your fave is problematic: bianca clarkesquad volume II

  • talks about clarke griffin 24/7
    • i’m kidding that isn’t problematic that is a godsend everyone should be talking about clarke griffin 24/7
  • won’t stop calling lexa an aBSOLUTE TRAITO R
  • literally can’t be lowkey about anything ever
  • has that favourite character that she is too ashamed to admit out loud (you know who it is bianca, we both love her)
  • wrote the first hsau hollstein kiss and literally made me almost swallow my entire laptop while i read it 
  • thinks my neighbourhood is too dangerous and constantly tells me to move WITHOUT giving me money to move somewhere else
  • has cried at a 7/11 while thinking about about clarke griffin being bi
  • comes up with 923832 AUs…someone stop her
  • thinks that i am dead if i do not reply to a text in hours