Thoughts on Dragon Age Inquisition, 2nd play through

I love second (and third and fourth) play throughs of BioWare games because I love seeing the differences your actions make.

Even when you have no idea what those actions were.

This play through?  Stroud and Hawke were downright hostile to each other. Constantly yelling at each other.  Elspeth kept having to shout at them to shut up.  Most of the time they looked like this:

In my fan fic brain this would of course translate to some kind of sexual tension, but I can’t get past that moustache.

erlkxnig asked:

"Yes, you’re very smart. Shut up."

“It’s not a matter of intellect–though any fool who
  had seen those storm clouds would have listened
  to my sage advice.”

Wet hair is plastered to her face and impatient hands slick the strands
back carelessly, her skirts are weighted down by mud and water–mumbling
she curses herself for having agreed to take this excursion with him.
Though the animosity between them had blossomed into friendship
more often then not it was still an antagonistic one.

Lightning flashes and lights the forest in an unnatural light, thunder follows
closely at the heel and as impossible as it seems the wind picks up and
thrashes the branches of the trees together. The cave was dry enough further
inside but it was cold and the soaked clothing would not help in warming her body.

commandercouslands asked:

Oh no. You mentioned an au in which Cullen and Bree are knight-commander and first enchanter, respectively--now I'm imagining them having Irving and Greagoir's whole "bickering like an old married couple" dynamic as the years go by and they both get grayer and grayer

(My apologies for how weird and inconsistent Cullen looks–I’m still dicking around with different ways of drawing him that combines aspects of all three in-game versions of him.)

BUT YES, that’s how I see it too!  Their partnership starts out nice and cordial, but then they get comfortable around one another professionally and that’s when it all goes to hell.  The dynamic as I see it is that Bree is the visionary, while Cullen is the pragmatist.

xiuhan are the perfect couple who hold doors open for each other and call each other “babe” all the time

kaisoo are the newly weds who like to make sappy eye contact across the room and subtly touch hands and cant stand being too far from one another

krisho are the old married couple that act like they dont like each other and dont really participate in pda like at all but still love each other deeply

baekchen are the fucking terrifying power couple that like to compete a lot and bicker and also terrorize people together and then have loud rough sex afterwards

taohun are the ones who get bored easily with other people and sneak off to give each other blowjobs in the bathroom

anonymous asked:

au where murphy never went with jaha and instead helped bellamy get into mount weather

  • murphy brings up the hanging in every possible conversation. like it’s a nice morning and they’re walking through the woods and murphy says, “hey lincoln, did i ever tell you that i was hung.” or when bellamy asks him to go out at night and collect firewood and murphy shakes his head, “nope, you hung me. you owe me one.”
  • murphy asking bellamy every couple of seconds “when are we getting there” or “bellamy do you even know where you’re going” and bellamy finally gets so annoyed he throws the map into the air and disappears into the forest for a few hours.
  • murphy and bellamy bickering about everything like an old married couple and lincoln is just sitting in the background, sharpening his knife and muttering, “what did i do to deserve this punishment.”
  • bellamy still feeling guilty about the hanging (not just because murphy brings it up every 2.5 seconds) and sometimes he’ll leave a few extra rations under murphy’s pillow or slip some berries into his pack.
  • when they finally reach mount weather and lincoln gives in to the reaper drug, and bellamy is getting taken into line, and the whole plan is falling to shit, murphy stands there deciding who he should go with. risk going back through the tunnels to warn everyone or stay with bellamy, and in the end he decides that somehow, despite everything, his loyalty still lies with bellamy. and he can’t let him do it alone.

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