Microreview Round Seven: Bookshelves

Thanks @heretherebebooks and @a-marvellous-miscellany for tagging me!

This round is open to interpretation, so don’t let the word bookshelves stop you. Whether your collection is big or small, physical or digital, your parents’ or from the library, it counts as a bookshelf here. To play: answer the prompts and tag your friends to do the same. Optional: use #microreview and check out @microreviews for “rules,” reviews, and more!

  • What genres or types of books dominate your shelf? 
    Probably fantasy. I have about three shelves with mostly fantasy on them. A closer runner up would be either crime fiction or classics. 
  • What do you wish you had more of?
    Books in general. But more specifically historical and contemporary fiction. Really specifically, I wish I had the rest of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, I just have to get around to buying the rest of the series off Book Depository (I clearly have to get matching spines).
  • Smallest book? 
    A really tiny reproduction of The School of Manners. It has all these rules for children from the 1700s, and some of them are very funny.
  • Largest book?
    Either Jonathon Strange and Mr Norell (that thing is huuuge), or my hardcover, illustrated edition of Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility, which I rescued from my Aunt’s house after she was going to take it to a thrift store.
  • Oldest book?
    I’m not sure which is physically the oldest book, but the one I’ve had the longest on these particular shelves, is probably The Mysterious Benedict Society or the Lord of the Rings. 
  • Newest book?
    Avenged and Ruined by Amy Tintera - I won them last month from a FB giveaway with Allen & Unwin Teen. 
  • Does anything live there besides books?
    Far too many things :)
    Including, a jar of eyeballs, a very grumpy Captain America, numerous teapots, some candles and Jon Snow. 

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No pressure to do it :)

sunshine club: positivity/self care 🌻

hello sunshines, i would like to thank everyone who signed up and helped in boosting the post for the kik gc of the sunshine club! i frankly accepted (with a little screening) the first 30 people who were able to sign up for the positive/self care category! unfortunately, screening requires a lot of effort and time which means it will probably take 2 to 3 days before i could post the list for the next two categories. for now, here are the new members of the sunshine club (kik group chat) under the positive café:

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to the sunshine members who got in: i left you a message on kik, kindly respond to signify your intent to be added on the gc. my user name is: indie.hut! we hope to have beautiful memories and sunshine conversations with y'all 💖

ps: some people who signed up but failed to include their kik username without informing me prior to screening, were unfortunately automatically disqualified. i hope you understand!

with lots of love,
prim xx


1. The way he devours knowledge greedily; With sensuality dripping from his tongue like the remnants of forgotten texts.

2. When he reads to you from dust heavy volumes; Hunger in his voice as his mouth forms amorous desires.

3. How his body curves to fit the spine of a tome; Arching and bending with the written word as his eyes speak of contained ravishment.

4. When eyes wander to crumbling manuscripts; The dance and tangle of pages that mirror the urgency in his hands when they roam.

The Sunshine Buddy Project Week 1: June 19-26, 2017 💟

Time stamp of this list is: 2017-06-19 // 11:54 UTC. I’ve included everyone who signed up for the project! Except this one user who wasn’t able to include his/her/their URL. If you’re reading this Robin, please contact me ASAP so I can try to fix this. Also, the list is in: first name (tumblr url). Here are your buddies of the week: 😇

1. Naria (goghdard) and Abby ( rose-fingers)
2. Chloe (geechloe) and Rebecca (m-priss)
3. Ezra (scruffyhubby) and Kira (hotelbalcony)
4. Amalie (tinyflowerchild) and Rain (sunflowersprouts)
4. Jas (fruitypup) and Sara (bibliophelia)
5. melissa (okaymels) and Leslie (leelovesyou13)
6. Lola (vangoghspeach) and Irene/Luna (ethereal-bee)
7. Abbygail (abbygailshade) and Grace (oceanlight)
8. Shelina (238900) and Alida (blossomalida)
9. Melina (happyandlive) and Rebecca (mythgrrl)
10. Aga (camomilehoneytea) and Léna (lenaloveschocolate)
11. Mariah (peacchygogh) and Hannah (thenomadicyeti)
12. Linn (flamingolinn) and Esther (rosesth)
13. Brittany (unwaking) and Ellie (rose-print)
14. Lana (rosypeacht) and Afonso (saturnd)
15. Ingeborg (regnbogen) and Leo ( doilye)
16. Olivia (plant-positivitea) and me!!! Daphne/Prim Valdestamon (peachisty)
17. Sophia (entanglin) and Yaz (earthnight)
18. Apri ( / apricitic) and Breanna (crayoncrush)
19. Sofia (abh0rrence) and Garance (egg-plant)
20. Maddy (hazelcurls) and Roxanne (mansardrooves)
21. Lillian (mademoiselle-auger) and Arielle (littlemisswide-eyes)
22. Taylor (softtcoffe) and Olivia (panicatthesocialgatherings)
23. Joanne (peachybulb) and Clare (partlypeachy)
24. Martha (x-marthart-x) and Eryn (songwrite)
25. Leah (lovelyleahbee) and Anahita (twerking-poetically)
26. Megan (not-cool-enough-to-scuba-dive) and Emily (dreamy-magical-girl)
27. Cheyenne (catsatellite) and Alina/Ali (aliwondersalot)
28. Mattea (peechypal) and Brooklyn (
29. Lily (vincentvansgogh) and Yasmine (veneptune)
30. Taz (dontcatchthemellows) and Alexus (croissantbee)
31. Ashley (ashley-virginia) and Freddy (freddythornton)
32. Haley (heyokaybabe) and Adam (octoberries)
33. Irene (aribiebesxx) and Erin (governmentskeleton)
34. Jay (bumble-pal) and Carolina (shy-survivor)
35. Ana (telescopings) and Ricky (yourlocalartboy)
36. Selen (stardustvalley) and Lily (blushiebee)
37. Chrysanthemum (chrystastrophy) and Steph (moonlig4t)
38. Evelyne (lovinq-moi) and Mikey (honeyflavored)
39. Maizie (a-radiant-smile) and Cassidy (cassykat00)
40. Elin (sensuell) and Thalia (femmegloss)
41. Zorila (confused-kei) and Jessie (radivity)
42. Alyssa (yolkclub) and Mikaelah (chytha)
43. Laura (lumiest) and Binnie (andromehdas)

Please contact your buddy through tumblr asap! I hope you’ll be able to have a fun time with your sunshine buddy of the week. Enjoy!!!

With lots of sunshine and love,
Prim 🌻