biblo baggins

Thorin would totally be the one constantly sucked in by infomercials.

“Bilbo, look! You’d never have to chop a vegetable ever again!”
“No, Thorin.”
“But if I call within the next 10 minutes-”
*Thorin hides in the bathroom and places a secret order*

No matter how many times they let him down… No matter how much money he wastes… Thorin cannot resist an infomercial. (Bilbo wants to scrap their cable altogether for this very reason.)

Main Point of The Hobbit: BOFA
  • Anything & everything that Thranduil does is majestic as fuck, everything
  • all of Bilbo x Thorin scenes are hella gay, like there was no way around it 
  • Bagginshield feels every scene
  • riding horses are mainstream, consider a elk or ram
  • Legolas & Thranduil family feels!!
  • where the frickity frickin fuck is Fili 
  • thranduil
  • he is glorious 

“But to me he was never that.” Bilbo says this to Balin after what I am going to assume was the funeral for Thorin, Fili, and Kili. This line says so much. Bilbo never looked at Thorin as a prince or a king, never looked at him as if he was royalty. He saw someone who was determined and fierce, but someone who was also utterly destroyed and down on himself. Thorin Oakenshield was his friend before anything else. By BotFA he was there not because of a contract but because of friendship. Bilbo Baggins needed Thorin Oakenshield just as much as Thorin needed him. Bilbo didn’t have any friends before Thorin, just acquaintances and people he tolerated. Thorin Oakenshield was his true friend. 


I… this is a very startling revelation for me.

I read on the Tolkein wikipedia that most female hobbits are named after flowers, but… I had no idea that Bilbo’s mom, Belladona, was ALSO named for a flower! I mean, wow. Cripes. 

Wait… is Lobelia a flower too? Because Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is another rare female hobbit character, and… I… 

Oh god, this makes that fanfic I wanna write a bit more complicated… bugger…

What everyone is about in The Hobbit: BOFA
  • Thranduil: *gracefully twirls into any scene* "i'm majestic lol who are these other ppl" *steals the scene*
  • Thorin: *hearteyes* gold, BILBO!?, nope lol gold
  • Bilbo: "he was my, my f-, my- <3" *sobs*
  • Fili: "im fili why-the-fuck-does-my-brother-and-uncle-get-ending-but-i-don't Durin"
  • Bard: fucking NEVER again