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Model wearing white wool beret by Ellen Lockwood, brown and white striped with one blue stripe wool t-shirt sweater and brown wool dress by Geist & Geist, white driving gloves by Marcel Wagner. Photo by Sante Forlano. Glamour Magazine 1966

Emergency Response Tips Straight From A First Responder, For All Your Protest Needs:

If anyone plans on going to an anti-Nazi protest and wants to know
some real rudimentary emergency first aid, this is the post for you.

I’m a certified Wilderness First Responder who specializes in being
able to provide ER-level care without any ER equipment. I’m going
to tell you the same advice I used to save a life on the 4th of July,
as well as ideas for DIY-protective armor and what to do if assaulted.
I would appreciate reblogs to get the word out there far and wide.

1) Don’t just yell that someone should call 911. Physically
point to someone, make eye contact, and say YOU, dial 911.

2) Remember to make sure the scene is safe before you put
yourself in danger to help. Two victims is worse than one.

3) Remember your ABCDE! Airway (obstruction), Breathing
(lack of or difficulty in), Circulation (lack of pulse), Deformity
(broken bones, bad body position), Environment (cold ground,
trampling hazards) will be most likely to kill someone quickest,
in order for ABC and circumstantial for DE. Check for breathing
before you check for a pulse
. If not breathing, check airway first.

4) If there is no breathing and no pulse, perform CPR. Align the
heel of your hand over the sternum (chest bone) in between the
victim’s nipples. Apply pressure in quick, sharp bursts at 100bpm

(picture the song “Stayin’ Alive” in your head for the correct tempo).

In many people you will hear/feel ribs break; this is normal. Repeat
chest compressions until EMTs arrive. DO NOT provide rescue
breathing, as it is no longer seen as medically advisable

5) If you are going to handle blood, attempt to minimize liquid
. Ask around for waterproof gloves or sandwich bags or
even condoms to protect your hands. If someone is gushing blood,
elevate the affected area above the heart and apply pressure

If someone is SPURTING blood, do not attempt a tourniquet
unless you know how to do it safely
. Instead, it is advisable
to attempt to pinch the severed artery shut with your fingers.

6) When a person is in shock, they will be pale, breathing heavily
but quickly, and have a fast but weak pulse. Lay them down on their
back and elevate their feet on a backpack or other height higher
than six inches
. Keep them there and try getting them to drink.

7) Again, make sure YOU are not in danger while you offer
. If the scene is not safe or becoming dangerous, move
the victim either by dragging them on a blanket or with other’s help

8) If you see an obvious broken bone deformity, try to immobilize
the joints on either side of the break if possible
. For fingers, use
some pencils and tape. For arms, use brooms or protest signs
and blankets or jackets. IMPORTANT: If someone’s upper leg
is broken, keep them still and DO NOT attempt to move them!

The femoral artery runs down the femur point with the highest
chance of breaking; if a bone edge severs it, they will bleed out!

9) If someone is unconscious, look for a medical bracelet or
medical tattoo
. If they are diabetic, feed them sugary food.
If they are asthmatic, find their inhaler. If you think they’ve
had a seizure, make sure they’re comfortable and don’t put
anything in their mouth
! If you think they’re in anaphylaxis,
look/ask around for an EpiPen and give Benadryl if possible.

10) Make sure that the area around you is clear so that your
patient can breathe a higher oxygen ratio. Have people set up
a perimeter if you can. Be sure while you are there to take
vitals every five to ten minutes
. For pulse, feel the vein on their
wrists or neck. For breathing, monitor chest movement and count
breaths per minute (24 is normal). If they’re unconscious, rub
their sternum with your knuckle hard and wait for a response

11) If a person has a head injury, lean them against something.
If they can answer who they are, where they are, what happened,
and a common trivia question, they’re clear for the moment.
If any of those drops off, there may be brain trauma
. If a
person has gone unconscious and regained it and become
aggressive, there is likely pressure on their brain. Attempt
to immobilize the victim without hurting them if you can

12) PERSONAL PROTECTION: shin guards from your local
sports Depot can be worn on your arms like bracers and legs
as intended. Around the chest, layer cardboard and notebooks
and secure with duct tape
. Bicycle kneepads, elbowpads, gloves,
and helmets may also be useful. For shoulders, football padding
is advisable. If you are not prepared to physically fight others to
defend someone, RECORD the actions going on with your phone.

