself. Remus rubbed his thumbs together.

“Well, I’ve fancied you for a while…” That was even more surprising! “And I may have gotten a bit, er, jealous about hearing you were with Sirius.”

“Well, lucky for you I am not. It really was a rumor.”

“Then why didn’t you say it was?” He asked nicely. You shrugged.

“I don’t know… I guess I was too shy to say anything.” A short silence came over you before Remus broke it again.

“Is that a yes or a no then? About Hogsmeade…”

“Oh!” You gasped, blushing. “It’s a yes.”


Thanks for the request, and for being patient with me :)

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hi i'm sorry for this question i know you and many other people are angry right now but i just don't understand what's the bid deal about this? i don't know why he brought that up but it's another denial he is not gonna out them or is it because of what he said about the fans? that i get more

I have had my issues with Zayn for many many months now, and I haven’t said anything about it for a multitude of reasons.  I respect Zayn for walking away if it was for his health, and I think that is a component of why he did.  But I do not respect him for walking away and leaving his bandmates and supposed friends in a lurch and handling it how he did.  Because ultimately the decision he made did have major effects on the personal and professional life of the other four.  And the events that came between when he officially decided he was going to leave and his final show frustrate me even more, for example not showing up to Orlando on the day of the Four album release.

But my frustration with Zayn have increased ten fold with the way he has handled himself since he left One Direction. He has consistently found ways to bad mouth the band, their accomplishments, the music and the fans.  All while trying to profit off of the band and those same fans. And grossly claiming that he wouldn’t enjoy their music because he is a 22 year old man, okay pal sure. Because god knows only teenage girls can enjoy the music.  It is incredibly disingenuous and frankly I am disgusted by it.   

He continues to time his press and events around 1D press and events because it will increase his coverage.  If you hate 1D and their fans so much Zayn then why don’t you try to really make it on your own on the basis of your own talent and stop riding their coattails.  If you hated the 1D machine so much why are you going to NYC and having staged mob scenes just like 1D did to generate press?  Why are you not blacklisting topics about 1D?  How about you talk about you and your music and let those stand on their own?  And don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness that is announcing your song is titled Befour on the one year anniversary of the Four album release. 

So my anger didn’t happen just because of his denial. The denials just roll off my back I’m used to them at this point.  But that article being released today was the thing that finally caused me stop biting my tongue.