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A Monster in Paris (France, 2011)

Bibo Bergeron’s solo directorial debut, after formerly serving as co-director on two feature films for DreamWorks Animation, is the story of a young singer in early 20th century Paris, her childhood friend Raoul – and of a relationship forged with a masked monster through the heartrending power of music.

The Phantom of the Opera parallels end there, however. Let’s take a closer look at “A Monster in Paris.”

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I was searching something like “family movie with a happy end and good old sence of humor” for this weekend, and I picked up this one.

Un monstre à Paris, a film by Bibo Bergeron, with Luc Besson as producer, starring Vanessa Paradis as Lucille and Matthieu Chedid as Francœur (Sean Lennon as Francœur in English dub). Release: 10/12/2011 (France)

Love this movie! It’s touching story, with great visual background, and humor, and full of music. Well, it’s so much French! And as an icing on the cake, it’s very close to The Phantom of the Opera story.

It’s set in 1910 (and we know this date very well, haha). Lucille is a star in local cabaret, her stage costume includes an angelic wings. Her childhood friend’s name is Raoul, and he’s now on his way to catch the monster. Francœur wears full white mask, he’s musical genius and he’s got yellow eyes, gleaming in darkness!

La Seine everyone!


Bibo, wonderful animated short film about a lonely robot, a year in the making – a sort of modern-day, sadder version of Pixar’s groundbreaking 1986 classic Luxo Jr.