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Melly I don't mean to be rude but I have seen so many stunts that I suspect everything Zayn does. Am I a very evil person to think this is suspcious? Zayn would NOT want to get papped in such a situation. Why the hell will he get papped like that outside her apartment. He needs rest. He should be either in hospital or at home resting. Something tells me this is a stunt and I am afraid the Japan concert might get cancelled because of injury.

do you think conveniently got injured so he doesn’t have to attend the met ball with gigi on monday?

divided opinions everywhere. some say zayn is trying to escape the met gala by pretending to be hurt and some say he is canceling his tour dates. i think both.

I’ve raised a bunch of Fox Mulders up in this corner of the Tumblr webs. I mean, it’s fair - all 5 of 1D live on the stunt bicycle. Fwiw, I really do think his foot looks swollen, and it looks like you can see the color of a cast-like bandage through his sock here:

With that though, we know he’s not staying with Gigith (lol like he stays at Gigith’s),  and we know if he’s being papped outside of Gigith’s building, he’s being intentionally papped that way for a reason (Zayn plays possum better then any person I’ve ever witnessed - if they wanted this to stay under the radar, it would 100% be under the radar). 

If anything, I would say this definitely means no Met Gala (sigh). Japan is still roughly 6 weeks out, but they do have two more weeks before it needs to be cancelled or rescheduled to be in the contractual penalty window. Technically, he absolutely still could play those 2 shows still - both Niall and Harry played tour dates with a boot on. 


Breaking barriers.  Stunts on a road bike?  Seriously?


made me laugh…i saw people doing this on the west rail trail one day…

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Mellyyyyyyyyyyyy why do you think they dragged Niall into this?? Like I love my lil Irish bean but it's weird to see him stunting after he was gone for a month


i think Niall was called back because it was time for him to stunt. I’m high key glad he went and swam with the dolphins and took naps and frolicked in the sunshine for awhile before he had to come back.

 I’m kind of expecting March to be a Mess™, and it looks like 1DHQ called upon Gigith & Joe Jonas for who they could have tiny Neill stunt with. Niall is typically the pure cinnamon roll of 1D, so I  think his stunts tend to not be as much of you going like this

as the other boys tend to have with their stunts -  Niall seems to be fortunate enough to be spared from the more fakakta stunts.  I do kind of think this month is going to be a 5 person stunt bicycle though.

Dramatization of ot5 on a stunt bicycle that i didn’t at all Photoshop instead of doing important works

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So Zayn is touring now ? That's it, I think I've lost all hope now of him returning..

melly a lot of people on my dash are starting to think that zayns tour means that he won’t really come back after all and It makes me depressed Honestly so could you explain why it might not affect him coming back to ot4?


So this is my current face about this:

Why does touring mean he can’t return to the band? I’m confuzzled about that. That’s literally what the hiatus is for - so One Direction could take some much deserved time off and pursue their other interests for a bit before returning to the band. There were dozens of articles stating this very fact -  I even picked one out to save you the trouble of going to the Googles for it:

It’s a fair reminder that  Liam is also going to release solo music (currently working on his album in fact, if he hasn’t finished it already), and I would bet a fair amount of my hard earned tuppence that he will tour to support that. It’s what artists do.  

There’s a veritable ocean of evidence that Zayn’s leave was a stunt, including that he’s actively tied in a directorship with the other four in both their touring and publishing companies, continues to be on the same 5-person stunt bicycle as the others, etc.  With Liam’s upcoming solo project, you already know Liam isn’t leaving the band, so for me, I’m going to include Zayn in that logic, too.  

Let’s say the Zayn leaving stunt never happened: even before the stunt, there was evidence that Zayn had been working on solo music as early as the fall of 2014. If the stunt had never taken place, Zayn would have released solo music regardless. His solo album was always going to happen, just like Liam’s. 

In Asia, there are tons of super groups who’s members have solo projects, tour to support them, but also maintain their interests within the band. The Rolling Stones have done it, Fleetwood Mac has done it, The Eagles too. My Olivia Pope Gut™ tells me that OT5 are going for career longevity, and with the almost certain knowledge they’ve signed with Irving Azoff, that’s what he specializes in. They have something special, and part of going the distance as a group in a way that will help sustain the band’s longevity is to ensure they can all work on projects that fulfill them individually as artists.  It’s absolutely, positively, a possible thing for Zayn to tour and still remain a member of the band. One Direction is still on hiatus and currently not even working on anything at the mo. Zayn’s tour isn’t a conflict of interest of any sort. 

So honestly, I wouldn’t let it worry you! Instead, focus on worrying about important things, like what sort of excellent outfit you’ll wear when you go to Zayn’s concert.