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Tips for the Incoming High School Freshman!

Disclaimer: I’m an American high schooler so some of these points may be irrelevant to people outside of America and maybe Canada.  LONG POST!

Tips for before school starts:

  • Before you start school, make sure you know what classes you’re taking. It helps to review some of the subjects, especially if your public library has the textbooks that you’ll be using. 
  • When you get your schedule, first thing to do is to go onto your teacher’s websites or find some method of contacting them. Most likely they’ll have a list of school supplies you’ll need to get or the syllabus.
  • When buying your school supplies, think of durability and affordability instead of vanity. Good quality backpacks are important because of how full your backpack is going to be throughout the school year.
  • Bic pens are literally the best. The usual pens you’re going to be using are red, blue, and black. I suggest using Bic Atlantis pens as it’s a thin line and the ink doesn’t blot over the paper. 
  • Highlighters are really important! Get one in every color available (literally just get sharpie highlighters). Highlighters do not have to be midliners or mug supplies. 
  • Pencils are the simplest. Get a pack of any mechanical pencil and you’re good to go (just make sure there’s like 50+ pencils in there).
  • Rulers (go metal, they’re much more durable), tape, sticky notes, and glue (buy the sticks) are also important to bring.
  • Notebooks are super important, get one for each class and color code your classes. Make sure that they have 100+ pages at the least to ensure that you won’t have to get a brand new notebook at the end of the semster! 
  • Binders are useful, but only get a binder is it’s mandatory for a class. Other than that, use color coded folders inside of a binder. So much easier to keep track of! 

Tips for the night before school starts:

  • Pack your bag carefully and thoughtfully. Remember to bring all notebooks, folders, and your pencil case. Also bring your calculator and some graph paper. 
  • Pack your lunch, and make sure that it’s healthy and going to fill you throughout the day. Bring a snack or two to eat throughout passing period or during class.
  • Bring a water bottle and refill it during the day! Lack of water can give you headaches and distract you.
  • Set your clothes for tomorrow. Make sure they’re school appropiate but still reflect your personality (and the weather).
  • Get as much sleep as you can! 8 hours is a wonder for the brain, but don’t forget to set your alarm to an hour before you leave the house to give you time to get ready.

Tips for the first day:

  • Leave early. It’s much better to be there half an hour early than it is to be five minutes early or even late!
  • Pay attention to everything the teacher says, and write it in the front page of your notebook. If they go over the syllabus, you can write on that too. 
  • At lunch, make sure that you have a designated table to sit at that you agreed on earlier with your friends! Meeting them before school to designate an eating place is much more easy than just hoping to find one. 
  • As soon as you get back from school, eat a snack and dive into your homework after about a half-hour break. If you finish your homework early, only then can you do something fun.

Tips for the rest of the semester:

  • Don’t slack off. I know how tempting it is to slack off and procrastinate on homework but don’t do it! These grades are vital to your future. 
  • Maintain a proper sleep schedule, consisting of 7-8+ hours. If you have an A Period, go to bed early! Sleep is essential to staying attentive and focused during school.
  • Eat proper food - including vegetables and protein.
  • Study for tests a week in advance - I’ll be making a studying post later but for now just know that studying should be done every day for a week up to the test - cramming is super bad.
  • Take proper notes.
  • Have fun!