bicolored tourmaline

A selection of Brazilian gemstones. (From top, clockwise): rubellite tourmaline, emerald, aquamarine, imperial topaz, yellow topaz, bicolor tourmaline. Center: Paraiba tourmaline and brown diamond. Photo by Robert Weldon/GIA.


✨Wirewrap/Chakra Crystal set✨
- Bicolor Tourmaline (Brazil)
- Bicolor Tourmaline (Mogok, Burma)
- Yellow Apatite (Mexico)
- Gem green tourmaline (Coronel Murta, Brazil)
- Aquamarine (Vietnam)
- Amethyst (Vera Cruz, Mexico)
- Faden Quartz (Pakistan)
✨$24 + shipping ($3 US, $10-14 international)✨
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rare gemstone parcel for jewelry making, by nostoneunturned333 on etsy

  • Ammonite Sliced Fossil: 20cts
  • Czech Moldavite: 4.1cts
  • Polished Baltic Amber: 4.85cts
  • Black Opal on Petrified Wood: 5.9cts
  • Dominican Larimar: 8.3cts
  • Rainbow Moonstone: 5cts
  • Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz: 16.2cts
  • Aquamarine: 6.8cts
  • Dogtooth Amethyst Polished: 18.8cts
  • Watermelon Tourmaline: 12.8cts
  • Bicolor Green and Black Tourmaline: 5.5cts
  • Green Tourmaline: 6.8cts
  • Pink Tourmaline: 8.2cts
  • Lime Kunzite Spodumene: 10cts
  • Imperial Topaz: 18cts
  • Hessonite Garnet: 10cts
  • Pyrope Garnet: 17.7cts
  • Epidote: 8.8cts
  • Sphene: 6cts
  • Orange Kyanite: 30.7cts

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