So I search for a link specifically and its not the first result. Google suggests I didn’t mean bicast at all but which isn’t even a valid address

I know its small but it’s like all their algorithms are somehow anti bi. So micro passive aggressive. Oh but it looks like we have a special type of leather to make puns with, so it was a good day really.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on vegans wearing faux leather? I've heard the argument that wearing something that looks like the real thing sends the message that it is okay to wear the real thing. I personally love the look of leather and wear things that are made from PU but would never wear or use authentic leather.

First, and this may disappoint you, products labeled PU leather are still usually made from animals. PU leather is also known as bicast leather, where there is a polyurethane covering over an (animal-derived) leather backing. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) leather, however, is vegan-friendly. You can find other types of vegan-friendly leather on this page.

So, if you’ve been buying products labeled PU leather, you are technically wearing authentic leather. Really sorry.

As for vegans wearing real faux leather, I have no qualms about it, especially when people use it to spark a conversation about veganism by putting a “No Leather” or “Vegan” pin on their bag, jacket, or other accessories. It can get others to understand that they don’t have to give up the leather look just to go cruelty free in their dress style.