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Hey! Bibliomancy hasn't ever been something I've done, because I don't know if I want to reserve that kind of divination to just one or two books I really like, or if I should incorporate different books for different types of sessions. How did you decide to use your bible instead of other books? ❤️


Well, bibliomancy is divination with the use of a bible (or other such holy books). Stichomancy is divination with the use of any old book, particularly one chosen at random.

I know a lot of people tend to refer to stichomancy as bibliomancy, and I suppose it’s one of those words that’s misused so often it might as well become the correct use, lol.

And I don’t mean that at all to come off rude to you! I was using all kinds of books for divination and referring to the act as ‘bibliomancy’ for years before I realised what it actually meant.

But yeah, just use the word, everyone else does. :p

And I think having a book set aside specifically for divination is a really cool idea, as is having different books for different situations. There are loads of books comprised of meaningful quotes that could be used; my mum had a book of spiritual quotes that was compiled specifically for the act of divination.

If there is any one book that is particularly meaningful to you – that speaks of your worldview or your spirituality – you’d do well to use that, as you’ll find whatever it tells you will already agree with your specific ideals.

Hope this helps x

Youtube is a wonderful resource with lots of helpful information on it! I’ve collated together all the Divination Lessons I could find. If any of these links break, or you find something that should be added to the list, please message me!

This is as much a resource for me as it is for you - I have only watched part of most of these so take them with a grain of salt!


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Intro to Stichomancy

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Hey everyone! If you’re looking for an easy and effective method of divination that doesn’t require you to go out and buy expensive or hard-to-find tools like tarot cards or rune sets, stichomancy may be the thing for you! In this post, I want to give a nice, quick and easy tutorial to performing a basic stichomancy tutorial. Let’s get started :)

What is stichomancy, Livi?

Stichomancy is arguably one of the oldest known forms of divination. Some sources say that it is at least 3000 years old, but it is hard to get an exact estimate on when this form of divination began. Stichomancy refers to a method of divination in which a random passage from a random book is used to bring clarity to a situation or predict the future. Bibliomancy is an extension of stichomancy that uses a holy book, such as the Bible.

How to perform a stichomancy reading

1) Find a place with lots of books. The more the better! I typically use either a small shelf of books that I have in my room or a larger book case that is in my house. You can go to a library, a bookstore, or any place where there will be a variety of books in one place. If you’re going to the library or bookstore for this, you can choose a specific section with books in a genre that you’d like to use for stichomancy (Classics are commonly used, but any genre could be used.)

2) Stand in front of your chosen shelf and close your eyes. Think about your question (Try to steer away from yes/no questions. The same question guidelines for tarot/runes/etc. apply to stichomancy). Find the book that *calls* to you. You can run your hand along the books if you wish. While closing your eyes, pick the book and remove it from the shelf.

3) Now, flip to a random page in the book. You can keep your eyes closed or open them if you wish. I like to flip around in the book until I get the feeling that it is time to stop. When I feel like it’s time to stop, I stop on whatever page I’m on.

4) Keep your eyes closed and point with your index finger to a random spot on the page. Open your eyes and read the passage that you have pointed to.

5) Use your intuition and interpretation skills to interpret the passage in regards to your question!

As you can see, stichomancy is pretty straight forward. The hardest part of stichomancy is the interpretation. For example:

I stand in front of my bookshelf and ask my question, “How can I make this Summer less sad and boring?”. It’s a pretty simple question– nothing to serious. I close my eyes, pick my book, flip to a random page, and point. When I open my eyes, I see that I’ve picked the book, Wild by Cheryl Strayed. The passage says:

“’What are we doing?’ Paul asked after a while.

‘Saying goodbye,’ I said. I thought of asking him to go back to my apartment with me, as we’d done a few times over the course of our year-long separation, falling into bed together for a night or an afternoon, but I didn’t have the heart.

‘Goodbye,’ he said.”

Now, at first, I’d think, “How on Earth does this relate to my summer?”, but if I think about it, I can deduce that this means that I need to move on from the past and let go of the friendships that have died, even if I still wish things could’ve been different. I have to look into the passage a little bit and think about it, but when I relate it to my own personal situation, it makes sense. Use your intuition and think about the feelings and thoughts that the passage automatically inspires in you. It may seem cryptic at first, but if you look deep enough, you should be able to find the true meaning of the passage in regards to your question. Note that these readings can be confusing, especially to a newbie, and, because of this, I do not recommend using stichomancy for serious life decisions unless you have been practicing stichomancy for a long time and have a very solid grasp on how to interpret passages.

Let me know how your stichomancy readings go! If you don’t have access to books for stichomancy, try this virtual stichomancy website:

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! f you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask! Thanks for reading,


Popular Divination Methods in Ancient Greece


In ancient times the haruspex (diviner) interpreted the divine will by inspecting the entrails of a sacrificial animal. First the animal was ritually slaughtered. Next it was butchered, with the haruspex examining the size, shape, color, markings etc. of certain internal organs, usually the liver (hepatoscopy), but also the gall, heart and lungs. Finally, when the animal had been butchered, the meat was roasted and all the celebrants shared a sacred meal.


(modern term from Greek ornis “bird” and manteia “divination”; in Ancient Greek: οἰωνίζομαι “take omens from the flight and cries of birds”) is an Ancient Greek practice of reading omens from the actions of birds, equivalent to the Augury employed by the ancient Romans. Although it was mainly the flights and songs of birds that were studied, any action could have been interpreted to either foretell the future or relate a message from the gods. These omens were considered with the utmost seriousness by Greeks and Romans alike.

