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10 Facts about Heidelberg

1. Heidelberg University is the oldest university in Germany. Established in 1386, Heidelberg’s Ruprecht-Karls-Universität remains one of Germany’s most prestigious universities - it celebrated its 625th anniversary in 2011. It counts an impressive array of national figures amongst its alumni, including the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

2. Heidelberg is home to an amphitheater. Hidden from view from the town at the top of the surrounding wooded hills, the ‘Thingstätte’ was built in 1935 by the Nazi political party, designed by Heidelberg native Albert Speer. It was used for rallies and solstice festivals during WW2 and is now preserved as a monument, but also still used for festivals and cultural events.

3. The first bicycle was invented by a graduate of Heidelberg University. Karl Drais came up with the ‘Laufmaschine’, which represented the beginning of mechanized personal transport. It was nicknamed the Dandy Horse and was the first means of transport to make use of the 2-wheel concept, even though it didn’t have pedals.

4. The city hosts superb firework displays during the summer. Known as the ‘Schlossbeleuchtung’, there’s a fantastic firework display on the 1st Saturday in June, 2nd Saturday in July and 1st Saturday in September every year. It starts with the Heidelberg castle being lit up as though it is on fire. This is to remember the times in 1689, 1693 and 1764, when it actually went up in flames. After a few minutes of the castle ‘burning’, the fireworks begin. They’re launched from the old bridge and last about 15 mins.

5. Heidelberg is featured prominently in various poems and novels. The city is mentioned in works by the likes of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Heinrich Heine, and Mark Twain, who spent several months in Heidelberg in the late 1800′s. The novel ‘The Reader’, made into a film in 2008, was also set in the city.

6. Heidelberg escaped bombing in WW2. Unlike many German cities, it was not destroyed by air raids and therefore still has original buildings from the later Middle Ages and early Renaissance. It has been suggested that the city escaped substantial bombing because the US Army wanted to use it as a garrison after the war. In fact though, as Heidelberg was neither an industrial center nor a transport hub, there was nothing of particular strategic interest for them to bomb, so they focused on nearby industrial cities such as Mannheim.

7. The first evidence of human life in Europe was found in Heidelberg. In 1907 a jaw-bone was discovered in a gravel pit – it’s the earliest evidence found of human life in Europe. The ‘Heidelberg Man’ is the name given to a member of this extinct human species, considered closely related to “Homo erectus”.

8. It’s home to the world’s biggest wine barrel. The Heidelberg ‘Tun’ holds 220,000 liters. The vat (Fass) was built in 1751 and sits within Heidelberg’s famous castle.

9. 1 in 5 residents is a university student. As you might expect from a city with a university as prestigious as that of Heidelberg, a large proportion of the population are students. This gives the city a lively feel and ensures ample social and cultural offerings for visitors and locals to enjoy.

10. The German Pharmacy Museum is housed in Heidelberg Castle. It displays a large collection of old equipment and medicines used in a pharmacy in past centuries.


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For us, Denise Belfon was the original EVERYTHING.  The original winer gyal, the original bad gyal, and all the original titles in between.  Holding true to traditional elements of soca Denise Belfon can out-wine anybody and everybody.  Don’t believe us?  Google Bicycle Wine then come back to us. Click this link for one of our favorites from Denise, Saucy Baby.


This list would be fraudulent as all hell if it didn’t include the Queen of the Dancehall, Lady Saw.  She’s probably one of, if not the only, artist on this list to have won a Grammy (for her duet with No Doubt, Underneath It All, in 2004). Though she’s given up the title for her government name and a new life with God, we cannot deny the lessons and gems she’s given us in her music.  Just like Destra’s melodic teachings, never let a man run you around and have you look like a fool.  Lady Saw has taught a whole generation of young women to walk with confidence and not allow anyone to talk down to you or about you. What other female deejay else you know was singing about the dangers of unprotected sex in the 90s when slackness was at its peak?  We rest our case.


Alison Hinds is of Bajan descent, and took the Caribbean territories by storm as part of the band, Square One.  We would have added Faluma on this list, but tumblr has a limit on video posts–hence part two.  Known as the Queen of Soca, Alison had her first crossover hit with Roll It Gal which is yet another example of soca and dancehall music praising women for both their physical and mental.  “Go to school girl, and get your degree…if you know you smart and yuh sexy, never let dem abuse yuh body.”


