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This bicycle is made from sustainable bamboo material and was designed by Alexander Vittouris, a design student at Australia’s Monash University. The young designer envisions a bicycle that isn’t built, but rather “grown” – the bend stalks are formed into the smooth curves gradually while the bamboo stalk grows (a concept that is inspired by ‘arborsculpture’ – the process in which tree branches are fixed into shapes as the tree grows).

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Journey Around Copenhagen’s Latest Bicycle Innovations! [7mins]
by streetfilms + copenhagenize, 2014.

featuring the cykelslangen (bike snake bridge), the knippelsbro bridge with 40,700 riders per day, and more forthcoming bridges to connect the city to its suburbs. also: led lights indicating the “green wave”.


Industrial designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have been developing the Hövding airbag for cyclists since 2005. Their idea was to get more people to want to wear head safety gear. The solution as they see it? Make the bicycle helmet invisible.

Hövding is fitted with sensors that inflate the airbag with compressed gas before impact. They say their innovation is better than traditional helmets because it covers more of the head and absorbs more shock when deployed. It also fits inside a stylish collar when stored. 

Click through to watch the whole Focus Forward video featuring their invention.

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