13) IF YOU ARE ASSAULTED: Go for the eyes. Do not be afraid
to claw them out, these people mean to kill you. If they grab you,
pull their middle finger back as HARD as you can. Kicking in the
nuts will likely cause them to be more violent. If you’re being choked,
then play dead. If it comes to punching, block with your forearms.

If you’re doing the punching, hit with your first two fingers
and don’t tuck your thumb into your palm
, that’ll break it.

This is just SOME of the stuff I know. For more information,
please message me. Feel free to share. You could save a life.

Park Place (Part 1/7)

Summary: You go on your usual walk with your dog in the park only to bump into someone special.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~1000

Warnings: This is my first published fanfic, so it’s probably crap. As far as content, pretty tame. One cuss word, maybe just a lil fluff/flirting. 

A/N: Like I said, first published fanfic, so please go easy on me (if anyone sees this). I hope you enjoy :D If anyone wants a part 2, just let me know! 


Your phone alarm woke you up at your usual time, 9:30 a.m. Normally, you’d roll over and take it off of its charger, turn off the alarm, and would check all of your emails and social media to get a slower start to your morning. But the warm presence lying next to (and on top of) you was stopping you from doing that.

         “Lola,” you managed to wheeze out, “Can you maybe get off of me?”

         Your loveable, but heavy, German Shepherd wagged her tail in response, but stayed where she was, resting her head on your chest, snuggling in deeper into the hollow of your shoulder and neck.

         “Does someone want to be lazy today?” you asked. “Or do you want to go for a…walk?”

         At your last word, Lola leapt up in excitement, practically bruising your ribs in the process. You gripped your abdomen in pain for a few moments as she licked your face happily.

         “Okay, okay, we’ll go for the walk.”

         After getting dressed in some yoga pants and an athletic jacket, you grabbed Lola’s leash, hooking it onto her collar and heading out your apartment door. Despite her easily excitable tendencies, Lola was always very well-behaved when you went on walks, staying faithfully by your side. She’d never run, even if there was another dog or squirrel that caught her attention. It was something you were very proud of your fur baby for.

         You walked just the few blocks from your apartment until reaching the park. You preferred coming here earlier in the morning as opposed to the afternoon, as it wasn’t as crowded and was more peaceful. You began walking your usual path with Lola at your side, observing all your surroundings. The trees were just starting to turn shades of red and orange, with a few leaves scattered on the ground here and there, which Lola happily investigated.

         All of a sudden, you heard Lola bark beside you, and just as you looked down to see what got her attention enough to warrant a bark, she bolted across the grass, yanking the leash from your grip and nearly making you stumble.

         “Wh-Lola!” you shouted after her. This was just uncharacteristic. Lola never ran off, and judging by the way her tail was wagging at full force, she wasn’t scared, either.

         Rolling your eyes, you began to run after your dog, continuing to shout her name in hopes of breaking her attention from whatever seemed to hold it. But as you saw Lola skid to a stop, you realized it was more of a whom.

         You stopped in your tracks, seeing Lola running and bouncing happily around a complete stranger. Lola was a social dog, and would greet strangers unless they were untrustworthy or creepy, but she never went in full love-mode like this so soon before.

         Shaking your head, you walked up to the man, who Lola was still vying for the affection of. He was bent down, and she flopped over onto her back in hopes of getting a belly rub.

         “Your dog is very friendly,” the man said, laughing softly. His smile was faint, but still gorgeous.

         “She’s not normally,” you said in response, a bit flustered. As the man turned to raise a questioning eyebrow at you, you shook your head, realizing how that just sounded. “Not that she’s a mean dog or anything. She’s very sweet, just not normally so affectionate to someone she or I don’t know, and she definitely doesn’t run to someone like that. No offense to you, I mean. I’m sure you’re great.” Shut up. Shut up now, you thought.

         “She’s just social,” he said, and smiled warmly down at her. Apparently, he was just as smitten with her as Lola was with him. And as you looked down at the two of them more, you soon began to realize how the man seemed slightly familiar to you. His broad, muscular physique was one clue, as well as the shaggy brunette locks that fell to his strong jawline. And as he pet Lola, you noticed his attire – a long sleeved athletic shirt and basketball shorts – and a pair of what looked like to be bicycling gloves covering his hands. It was cooler outside today, but not enough to warrant gloves. When the end of the sleeve of his left arm rode up from the edge of his glove, revealing a hint of metal, you realized exactly how you knew this man.