This form of divination became a branch of Roman national religion, which had its own priesthood and practice. One notable example occurs in the Odyssey, when thrice an eagle appears, flying to the right, with a dead dove in its talons; this augury was interpreted as the coming of Odysseus, and the death of his wife’s suitors.


Using texts such as the works of Homer to divine answers. Usually opened at random or using three dice to determine what lines should be interpreted.

Limyran Oracle

A set of 24 stones or potsherds (pottery fragments), each inscribed or painted with a letter of the alphabet. Each stone should have one of the Greek letters (Α, Β, Γ, etc.). Keep the stones in a jug, box, or bag, and when you want to consult the oracle, pick a stone without looking. (One ancient method was to shake the stones in a bowl or frame drum until one jumped out.)  This method is similar to the use of rune stones. Stones used in this way would be called psêphoi (PSAY-foy) in Ancient Greek (calculi in Latin); inscribed or painted potsherds are ostraca in Greek (testae in Latin).


Divination using dice or the knucklebones of sheep, which were called astragaloi. The four sides of the bone were given a numerical value and these were then added together to equal an alphabet character.


A form of divination based upon dreams; it is a system of dream interpretation that uses dreams to predict the future. Dreams were also used for healing in Ancient Greece, especially in the sanctuary of Askelpios. Sleeping in the sanctuary of a god was believed to facilitate dreams sent from that particular deity.


Divination associated with Hermes, where the person seeking an answer would cover their ears, walk into a busy marketplace and then the first words they heard after uncovering their ears would be their answer. Offerings were made before and after to Hermes.

Stichomancy Tips

I’ve been getting a slew of stichomancy how to and tip questions so, here’s a post! This is one of my favorite divination methods so, I am excited! It’s much simpler than it seems, I promise.

  • Stichomancy is the act of divination through a non Biblical book or prose.
  • Choose a book you connect with. I use The Dark Crystal by ACH Smith, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, and Anne Rice for myself when I feel particularly angsty.
  • When doing a reading, the method is mostly up to you. It’s simple.I thumb through the pages of the book, stop when it feels right and choose the passage my eyes fall on first. If it’s a particularly tough question, I close my eyes and run a finger down the page.
  • If you’re just beginning, start with questions you know the answer to just like you would with any other divination method. Do Scully and Mulder get together? What’s the plot of Pride and Prejudice in a nutshell? How was your day?
  • As with other divination methods, you can easily ask a clarifier question. This can be either through another passage or integrating another divination tool.
  • Practice is key!
Different types of Divination:

So this is delayed, like, really delayed, and I really truly apologise. It’s been a rough week, please excuse my crappy writing and grammar aha. As always, you should take divination with a grain of salt, and remember that outcomes change.

Let’s jump in :D

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no but seriously what would a library witch (book witch?) look like….

  • stichomancy, obviously
  • also divining based on call numbers and barcodes (both books’ and patrons’)
  • also also divination where it’s like ailuromancy but with patrons?
  • designs sigils (or spell formulas in general?) based on MARC standards (or other cataloging formats)
  • also hides little coded spells into books’ OPAC records to bring luck and happiness to whoever reads that book (especially for things like self-help books!)
  • uses knot magic to make yarn-based bookmarks
  • book displays as altars, as offerings, as spells
  • knows exactly the book for whatever it is you want (or, maybe not what you want, but what you need)
  • if the library has a cat, the cat is their familiar

what else???

What is Bibliomancy?
Bibliomancy is a method of divination using books- most commonly the Bible, but any book may be used. The first recorded use of the word is in Chamber’s Cyclopaedia in the year 1753. However, the use of books in divination is present in a number of religions from across the globe.

How is it done?
There are several different methods of bibliomancy, but the process always starts with asking a question. Once the question is asked, you may:

  • Balance the book on its spine and allow it to fall open to a random page. You will be drawn to the line, paragraph or verse which contains your answer. Alternatively, you can close your eyes and pass a finger over the lines until you feel you should stop: under your finger is your answer.
  • Open the book to a random page, or run a finger along the pages until you find one which you are compelled to open.
  • Use a combination of the above methods with pendulum divination, in which a pendulum is held above the pages. The verse which the pendulum rocks towards holds the answer.
  • With online holy books now available, bibliomancy can be conducted at the click of a button. Many of these websites can navigate you to a random verse, for a modern take on this age-old practise. 

Bibliomancy is a divination method that has stood the test of time, and can be performed by even the most inexperienced of diviners. Happy bibliomancing!

Bibliomancy is the use of books in divination, the method of employing sacred books (especially specific words and verses) for ‘magical medicine.’ Bibliomancy compares with rhapsodomancy (from rhapsode “poem, song, ode”) “divination by reading a random passage from a poem”. 

1. A book is picked that is believed to hold truth.
2. It is balanced on its spine and allowed to fall open.
3. A passage is picked, with the eyes closed.
Among Christians, the Bible is most commonly used (in the Sortes Sanctorum), and in Islamic cultures the Qur'an. In the Middle Ages the use of Virgil’s Aeneid was common in Europe and known as the sortes Virgilianae. In the classical world the sortes Virgilianae and sortes Homericae (using the Iliad and Odyssey) were used.”

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