Evil Bonapartists, dubious headwear tastes, fun times at the Grande Armée

Two-cornered hat (bicorne), c. 1789 - c. 1810.

After the French Revolution (1789), the three-cornered hat (tricorne) – the symbol of the previous government known as the Ancien Régime – fell out of favour. However, a large two-cornered model, the bicorne, remained fashionable until around 1810. It was also called a corsair after its most famous wearer, Napoleon Bonaparte, who came from Corsica. This hat is made of beaver fur felt, which was expensive and very popular. 



British gentleman’s court attire with dress sword

A black velvet gentleman’s court outfit with dress sword

Late 19th century/early 20th century, comprising of a black velvet dress coat of 18th century styling, and matching breeches, both with steel cut buttons, with two cream satin waistcoats, a bicorne hat, dress sword, scabbard and belt, within a metal uniform tin box, with the inscription ‘Cha s-E Schwann, M.P’, 'H.Poole & C.O, Savile Row’. (7+box)


With a note reading: Charles Ernest Schwann, M.P.
Name changed to Swann by deed poll 1913. A merchant of Manchester 1864 on. Became Liberal MP for Manchester 1886-1918. Died 1929. Baronet 1906. Last address Princes Gardens, London.

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What sort of big clades do you have planned?

Let’s give the word document a look…




Leviathans/Sea Hogs


Human-imitating Fish





“Evil Whales”







Other Humanoid Fairies

Bestial Fairies

Undead-like Fairies

Monstrous Fairies

Draconic Chimera










Harlequine (c.1890). Jean Béraud (French, 1849-1935). Oil on panel. The Haggin Museum.

This conventionally pretty woman is dressed for costume ball as the female counterpart of the Harlequin. Her costume adopts elements of the traditional commedia dell'arte character: the diamond pattern, the bicorne hat, the stage sword whose harmlessness is coquettishly demonstrated by the model. But Béraud discards the half-mask so that her porcelain-smooth profile is fully visible. The traditional multicolored costume is exchanged for stylish pink and black.

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Ah am I too late?? Can I ask for a child scenario with a father X Drake and father Sir Crocodile and maybe even a mother Robin one too? Something like a cute parent child moment with one another pretty please? (Huge fan of your work by the way)

X Drake:

Boy: Drake wasn’t used to being around children but he was getting better since his three year old little boy was born. Then again… The little boy was always running around and squealing about something. Drake woke up next to his partner and looked around for the boy. He shrugged on his shoulder and looked over at his partner, who was still sleeping peacefully after chasing the toddler for bed the night before. He leaned over and pressed a kiss on their forehead before getting up and searching for the toddler. He eventually found him on deck with the crew laughing. The little boy was stumbling around deck with his bicorne and making odd grumbling noises. Drake crouched down in front of the child and the three year old bumped into him, the hat covering his face. Drake took the hat off of his child’s head and raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?” The little boy grinned and raised his arms in a ‘claw’ motion. “Rawr rawr! I you, papa!” He giggled happily as Drake blinked. He ruffled the little boy’s hair before picking him up. “You’re so silly, (Y/S/N).” (Y/S/N) giggled and poked his nose. “No~ You silly, papa~” Drake chuckled softly before carrying him back to bed. “I guess so.”

Girl: Drake cursed under his breath as he used his devil fruit and ran through the town, looking for his precious daughter. Her smaller hand had slipped out of his while walking through a crowd. He searched every nook and cranny for his little girl before he stopped and took a couple deep breaths to calm himself. He listened for (Y/D/N) voice or anything. Once he heard a small call from the distance of ‘papa!’ He quickly made his way to the voice, turning back into his human form. He sighed in relief as he found his little girl sitting on a box while eating a piece of candy. He ran over and scooped her up in his arms, hugging her tightly. She hugged him back. “Papa!” She exclaimed happily. He continued to hold her tightly before pulling back far enough to look at her. “Were you scared?” She thought for a moment before shaking her head. “A little. But papa found me!” She grinned happily. Drake sighed in relief and pressed a soft kiss on her forehead. “Let’s go back, okay?” He headed back to the ship and let the little girl play with his face like she always did. “Let’s keep today a secret just between the two of us.” She giggled and pressed a finger to her lips. “Secret!”

Sir Crocodile:

Boy: He stood outside the infirmary, not knowing if he should go in or not. His child was born just a few minutes before. He quickly composed himself before entering and pushed the door open. He walked over to his partner and stood by their bed. They smiled up at him and gently held out the small bundle to him. He grumbled out a ‘no’ and took a step back. His partner rolled their eyes and grabbed his hand, pulling him back. They urged him to hold the child and he did. Holding the baby boy in his arms surprised him. Crocodile couldn’t believe that he fell in love with the tiny person so fast. Looking down at the sleeping bundle, he reached up and gently touched the boy’s cheek. “He’s small…” He murmurs. His partner smiled and reached up to his face, moving hair away from his forehead. “Yep… And he looks just like you…” Crocodile smiled gently and held the child close to his chest. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to their lips. He took a seat next to his partner and looked down at the small boy, who was letting out small whines in his sleep. He gently pushed the stray hairs away from the little boys forehead and made a silent promise to protect the small child.

