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(painter!ryan) Ryan dusts a little bit of gold shimmer over Brendon's collar bone and his jaw and v-line and such, and his hand is so close to Brendon's cock and he doesn't realize how hard Brendon's trying to keep his dick down when he brushes shimmer over him and drapes a scarf low around his hips and in one of his hands and he gulps because he looks so pretty. So he goes over to his paints and starts his painting, mouth opened a little in concentration and Brendon can't stop --

thinking about how nice Ryan’s lips are, and how long his fingers are, and how his shirt rode up to show his hips when he reached over to grab a different brush -buttercup

I had no idea this was in my drafts and not posted and now I feel so bad for not posting it for everyone to enjoy

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Mutual,,,masterbation,,, with Ryan,,, expand

it would probably start off as you trying to tease him or you’re just really turned on and need relief so like you’re getting off in and he walks into the bedroom and it’s just like “woah I uh didn’t know you were doing that sorry” but he’s kind of staring and watching you and getting hard and you just smirk and moan loudly and he just can’t help but start jerking off and it’s just dirty talk and not being able to keep your eyes off each other and teasing and you both know you could just fuck but this is a nice change too

Bicurious George, the beloved children’s book in which everyone’s favorite monkey can’t help monkeying around with some new well anyways Im not fucking finishing this joke. you do it. you finish this fucking joke

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