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Boulder Bicycle 650B by WickedVT
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At long last. Explored 5/17/11! Woohoo!

     You can’t help but notice a shiny new sign hanging in front of a building in Sectory Six, the green coloration and diamond shape bringing to mind someone you may or may not have glimpsed somewhere in the city before.

A cheerfully yellow “Grand Opening” banner outside announces its arrival.

                                                        ◽ 👽 ◽

      Facet Five strives to provide its customers with quality mechanical expertise, whether you’re looking for someone to repair your bicycle, build you a new prosthetic arm, reprogram your computer, or something else entirely. We take pride in our work and only offer the very best!

      Located in scenic Sector Six, we’re within sight of the old Dressed to Kill building. Just look for the green sign and the computer displays.

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To become you I must
soak my hair in sunshine
let it seep into my skull
wear a crown of prisms so I may
cast rainbows,
plant an acorn in the flesh of my wrist
and wean the salt from my tears so I can
water it
strip myself down to heart heartbeat heartache

To become you I will build a bicycle from my bones
ride it to the end of sound, the last song you hear before you sleep
paint my nails with moondust
I can remake your eyes from warm stones
skipping across the lake


(via @giracha_walnut_club on Instagram: “This was a fun project completed recently for a local Osakan customer at our shop. We had to get as much silver and chrome on the bike as possible, but not have it look too flashy, and it had to be ‘legal’ for the street, which meant a full brake set. The owner also wanted the bike to be basically a full-NJS bike, with brakes and street tires, and the saddle had to be a little more comfortable than a keirin race saddle. The frame is a rare 'illusion’ model, by Harada Tetsuro, which has the super thin lugs with custom filed shorelines. The frame was drilled for brakes to avoid using adapter kits. The seat post, cog and lockring were custom chromed to fit in a little better! . #Giracha #giragirachariya #girachawalnutclub #trackbike #track #Tracksupermarket #tsmfb #samson #keirin #njs #pist #pistbike #fixed #fixieapp #fixedbike #fixedgear #fixedporn #bike #bicycle #bikeporn #bicycleporn #bicycleshop #igbike #ig_bikes #samsonillusion”)

Tackling YouTube and copyright

Hello friends,

I’m sorry to start off on such a serious note after a long pause but here we go again. I’ve previously discussed matters of copyright in a more generic manner and focused more on blogs and Tumblr users posting art without permission.

Today I’d like to say a few words about YouTube. As most of you know, people love just googling images for their material (be it YouTube videos or blogs or anything else) and what often comes up first in the search results is deviantArt. Therefore, every single one of my dA submissions says I don’t allow the use of my work elsewhere without permission. Therefore, if you just take it and run, you cannot feign ignorance (even though not knowing about copyright does not redeem you of it either way). Lately I’ve been tackling these issues with YouTube video channels.

Some people ask me why I’m being so strict about this, where’s the harm? I’m loosely quoting one recent comment here; “…Put an awful lot of rules on people giving you exposure. If the post leads the view back here whats the problem?“

These are the reasons why it’s a problem

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