bicycle top

picture by: @laguzphotography
model: Anja @livingdreaddoll

This is my favorite picture of the year and it was a beautiful day! We traveled with a bunch of friends, of course in post apocalyptic style,  to this awesome location in Germany, called Landschaftspark. And I love how it shows off my outfit. Almost everything is DIY. My bestie Linda helped me with the bicycle inner tube top. You will see it in more pictures.


Topeak Bikamper Tent - Tent For Cyclists

This amazing one-person tent is geared towards cyclists because it utilizes the bike as its main support. So, the next time you go for a ride through the woods, this compact tent should find its place among your regular gear.


Created By LilyOfTheValley for The Sims 3

  • Bicycle Storage Solutions

To assemble the column bicycle rack (A) you need to put a column rack on a column. On the column there are 9 slots of different height for racks, but please only put one to three racks on it (Two racks on each column recommanded). Wall bicycle rack (B) and wall bicycle hook © can be moved up and down wall by dragging with left mouse button. Solutions (A) and (B) are only for EA base game bicycles or bicycles having the same top tube positions.

Outdoor>Transport or Vehicles>Bicycles

  • High Wheel Bicycle

This bicycle is FUNCTIONAL and ANIMATED.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Bahorel would be a massive Queen fan.

  • He regularly quotes Queen songs in his papers or when he’s asked to participate in class (on the few occasions he does attend, of course)
  • He has the flashiest bike in existence, with bright colours and a neon yellow wicker basket, and he cycles down the street singing I Want to Ride my Bicycle at the top of his voice.
  • Freddie Mercury is the reason he grew a mustache.
  • He, Courfeyrac and Bossuet like to recreate music videos like Bohemian Rapsody or A Kind of Magic. Sometimes Gavroche joins in wearing an improvised wig. Joly and Grantaire provide percussion and guitar/piano noises respectively.
  • He sings Another One Bites the Dust whenever he gets into a fight. While fighting.
  • He once dressed up as the conceptual cow from the I Want to Break Free music video. Not for Halloween or a costume party or anything like that; just because (it was a Monday).