This week the crew have been incredibly busy filming in - now officially Britain’s best city - Bristol!

Yesterday we spoke to none other than George Ferguson, The Mayor of Bristol, about his involvement in the early days of cycle campaigning, among some great insight into what’s happening for cyclists in Bristol today.

We then took a trip over to the iconic Moulton Cycles Factory, who were responsible for evolving the design of the safety bike. Here, we filmed the intricate production process of their brilliant bicycles.

We also had a chat with Melissa Henry from Sustrans about their work to keep the bicycle scene in Britain thriving, as well as speaking to David Sproxton from Aardman animations about his involvement in the early days of Cycle Bag and Sustrans.

We then spoke to Tony Hadland, cycling historian, before heading over to Roll for the Soul, which is a fantastic cafe and community cycling hub.

Today, the crew are busy filming with professional mountain bikers Tracy Mosely and Rob Warner about their amazing jobs. Exciting stuff!

Film Review - Bicycle

I’ve been wanting to see this film for AGES and I kept missing screenings of it. But finally I managed to borrow it from UTravelActive. I really enjoyed this film. It is a brilliant mix of the history of the bicycle and cycling with stories of people who cycle for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s commuting, leisure or they are a professional cyclist.

It was interesting to see the history of the bicycle industry in Coventry, my home town, with James Starley manufacturing the safety bicycle, and the role of Dunlop in the development of tyres, which is where my Grandad, Dad and Uncles all worked at one time.

I particularly enjoyed the stories from Dani Khan, about pursuing a professional career in cycling and the goals of Chris Boardman to create a nation of cyclists.

The blend of different stories and beautiful filmography, make for a great film, I would definitely recommend it.

Coming to a computer screen, smart phone near you Summer 2013!

“Balls Deep” — A Cretin Documentary This 10-minute DIY film tells the
history of The Cretins bike crew through a collection of interviews and related information about the San Diego urban cycling movement
from 2002 to 2008.

Music by Gloomsday and In Perfect Agony, Produced by The Cretins

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Here’s a little look at some of the footage we shot at the Die-In bicycle protest on Friday in London.  Transport will be a big part of the documentary. 

Happy new year everyone!

The Bicycle team are back after a nice little break.  Alas none of us got our wish list bikes but we all did gain a few pounds…damn those mince pies.

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The Bicycle Film team


We had a brilliant afternoon filming Gary Fisher yesterday.  Amazing stories about the birth of the mountain bike.  Also some insightful views from Gary about the bicycles place in our cities future and the impact of the car.  I have no doubt we’ll release a little snippet soon.  After Christmas we are going to hit the ground running with the documentary and delving into the world of BMX as well as transport, design and the history of the bicycle in Britain as a whole.  It’s going to be an interesting 2014!

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I managed to distract everyone from their work long enough to ask them what bike would they like to find under the tree this year.  I (Nina the editor) went with the Specialized AWOL in flat black, I like everything in flat black!  I commute everyday involving trains and a lot of stairs!  But also live right by the Malvern Hills, so need something that will help me up those slopes first thing in the morning.  Pip our producer and uber cycle nerd went for the Condor Fratello.  He didn’t express why, but my guess is because it’s buff.  Our other producer Rob isn’t here so I picked a bike suited to his personality so went with this amazing Mixie.  Our lovely assistant producer Sarah has gone with a British made Pashley Poppy.  Last but not least our Director Michael has picked a Brompton…in hot pink (ok maybe I made that bit up)

Merry Christmas everyone.  Thank you to anyone who has supported our film.  We’re half way to our crowd funding goal so please keep spreading the word.

And I thought my bike was a bit too big for me.

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