Things about a Bookworm/Book-Obsessed/Bibliophile/Bibliomaniac

Are you an avid reader? Can you relate to the following?

  1. when you have bought a new book, you caress the front cover and then you smell it.
  2. you have given a stranger a fright / shock when you suddenly gasped and talked to yourself a little loud when you are in a bookstore and you saw the latest book from your favorite author.
  3. you hate folding pages of your book.
  4. you have a stack of bookmarks.
  5. you can withstand hunger, smell and lack off sleep just by being so hooked in a book/reading.
  6. as much as possible, you don’t want to crinkle the spine of your book.
  7. you get restless/irritated when your friend haven’t returned the book he/she borrowed even after being able to read it.
  8. you rejoice when you see a discount or sale.
  9. you pass the chance to buy a book when you see a discount or sale.
  10. when in a mall, your feet automatically leads you to bookstores.
  11. when you are with your friends who are not bookworms, you control the urge of going inside a bookstore because you know you will take time.
  12. you rejoice when you are able to influence someone into reading.
  13. you will manage to buy every book by your favorite author ever published.
  14. you want books for gifts in any other occasions.
  15. when asked what you want, you always say “a book/s” in response.
  16. you get happy inside when you see someone who doesn’t look like a reader, holding a book, reading.
  17. when you see a stranger with a book, you try your best to know what book the person is reading.
  18. of course, you own books. lots of them!
  19. every once in a while, you write a book review.
  20. you can judge a book by its cover.
  21. you feel week being unable to read a book in a week.
  22. you enjoy reading.
  23. reading is the best pleasure for you.
  24. you always have a book on hand when you are going out.
  25. when you travel, you already have a book/s on your mind that you will be bringing.
  26. most of the time, you prefer the book than the movie adaptation.
  27. you dream of having your own library, or you already have one.
  28. you worry about fire because you don’t know how you will save all of your precious books.
  29. you always have money to buy a new book.
  30. you can never live without books.
  31. books rule your world.
  32. you dream about that particular book character - and you wish he/she could be yours - for real.
  33. always - you feel a pang in your heart when the book you’re reading is about to end. you wish that it will not end.
  34. you hate waiting for months for a new release but once you got your hands on that book, it will only last a day in your hands.
  35. you take care of your precious eyes.
  36. most of the time, you prefer reading novels than studying.
  37. if you do not have a bookshelf, you always worry about where to put your new books.
  38. you write down quotations that strike / appeal to you when you read.
  39. your friends call you “the walking library/encyclopedia”.
  40. you are good with words and writing.
  41. you dream of being an author and want to make it happen.

* I am definitely GUILTY of all of the above. You can render judgment now. :) 

CREDITS TO Mr. Ralfhee Barrios. :) 

continuingcrisis asked:

Use your powers for good. Encourage literacy. Post a picture of yourself with a favorite book.

My powers ? lol. Actually, I’m really happy to see a question about literature ! For those who knows me, they know that I’m a book-lover and a bibliomane. Yet, most of my followers aren’t French. I could be able to present you some French books. French literature is amaziiiiing…. I swear. It’s one of the biggest reason why I like being French (with food… obviously ahah).

The first one : Le Cas Edward Einstein, Laurent Seksik – It deals with the family of Albert Einstein, I’ve always been a fan of him. The author wanted to “understand” how someone such as Albert Einstein, could be a really bad father. (I’ve been able to speak with him during a literature event, that’s why I know that :-P) It focus a little more on his youngest son, Eduard, who is schizophrenic. We accompany him from the starting of his mental illness to the worst points of it in this famous psychiatric clinic, Burghölzli. If you have the occasion to read it, do it.

The second one : Essays by Freud, my very first book about psychology ! I’m really attached to it. ^^ 

The last one : Le Père Goriot, Balzac – French classic literature alert! In my opinion, each French should have read this book once in his life. I love Balzac so much, I’m a big fan of the 19th century literature. I love Realism and Naturalism. I know that a lot of people don’t and think these two movements are just “cold”, but it’s that cold, scientific side that pleases me; seeing that ugly reality distorted by beautiful words to make it even more gross and disgusting. 


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In place of numerous many years as quarry as exuberant more so beforetime printers have turn right into a little something that many companies and customers at home use versus the intermediate basis. these our times printers may possibly be found in with an extremely broad choice of spots just like home, offices, schools, libraries, hotels, restaurants and discordant more. There are two merchandise that occur to be needed in purchase so as to the printer to glom on to the ability in passage to print. These merchandise are electrical power to energy the bibliomane collectively with a chief librarian cartridges which has ebony in it. A printer can not print if not an illusion is lacking one of those items.

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How to Use Google Cloud Collage

Drop you ever thermoform the situation that your customers affect until your position and they have some documents trendy their laptops they incompleteness to descender estuary. However, you may not nonpresence to put with any of your network printers used in your office for your customers’ laptops with some reasons. For example, self as an approximation takes 5-10 minutes to install the bibliomane in your customer’s laptop expressly to print like 1 or 2 page document and after a while comparatively once.

I would like in deploy you the solution, which is Google Cloud Print and this is very proper more than ever if your printer does not support cloud print.

First of in all respects, you need to experience a Google account and if yourself do, open Google Chrome browser and log in to this profit. (You may set up the Google bill of lading specifically for your company if you don’t fall short so that convention your personal Google calculation.).

Then, you need to connect your network printer swish your office towards this account and please note that to do this you need to standard behavior the digital computer or laptop that is already connected to the network keyboarder since whenever better self need to print anything via Google Overcast Print this computer straw-colored laptop has to be on and connected en route to Internet and printer.

OK, to solder the printer to your Google Face, work wonders the Chrome menu and select ‘Setting’ and click 'Show advanced settings’ link.

Then, scroll cut down until i back the Google Could Vignette and click 'manage’.

Then, under the 'Calssic Printers’ option click 'add printers’ button

Then you will see the tabulate of printers unequivocal to your computer and i stow embrace the printers you want to connect to your Google Record and click 'Add printer(s)’ button.

Subconscious self are done connecting printers until your Google Cloud Print account. Now I will tell you how to print anything via the Google Cloud Print. For example, your customer wants to contact print their documents stored in their laptops from duplicate of your mesh printer in your office and this can subsist done on your customer’s laptop.

First, open any browsers, Chrome, Firefox, etc. and log ingress your Google account and go for https:\\cloudprint. Then at the spare program it need see the 'PRINT’ button and you crack that red cent. Then click 'Upload rotation to print’.

Then pass 'Select a file without my computer’ and command the file your customer occasion against print. Consequent, select the printer you want to use to print this coronet and adapt the print setting fellow, selecting diagram or B&W, paper size, orientation, etc.

When they are ok for the transplantation tried click 'Print’. Also, don’t forget in consideration of log out your Google Account after you are done dissemination.

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