The child of soca legends, Superblue and Lady Gypsy, Fay Ann Lyons has been around the art form her entire life.  Around Carnival season, Trinidad has a performance competition called Road March of which she’s won three times. She’s also won the International Soca Monarch in 2009 as the first female to win the Power category, and the first (male or female) to win the Power, Groovy and People’s Choice awards on Fantastic Friday (aka Carnival Friday) during the finals of the competition. She also went on to win the Carnival Road March that year, becoming the first soca artist to win that soca ‘triplet’ of titles–all while pregnant.  Talk nah.


A woman who needs no introduction.  Queen of the Pack, Patra, had her album reach #1 on the Reggae albums Billboard chart and conquered the genre with her braids, attitude, and easily has a hand in helping influence almost all the women on this list…and she got cozy with Tupac in the Romantic Call video. What’s better than that?

aesthetics for the signs
  • Aries: sunny day, hats, strawberry ice cream, adele, picnics, wildflower picking, yellows, mint greens, baby pinks
  • Taurus: crowded rooms, dim lights, slow dancing, wild colored hair, black coffee, hidden tattoos, navy blues, maroons, black
  • Gemini: money, tall heels, long dresses, fancy suits, slot machines, hotel rooms, crumpled sheets, fast cars, reds, gold, white
  • Cancer: quiet rooms, long car rides, scrapbooks, knee socks, space buns, tumblr, macbooks, grey, creams, tans
  • Leo: movie dates, long conversation with strangers, fairy lights, star-gazing, neon blues, purples, pinks
  • Virgo: cameras, flowers, pearl necklaces, curled hair, pink lips, big beds, clean sheets, baby blues, silvers, whites
  • Libra: forest, grey mountains, snow, afternoon naps, good books, fuzzy socks, dark nail polishes, dark green, grey, purple
  • Scorpio: long nights, busy bars, good friends, strong drinks, fast music, dancing with strangers, kissing in the neon lights, black, green, blue
  • Sagittarius: glasses, converse, cloud watching, early mornings, pink cotton candy clouds, pale yellow sun, swimming pools, blue, yellow, pinks
  • Capricorn: bicycles, short hair, wine, disney movies, moonlight kisses, clouds of smoke, grey, navy blue, white
  • Aquarius: early morning cuddles, high waisted jeans, black tshirts, mood rings, green, blue, purple
  • Pisces: oceans, sandy beaches, fruity drinks, bathing suits, sandals, tans, blues, sea foam green

some sleepy tunes to make you feel ok

i. cough syrup // young the giant ii. the world spins madly on // the weepies iii. we will become silhouettes // the postal service iv. home // gabrielle aplin v. oblivion // bastille vi. it’s alright now // bombay bicycle club vii. cherry wine // hozier viii. bloom // the paper kites ix. the fall // imagine dragons x. the moon song // karen o xi. like real people do // hozier xii. float // pacific air xiii. featherstone // the paper kites xiv. first day of my life // bright eyes xv. chandelier piano ver. // sia xvi. it comes back to you // imagine dragons xvii. hurricane // halsey  xviii. in my veins // andrew belle xix. stars // the xx xx. everlasting light // the black keys xxi. hindsight // pebaluna xxii. house by the sea // moddi xiii. roslyn // bon iver xxiv. i exist i exist i exist // flatsound xxv. white blood // oh wonder xxvi. in the embers // sleeping at last


anonymous asked:

do you know any super sad songs I could listen to

its cool we can still be friends // bright eyes

dont call me at all // flatsound

learning to hate you as a self defense mechanism // flatsound

you wrote “don’t forget” on your arm // flatsound

motel blues // bombay bicycle club

medicine // daughter

cherry wine // hozier

a sea chanty of sorts // margot & the nuclear so and so’s

a light on a hill // margot & the nuclear so and so’s

talking in code // margot & the nuclear so and so’s

a journalist falls in love with deathrow inmate #16 // margot & the nuclear so and so’s

lover dearest // marianas trench

102 // matty healy

somebody else’s child // the vaccines

me // the 1975