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I don’t want to open this blog cheesily as I am often tempted to do. “Hi, my name is……….” No. I shall open my blog like this.

Green goose down and fluffy sausages.

I couldn’t think of anything better, sorry.

Now that’s over with, a little of me. I read all the time, my kindle goes everywhere with me (though sometimes, nothing can replace the smell of a brand new book).

I’m particularly fond of fantasy novels in particular, but I am looking to broaden my horizons a bit :) as I am going to be trying new things I’ll share my reviews of them here for those who are curious.

Not only that. The main reason for this is that I am also experimenting with a bit of writing. Nothing is worse than staying within the same niche. How is a book to stand out amongst such a competitive industry these days?

This really is the first time I’ve become serious about it. It’s not going to be easy for my slightly (:P) perfectionist ego but I am giving this a serious shot. I love writing. I always have and I hope to share it one day. I have a multitude of little boxes in my brain with half remembered stories and ideas that got chucked on the pile when I lost interest, but i hope they may get dug out and recycled yet!

You see, I have this idea, and I’m running with it. Not just a half daydream idea that’s not fit for wiping your backside with, or an over planned, extremely complicated idea (we all know these) but a reasonable one. It’s flexible, mailable, I think realistic. Of course within the Fantasy genre it is not wholly realistic, but it’s believable, feasible and has a ring of truth. Just add a little stretch of the imagination and we’ve got it :)

Don’t take my writing style now as flippant or judge my writing on this. Naturally there are different ways to communicate and we all adapt accordingly. I don’t want to ostracise people, make them feel patronised and turn them away. Bear with me please. In the mean time, any other up and coming novelists or those aspiring to try feel free to drop me a line. Tell me of your experiences. Ask questions. I have always been told I should take my own advice! I always seem to struggle though… :P

So go on, give me a buzz.

Please? :)