Girl: After a long day of working and having to put up with subordinates, Crocodile just wanted to get back and spend a couple of minutes with his daughter and partner. Just the thought of the two most important people in his life made him relax. He saw his daughter’s door first and went to check on the small girl. Walking over to the crib, he could see the little girl squirming around. He stretched his arms out to her and carried her gently in her arms. Her squirming seized and she calmed down while snuggling into his chest. Her ear was pressed against his chest where his heart was beating. After being separated for a couple days, he really did miss his family. Especially his baby girl. She was only born a couple weeks prior but the couple of days the he missed felt like months. He gently pressed a kiss against her forehead before watching her close her eyes and fall asleep. He laid the girl back down and covered her with a blanket that he got from one of the islands he had visited for business. He watched the even movement of her chest as she breathed deeply in her sleep for a while before heading back to the door and to greet his beloved partner as well.

Nico Robin:

Boy: Robin couldn’t help but giggle as her one and a half year old little boy looked in awe at the amazing colors and plants that surrounded fishman island. He held onto her fingers tightly as she walked towards the Poneglyph. She had checked over him to make sure that he was okay after the ocean incident and had given him his pacifier to calm down. She was glad that he was distracted quickly from the ‘scary’ current. Once she got to the Poneglyph, he stared at it with his mouth falling open and the pacifier stumbling out onto the ground. He tugged on her hand and got closer. “Mama look!” She giggled and nodded. “Go ahead and go see it.” (Y/S/N) let go of her fingers and stumbled to it, pressing his hands against the carved words. He looked, amazed, at the words and traced the lines with his fingers. Robin noted what the message said and went over to the younger boy. He looked at her and smiled, stretching out his arms to her and she picked him up. He hugged her neck and stuck his thumb in his mouth. She giggled and picked up the pacifier before putting it away to clean it later. She kissed the side of his head while he was looking back at the Poneglyph with big eyes.

Girl: Robin sat in the aquarium room with a blanket over her lap and a book in her hands. She was able to get away from the craziness that was the crew and she was finally able to read. She heard fast footsteps and a rustling noise. She blinked and looked down, seeing a pair of feet peaking out from under the blanket. She smiled and poked the lump. She could hear the squeal and her one year old daughter popped out from under the blanket. Robin giggled and picked her up gently and sat her down on her lap. “What are you doing, silly?” The little girl hugged her middle and snuggled close. “Be with mama.” She mumbled. Robin smiled and stroked her black hair back. “Want to read with me?” The one year old smiled and looked at the book. Robin gently covered both of their laps as she started to read out loud. She was very proud of her daughter since she was very smart for her age and was very eager to learn more. While Robin read out loud, her little girl listened while looking at the words on the pages and flipping the page when she thought her mom was ready. They sat there together for hours just reading their favorite books and learning together.

BiTalks Topic#20 submission: Brittany S. Pierce

Who is your favourite bi character? 

This beautiful bicorn:

Why are they important to you? 

Brittany is just so real. I feel like the Glee writers initially created her to fill the ableist brainless beauty trope (as well as the promiscuous bi trope) but then she took on a life of her own, and became surprisingly complex. And that is what I value in bi characters: that they are complex, maybe even problematic at times, but genuine, and that their sexual orientation is neither glossed over nor the only focus of the whole character. 

Which of their qualities do you like best/identify with? 

I use Brittany as my blog’s mascot because she reminds me of the fun, light-hearted parts of being bi. She is also so genuine, and always says what she feels, which inspires me to do the same online and irl when calling out biphobia. Most importantly, she has a huge heart and looks out for others who may be treated poorly in high school (like Becky, the cheerleader with Down Syndrome), so I think she’s a good representation of solidarity with some other marginalized identities.

To be fair, Brittany definitely had her problematic aspects (like, you know, constantly misgendering Unique, a trans woman, as well as Joe). Putting aside the fact that the writers for that show just generally sucked at representing issues like these, I remember my own problematic moments in high school (and still!). On tumblr there are so many teens expressing bad opinions and getting harassed by adults, who maybe forget what it’s like to be a teen. Things like transphobia should never be ignored, but we should try to call out teens in as compassionate a way as possible, because they are still learning and growing. Brittany helps me to remember that.

What about their story strikes a cord within you?

I love how fiercely protective she and Santana are of each other. And I love that Brittany got a happy ending - that’s so rare for LBPAQ women in fiction! 

So Napoleon Bonaparte reportedly gave peridots to his wife Josephine to assure her of his undying love and admiration.

During his life, the British press often portrayed him as being much shorter than he actually was (probably due to confusion and agenda), and the image persists to this day. This has led to the phrase “Napoleon complex” to describe a short person who acts overly aggressive to make up for their small stature. 

He’s also often pictured with an enormous bicorne hat.

We probably should have seen tiny Peridot coming.