         You stopped your jaw from hitting the ground as you realized that this was none other than the Winter Soldier himself, a.k.a. Captain America’s best friend, for crying out loud. Of all people to run to, your dog just magically picked the super soldier hero. On second thought, maybe that’s why she bolted toward him so fast, you thought. I would have done the same – he’s pretty hot.

         Shaking your head, you brought yourself out of your thoughts and back into the present situation, which was the Winter Soldier petting your German Shepherd. Just a normal Wednesday morning for you, sure.

         “I’m sorry Lola interrupted your run,” you said, rubbing the back of your neck. You almost felt like an embarrassed teenager with their mother, as Lola was now vigorously licking his leg.

         “It’s no problem,” he replied. “It’s the most affection I’ve gotten in 70 years, anyway.”

         You didn’t know if it was appropriate for you to laugh or not – you didn’t want to be rude to someone who could probably crush you in two, and that’s not with the metal arm. You knew everything about his history that the internet and the media gave out, and even then you knew it wasn’t all correct – he was a person, after all, not just some discussion topic. But the fact he grew up with Captain America was one that you knew to be true.

         “You can laugh, God knows the others do,” he said to you. You let out the smile you were trying to repress (and probably were failing at) with a sigh.

         “I’m glad you told me, otherwise I would have probably just stood there awkwardly,” you said. “I’m Y/N.”

         To your surprise, he held out a hand - the non-metal one. “Bucky. It’s nice to meet you.”

         “You, too,” you said, shaking his hand. Despite the cooler temperature outside, his hand was surprisingly warm. “Well, I’m sure you have more important things to do than to talk to me and pet my dog.” Probably a bunch of badass superhero things. “Have a nice day. Come on, Lola.”

         Practically having to drag your dog away from him, you watch as Bucky resumes his run. You turn around, shaking your head in disbelief at what just happened to you. You had to call your sister.


Kevlar was developed by Stephanie L. Kwolek in 1965. Originally used for racing tires, it’s now used for a wide variety of products, ranging from bicycle tires to safety gloves to body armor , because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio; by this measure it is 5 times stronger than steel. Kevlar is also what the infamous batsuit in made from, as well as many suits that former Robins and other heroes in DC comics wear. Sadly, Stephanie Kwolek passed away in 2014 at the age of 90. (Sources 1, 2, 3) (Images)

Sorry Tobio, Winter Hates You

Haikyuu!! - Kagehina

Written for @meru90 who draws some of the most adorable Haikyuu shit I’ve ever seen in my life, and who recently just celebrated a birthday!!  I used one of her Kagehina arts as inspiration for this fic~ 


Winter was slowly creeping in, gently nudging Autumn aside with her biting winds and settling in over the land by occasionally sprinkling it with white and freezing the ground.  She walked hither and thither at night, every wave of her arms sending freezing cold winds to rattle windowpanes, and turning puddles to ice when she stepped in them. Sometimes she sprinkled extra snow on top to hide they were there.  She thought it rather amusing when humans slipped on these hidden ice patches she made in the road as they walked… Which is exactly what Kageyama Tobio did on his morning walk to school.

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While looking for parts for my J.C Higgins Model 20 shotgun project, I recalled the name J.C Higgins is associated with a ton of other stuff, all sold through Sears & Roebuck. Bicycles, baseball bats and gloves, even fishing gear. I figured since my shotgun project is sort of post-apocalyptic themed, I wanted matching accessories.

Looked for the ugliest J.C Higgins fishing tackle box I could find on eBay for a decent price. It’s dented, pitted, just a tiny bit rusty and crushed on all sides. The original owner’s name looks like it was scratched into the finish with a nail. It still has the intact J.C Higgins nameplate.

Which matches my shotgun’s markings.

But instead of fishing lures, it holds shotgun shells. Inside is just a mix of target and game loads that I used for testing whether the wads get caught in the shotgun’s compensator/choke. My slugs and buckshot are for my other, modern tactical shotguns.

Sears used to sell cars and even guns, now they sell Kardashian crap. No wonder they’re going out of business. Next up, J.C Higgins baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire…

Me, my Bike Sprites, my fabulous 70s maroon nylons and my buddy bicycle 

Bike Sprites are wrist warmers for fabulous cyclists, if there’s an edge in the air, these little babies will keep your wrists and palms cosy and relaxed. I find them amazing when I cycle! They come in a 2 pack, each pack is unique and a once off, so be quick. Irresistible colours & patterns in store now