I would like to defend: John Green

It’s honestly fascinating and also a huge shame how literally anyone on the Internet or in the media will try to target and shoot down ANYONE at all who has become a visible and well known celebrity, regardless of what kind of celebrity they are.

Specifically, I’m talking about John Green. fishingboatproceeds

Y'all know he’s a famous author and his books are incredibly popular in the young adult category just about everywhere.

Recently I’ve been seeing quite a few people, specifically on tumblr, who try to make him seem problematic. Specifically about his interview on the Colbert Report where he talks about how he made him self cry while writing TFIOS, which is a book dedicated to his good friend, Esther Earl, who passed away at the age of 16 from cancer.

I know that John may never see this, and I know that I don’t know him on a personal level, but as someone who admires him dearly, I feel the need to take a moment to defend someone who’s work, humor, YouTube videos (including Hank), projects and advice has truthfully helped me ever over the years.

I never knew John was an author. I only ever knew John as half of the vlogbrothers channel. I had no idea how big of a deal John and Hank were. I just thought they were two very funny, very smart, very wise, very admirable, very selfless, and very awesome people who ran a YouTube channel together. I watched their videos daily and I followed along with all of the Projects for Awesome and all of the Nerdfighter activities that they created for their fan base. I never knew that John was a famous author until he mentioned his books in his videos. So to me, I never saw John as this famous author and I never saw his books as some huge franchise like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. I always saw his books as a passion that one of my favorite nerds on the Internet had. As if being an author wasn’t his primary job. That vlogbrothers came first and writing was a side thing. So, any time I saw someone; whether it be one of my friends or some kid in school or some stranger in public, reading his books, my mentality towards it was “that’s just one of my friends on the internet’s book that they’re reading. That’s pretty neat.” Feeling as if they didn’t know John the way that I knew John. To them, he was an author, to me, he was just regular, nerdy, John Green of the vlogbrothers.

So let me just say this, as someone who really admires John for so many other reasons other than his writing: John is the most selfless man I have ever seen in my life. He is intelligent, friendly, and hard working. John and his brother, Hank, have created so many charitable outlets and organizations and even several educational web series that have helped so many people since they’ve been started.

This includes the Project for Awesome, VidCon, the “This Star Won’t Go Out” foundation, DFTBA Records, Crash Course, SciShow, and a bunch of other awesome helpful things that I can’t think of right now.

On top of that, John and Hanks videos on the vlogbrother channel alone are some of the most well put together and un-problematical content I’ve ever seen, from addressing social/political issues from level headed stand points, to educational content, to videos made specifically to help and offer advice to certain individuals in the fan base, to life updates and personal videos to give you a look into their lives to make them more tangible to you, to genuinely hilarious and innocent and whole-hearted awesome videos that are genuinely entertaining. John is a co-founder of an entire community of people, including myself, who have found a home in what he and his brother started 8 years ago.

John has been a role model and a very important person to me since I was in 7th grade. Here I am, at age 20, looking up to him just as much as I did back then. Like I said, obviously I don’t know him on a personal level, but whether this man knows it or not, he and his brother have helped me through so many tough times in my life and they have taught me so many important things and they have educated me on so many topics and they have given me such useful advice on life and they both positively influenced me.

John Green should never be a celebrity that is targeted negatively. After all the work he has done, he simply doesn’t deserve it. Ultimately, no one does.

So, just chill, and DFTBA.

-Colin Bibza