biceps baby


Had to add some goofiness today since I need it! Was having a really rough morning as I said earlier but man did my workout make that go away!!!!! And look guys!!!! Baby biceps starting to poke through the fat 💖😍🏋😁😂 Now if my abs would start listening that would be great haha!

Moral of my day….if you’re having a rough time, workouts might help!


Back and Bi’s night, but not too intense. The lighting in PF is unforgiving, especially in the locker room. My baby biceps look better in person, I swear.

-Deadlifts (Smith machine) {reached new PR hells yes}
-Lat pulldowns (close grip and wide grip) {also new PR wtf this is awesome}
-Isolated lat pulldown
-Standing lat pulldown
-Cable high curls
-Dumbbell curls
-Barbell curls (light weight high reps) {over and underhanded grip}

I’ll do more next back and bi day. Usually I keep them separate, like one just back and the other arms, but I’m mixing it up. Biceps definitely felt the burn after some of my back movements. The dumbbells were not my friend.