bicycle builder

Fleetwood Metal Body Company

The founder of the Fleetwood Metal Body Company began his career as a bicycle builder, but found his way to motorcars in 1905.

Eventually, the Fleetwood studio moved into the same building as LeBaron, and the two studios collaborated frequently. As LeBaron’s design studio lacked a production plant, Fleetwood built some of LeBaron’s early designs. In turn, LeBaron “ghost-designed” some of Fleetwood’s bodies for a fee.

Fleetwood was well known for their intricate woodwork, and they worked with a New York City supplier to install fine cabinets, vanities and door friezes in their interiors. Between 1922 and 1925, Fleetwood built 763 bodies for The Lincoln Motor Company, mostly limousines, town cars, and coupes.

Pictured above: 1924 Lincoln Fleetwood Limousine