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Ok. So, I lost 7 miles “recorded” in the Watch app and therefor lost them in my total count, so I had to make up the miles in the Watch to maintain my streak. So my 18 miles round trip also had 8.6 MORE miles added (meaning I rode 8 miles more then what this says so 25-26!) to make up the difference. I was not losing that damn streak at 28 days.

I am freaking exhausted. And I almost ran out of water. Plus I had some guy on a bike going slow so I passed him and he then decided to draft using me which was creepy. I think the next time someone drafts me I’m stopping so they pass and waiting. I do not like some stranger right behind me for 3 miles so close they could hit me. I didn’t know if he was following me because he was angry or drafting. Last guy who drafted me called it out and asked if he could. This guy just did it. He went from going 12mph to going 18 (what I was going when I passed him). Manners people, manners.

Anyway, sunny, warm, windy, hot, hard, lots of miles, an Apple Watch fail and spontaneous reboot, resync of the watch and reload all apps and I still got my shit done son.

And I hit over 630 miles on this bike, woot.

I’m going to be so sore tomorrow for work.


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Miyata Tandem

This was the only loaded touring bike we saw on the entire trip, a German couple on a four-week loop out of Denver. We saw them climbing from Durango to Silverton, and then, much later, refueling in Ouray, CO. The frame is hinged and folds for storage in a case that is not outrageously long, but still outside “standard” airline size limits. There is a nifty second kickstand on the fork, but I neglected to ask about its origins, and I did not photograph it.


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The Bikesphere, a high-tech laser safety ring, could be the future of biking — and save lives

  • Riding a bike is dangerous. The CDC says bicyclists are at greater risk of injury and death caused by a crash than those in cars.
  • In 2015, there were 467,000 bicycle-related injuries in the United States and over 1,000 fatalities.
  • Now, Michelin has greenlit an open source project that could change cyclist safety.  The concept, called Bikesphere, is simple:
  • A double laser spotlight cast on the ground guides both drivers and bicyclists on how to share the road.
  • The Bikesphere is a spherical device that sits between the handlebars.
  • The technology uses a light sensor and a proximity detecting sensor, which work together to evaluate a cyclist’s surroundings and emit a red halo of light. Read more (6/19/17)

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This is pretty epic - adventure biking through the Ausangate region, Peruvian Andes


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