Daisy Bell
IBM 7094
In 1961, a computer sang a song for the first time.

Daisy Bell by Henry Dacre (1892)

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do,

I’m half crazy all for the love of you.

It won’t be a stylish marriage -

I can’t afford a carriage.

But you’d look sweet upon the seat

Of a bicycle built for two.

Yup, that’s the song HAL sings in 2001 when he’s shutting down.

E X O  +  S L I C E  O F  L I F E

sehun is an aspiring artist who hires jongin to model for one of his works. jongdae is a writer with a bad case of writer’s block and minseok is the barista in the cafe he frequents. baekhyun is a culinary prodigy and chanyeol is the clumsy new waiter in his restaurant. yixing is an up-and-coming musician who collaborates with a renowned producer named junmyeon, and kyungsoo is the long-suffering director who doubles as the third wheel in a bicycle built for two.

Robert W. Coburn :: The press snipe (on back) reads, “Before the days of the bicycle built for two – was the ped-cycle, and here are two young ladies about due for a fall from their high saddle. They’re Radio Pictures featured beauties, Roberta Gale and Rochelle Hudson, and they rode the thing – after a fashion – in a comedy.”, 1931 / source: Grapefruit Moon Gallery

  • Black: *stares at White*
  • Black's inner voice: She's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Tell her she's as gorgeous as a thousand sunsets. Tell her you need her help. Tell her to rescue you, and care for you, and, whatever you do, do not scream the word "poop" at the top of your lungs.
  • White: ...Black--
  • White: ....What?
  • Black's inner voice: It's over, idiot. You're going to die here and now, and the last words out of your mouth will have been "poop train".