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When You Tell Them You Like Anal Play (EXO)

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Author: Taebaby

SUHO:The relief on his face would be real, like he’d be so happy to hear that his kink was shared

CHANYEOL: He’d make a bid deal out of it (in private) when you told him, acting all shocked and surprised (when in reality he had a feeling you’d had some kinda kink that you weren’t telling him about)

KYUNGSOO: He would snap to attention as soon as you said anal. I honestly with my whole heart think he’d be down for it

BAEKHYUN: He’d have a fit of mad giggles, not meaning to embarrass you or anything, but I think he’d be surprised that you’d be into something like that

JONGIN: I think on the outside he’d stay calm, but the inside he’d be screaming. I think he’d like to try but at the same time he’d be running through all the ways the situatin could go wrong. Like what if he does it wrong, what if he hurts you, WHAT IF YOU LEAVE HIM (He tends to overthink)

SEHUN: He’d be ready. For a thusand years he would’ve been ready

XIUMIN: I think he might play with you and so no, but at some point when you guys were doing the dirty later, he’d ask you if you wanted to

CHEN: This dude, he’d be like ‘for who? me or you? my body is ready baby’

but he would agree eventually lol

YIXING: He’d get real shy and embarrassed talking about something like that, but if you wanted it, he’d prob do it for you


KRIS: You would certainly catch him off guard. After a while f convincing him that you weren’t joking, he;d be happy to fulfill your wishes

TAO: He’d be surprised to (and a little turnt) to find that his baby was so adventurous and dirty. Would most def say yes

LUHAN: He would immediately take a liking to the idea, even though he might never have thought much about it. I feel like he’s an adventourous one in bed

One day Maya’s asked out by this random person out of the high five...

Riley: gets excited for her the same way Maya is for her whenever she went on  date with Lucas or Charlie.

Farkle: first makes a bid deal out of it because he is supposed to love her in that way, but really he is just happy for her.

Zay: makes funny jokes about the person that asked her out and about how luck that person is.

Lucas: wHAT NO Maya!!1!! THEY ARE No goOD FoR yoU i mEAn not ThAT i wOULD kNOW Who iS BuT!1!1!!??? You’re a short little stack of pancakes you can’t go out with anyone like this!!!! I MEAN NOOOO

Why Funtom?

Sometimes I wonder why Ciel bothers running Funtom company. It seems so tangential to achieving his revenge.

I feel like I recall that Ciel started the company with Sebastian, rather than inheriting it. Why would a kid and a demon bent on revenge start a candy company?

Ciel said he was waiting for his enemies to come to him. If he were playing the game well, he’d want to make himself more enticing to his enemies.

Being the Queen’s watchdog is great for that. This could have been an entire manga about Ciel doing the Queen’s bidding, but he also deals with running a corporation.

Should having a successful candy company make Ciel a desirable target?

What if the Phantomhives’ murderers were business associates, rather than underground associates??

Congrats AP Magazine for their 300th Volume!

I still have to read it and look at it..planning on doing that this week end along with studying for finals (Oooo fun). 

How do you like the new format? I’m not sure if I like it. One reason being that the pages are smaller and I always take pictures out to put on my wall, and now they’ll be smaller. lol. Also, I just liked the more-glossy paper. Idk, what do you think?

sick little workout

So Kelly Ripa does this exercise, where you like, draw each letter of the alphabet using your body (squat, lunge, reach & stretch to trace the outline and create over-sized ABC’s in the air).  She apparently uses a light weight, but I didn’t have one handy.

26 letters.  It takes just a minute or two.
No bid deal, right?
Um, Just try it.  (I mean now…seriously, stand up and whip through your letters.)
I can barely lift my arms today.  #GoodHurt!

(Video here, for reference.)