Stranger Things 2: Teaser Trailer Checklist.

Eggos ✔️
Bicycles and the Squad ✔️
Evil Scientists ✔️
Hopper digging for conspiracy theories ✔️
Mike: “ELEVEN” ✔️
Will getting into some scary ass shit, AGAIN (BOiii) ✔️

Fashion shoot During A Strike Of Metro in Paris, Friday, October 28, 1966, the metro is on strike, causing major traffic jams in the streets of Paris. Two Swedish Models Barbara and Guje, riding bicycles on the Champs Elysee. Photo by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match magazine)

anonymous asked:

If it's not too much trouble d'ya think you could tell me who all the ships are in bmc? Cause I've been looking it up and I can't find it anywhere and the ship names are so confusing I don't know what each pairing is called...

oh geez okay i’ll do my best but i’m not too hot on this either:

michael & jeremy: boyf riends
rich & jake: richjake
chloe & brooke: pinkberry
jenna & christine: cinnabun
jenna & brooke: rolo
brooke & christine: playride
brooke & jenna & christine: drama queens
all the boys: boardwalk boys
michael & jake: pins and patches
michael & rich: expensive headphones
jake & jeremy: deere
rich & jeremy: bicycles? i think??

i don’t know any others but there’s a fair amount of em for ya!!


Amsterdam, Koningsplein

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