The work of Marius Michel father & son, Parisian bookbinders

1 Denis Diderot. Le neveu de Rameau. Paris Auguste Blaizot, 1924 Source : BSUVA
2 José-Maria de Heredia. Les Trophées. Paris, Carteret pour René Descamps-Scrive, 1907 Source : ALDE
3 Honoré de Balzac. Physiologie du Mariage. 1830 ed. Source : Le bibliomane moderne
4 Erasmus of Rotterdam. Éloge de la Folie. Paris, Pour les Amis des Livres, 1906 Source : pba-auctions
5 Victor Hugo. Notre-Dame de Paris. Paris, A. Ferroud, 1889-90
Source : pba-auctions

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Labels são um coisa que nos rps de hoje em dia dão um resumo sobre o seu personagem e normalmente são em inglês. Então eu fiz uma lista de labels, muitos vocês já viram e outros eu tentei criar, não sei existem, mas eu também queria saber se vocês gostariam de uma lista em português porque as vezes sinto que incluímos tanto a cultura/linguá inglesa nos nossos jogos que deveríamos tentar colocar um pouco da nossa cultura/linguá. É isso.

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Things about a Bookworm/Book-Obsessed/Bibliophile/Bibliomaniac

Are you an avid reader? Can you relate to the following?

  1. when you have bought a new book, you caress the front cover and then you smell it.
  2. you have given a stranger a fright / shock when you suddenly gasped and talked to yourself a little loud when you are in a bookstore and you saw the latest book from your favorite author.
  3. you hate folding pages of your book.
  4. you have a stack of bookmarks.
  5. you can withstand hunger, smell and lack off sleep just by being so hooked in a book/reading.
  6. as much as possible, you don’t want to crinkle the spine of your book.
  7. you get restless/irritated when your friend haven’t returned the book he/she borrowed even after being able to read it.
  8. you rejoice when you see a discount or sale.
  9. you pass the chance to buy a book when you see a discount or sale.
  10. when in a mall, your feet automatically leads you to bookstores.
  11. when you are with your friends who are not bookworms, you control the urge of going inside a bookstore because you know you will take time.
  12. you rejoice when you are able to influence someone into reading.
  13. you will manage to buy every book by your favorite author ever published.
  14. you want books for gifts in any other occasions.
  15. when asked what you want, you always say “a book/s” in response.
  16. you get happy inside when you see someone who doesn’t look like a reader, holding a book, reading.
  17. when you see a stranger with a book, you try your best to know what book the person is reading.
  18. of course, you own books. lots of them!
  19. every once in a while, you write a book review.
  20. you can judge a book by its cover.
  21. you feel week being unable to read a book in a week.
  22. you enjoy reading.
  23. reading is the best pleasure for you.
  24. you always have a book on hand when you are going out.
  25. when you travel, you already have a book/s on your mind that you will be bringing.
  26. most of the time, you prefer the book than the movie adaptation.
  27. you dream of having your own library, or you already have one.
  28. you worry about fire because you don’t know how you will save all of your precious books.
  29. you always have money to buy a new book.
  30. you can never live without books.
  31. books rule your world.
  32. you dream about that particular book character - and you wish he/she could be yours - for real.
  33. always - you feel a pang in your heart when the book you’re reading is about to end. you wish that it will not end.
  34. you hate waiting for months for a new release but once you got your hands on that book, it will only last a day in your hands.
  35. you take care of your precious eyes.
  36. most of the time, you prefer reading novels than studying.
  37. if you do not have a bookshelf, you always worry about where to put your new books.
  38. you write down quotations that strike / appeal to you when you read.
  39. your friends call you “the walking library/encyclopedia”.
  40. you are good with words and writing.
  41. you dream of being an author and want to make it happen.

* I am definitely GUILTY of all of the above. You can render judgment now. :) 

CREDITS TO Mr. Ralfhee Barrios. :)