Five Lines June 2014!

Well, it’s posting day! Currently, these are the participants I have heard from. I am still hoping I might get wind of a few more people having completed their stories, but this challenge is always harder than it looks. There will be posts coming popping up all through the day, but it’s nice to space out your reading! PLEASE NOTE: MORE HAVE BEEN ADDED SINCE THIS MORNING! HOORAY WRITERS! HOORAY!

This time the lines were:
“If I die here I am going to haunt the shit out of you,”
“This is possibly the dumbest thing we have ever done, and that is coming from a long line of stupid,”
“Don’t you dare tell me you told me so” (again, I apologize for writing the wrong one out last time!)
“I really wish you wouldn’t be so careless with that,”
“This is ridiculous. We should have taken the train”

I am so looking forward to what people have come up with! So these are the blogs to visit in the next day or two to read what they came up with!



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Okay! So for that anon asking about blog recs for blogs similar to mine, here it** is:

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**please don’t be offended if you weren’t on the list and I do follow you (or we’re on good terms, actual friends, etc)! I plan to do a follow forever eventually because there are a lot of other great blogs I’d recommend. I only listed the above ones because the anon asked for blogs similar to mine. Without anything further, I had to assume they meant blogs that aren’t heavy on the YA, maybe offer writing tips, and/or have an unhealthy love for Harry Potter sprinkled throughout**

***bolded blogs are my irl friends but still great book/writing blogs***


An ordinary Monday. Nothing different than any other day in which I get, I take a cool shower and breakfast. Choose what to wear, what accessories to put, which bag, which shoes. You know what this is about. Once I’m ready I throw last look in the mirror and go.
I’m not a driver so I’m used to the crowd in the bus on the way to work. That’s why when I go to the bus stop and there is no single person this definitely impresses me. But only for a second, then I bury my nose in the phone to choose what to listen to while traveling. The list is ready and for this time the bus usually arrive. Usually. Not today. I look up from the phone and look iin the direction from which it has to come. And then I see.
You know how when you’re looking for something specific you ignore the other things around. You’re looking for a taxi and you’re not paying attention to the car stopped near you from which appears someone you know, for instance. Well in this case while looking for the bus at first I ignored the other things. But the lack of any movement couldn’t make an impression at some point. And also the lack of people on the sidewalks. It’s like I’m in an apocalyptic movie.
I wait like that about five or six minutes when I finally see a car. The car of my ex. There is no way to mistake after three years spent in it. The driver is his best friend.I can’t not smile at him since he was the only one who kept the contact with me after we split.

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The Bibliophilefile’s BACK TO BASICS Pledge

If you’re like me you’ve noticed (with some sadness) that things in the book community of tumblr seem a little less uplifting lately. I, for one, won’t go down without a fight. Because Hermione had it right - our relationships are more important (even than the books). Even the books we really, really love that have inspired and saved us. They won’t inspire and save everyone the same way. And that’s OK.

I feel it’s time to get back to basics, and for me that means pledging to three principles:

1) Reading is not about the numbers. I don’t care if you have read half a book this year or fifty. Reading is not about cramming in as much as you can…unless you WANT to be cramming it in. Someone who reads less is not less well-read, nor less entitled to be here and voice their love of books and their opinion;

2) And on that note: everyone is entitled to their opinion.  If I disagree, I pledge to do it gently. To do it in the spirit of debate and open mindedness. As Walt Whitman said, “be curious, not judgemental”. Reading makes us more empathetic - let’s not close that when we close the books;

3) Don’t tolerate the bullies.If someone fills your inbox with hate, you still have the choice to publish it or not. I pledge to not give it an arena, to not rise to their bait. If they aren’t willing to discuss thoughtfully and respectfully, I must ask myself: Is this worth my time? Is this where I want to put my energy and joy?

We have the chance to shape this community. Let’s not cave to small mindedness. Let’s lead by example and be more generous for the sake of maintaining a community where we can delight and discuss together.

Let’s celebrate our successes and champion our causes and respectfully disagree on anything and everything…because we’re all debating what we love and shoving the statistics of “reading as a dying art” back at the naysayers just by showing up. 

We’re all on the same side. I want to be on your side. This is my pledge.

So, as I promised few days ago when I reached 500 followers I’m doing my first follow forever! Those with ❤ are my favorite people :)

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