Dutch Mannlicher M1895 No. 4 Bicycle Rifle,

The Mannlicher Model 1895 was the standard bolt action service rifle of the Dutch military from 1895 up to World War II.  Chambered for the 6.5X50R cartridge and later rechambered for the 6.5x53R cartridge, it was a sturdy and fast firing rifle, but generally considered to be antiquated after World War I.  In 1909 the Dutch began manufacture of a carbine model called the M1895 No. 4, which was a shortened version of the standard infantry rifle.  The rifles were to be carried in a holster on the right hand side of the bicycle for easy access by the soldier.  Thus, the M1895 No. 4 had one very interesting feature, a wooden fairing covering the left hand side of the magazine, the purpose of which was to reduce drag from wind resistance. Around 19,000 were produced.