Youtube is a wonderful resource with lots of helpful information on it! I’ve collated together all the Divination Lessons I could find. If any of these links break, or you find something that should be added to the list, please message me!

This is as much a resource for me as it is for you - I have only watched part of most of these so take them with a grain of salt!


Learn the 78 Tarot Cards in Two Hours (Part 1, Part 2)

Tarot Cards - Understanding Reversals

How to Practice Tarot Readings when you’re on your own (Part 1, Part 2)

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

How to Get Good Results Every Time with Tarot

The Only Way To Learn The Tarot (and a bit about what Pages mean)

How to read a Tarot card easily and comfortably

Putting it all together in a Tarot reading

Know How To Use Your Tarot Cards By Munisha Khatwani

Tarot - An Introduction by Munisha Khatwani

22 Major Arcana Cards In Tarot - Munisha Khatwani

Tarot Cards Use and History

7 Tarot Tips for Learning Tarot Card Meanings


How to read runes (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

How to Cast Runes (Runes for Beginners)

What are Runes?

150. A Technique for Memorising Runes

How to make Runes

Your First Rune Readings: Practicing with Meanings

The Long History of the Rune Stones

All About Runes (Intermediate Magic) (Part 1, Part 2)


How to Use a Pendulum (Basics)

Your Pendulum and Its Secret Uses

An introduction to dowsing with a pendulum

How To Use A Pendulum For Divining

How to use a Pendulum for Spirit Communication

How to use a Pendulum to get answers from your Subconscious


How to Scry (Part 1, Part 2)  

Magical Techniques: Part 1 - The Art of Scrying. 

One Witch’s Way - Crystal Ball (Part 1, Part 2)

Crystal Ball and Mirror Gazing Tutorial 

Crystal Spheres and Scrying 

Simple Water Scrying 

How to Scry 

Scrying Mirrors | Witchcraft 101


Tea leaf reading with Amber McCarroll 

Tea Leaf Reading 

Tea Leaf Reading 

What Is Tea Leaf Reading? | Psychic Abilities 

Tea Leaf Reading with Shaheen 

Tea Leaf Reading 


Fortune Telling with Playing Cards 

Playing Card Meanings - How to read a deck of cards - Cartomancy 

Fortune Telling Cards (Reading & Meanings)


173. The Art of Bibliomancy
Bibliomancy introduction
How to do Bibliomancy, divination with books!


Read your palm ! - only 7 minutes lectured by Japanese Ninja  Secrets Revealed in Your Palm
Secrets Revealed in Your Palm - Part 2
wealth indications in detail more points palmistry
palmistry detailed analysis (very refined hand)
Palmistry Saturn Line Fate Line Money Line Wealth Line Analysis

To make Friends with Fate


As my gift to you, I am going to give you a way to make friends with Fate. 

Fate, it is said, may be influenced in your favor if you know your personal magic work. To find it, light a white candle and sit facing south.  

Take a dictionary and close your eyes.  Turn the book around several times, in various ways so that you are unaware of which way it is facing.  With your eyes closed, fan the pages until you feel compelled to stop at a certain page.  Keep your eyes shut and wander about the page using your forefinger (index finger) until you feel inclined to pause.  

Open your eyes and look at the work under your finger.  If there is more than one word, pick the first word that jumps out at you.  This is your magic word. 

You can remind yourself of your magic word mentally or verbally whenever you wish to tune into a situation, or whenever you feel you need a boost of energy.  it will change the vibration around you and attract good influences.

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Stichomancy Tips

I’ve been getting a slew of stichomancy how to and tip questions so, here’s a post! This is one of my favorite divination methods so, I am excited! It’s much simpler than it seems, I promise.

  • Stichomancy is the act of divination through a non Biblical book or prose.
  • Choose a book you connect with. I use The Dark Crystal by ACH Smith, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, and Anne Rice for myself when I feel particularly angsty.
  • When doing a reading, the method is mostly up to you. It’s simple.I thumb through the pages of the book, stop when it feels right and choose the passage my eyes fall on first. If it’s a particularly tough question, I close my eyes and run a finger down the page.
  • If you’re just beginning, start with questions you know the answer to just like you would with any other divination method. Do Scully and Mulder get together? What’s the plot of Pride and Prejudice in a nutshell? How was your day?
  • As with other divination methods, you can easily ask a clarifier question. This can be either through another passage or integrating another divination tool.
  • Practice is key!

I thought I’d make a post laying out all my divination equipment, since I’m going to be focusing more on that in the future.

- Bible (bibliomancy)
- Black Mirror (scrying)
- Rune Dice
- Silver Bowl (water scrying)
- Crystal Ball (scrying)
- Pendulums
- Tarot/Oracle/Playing Cards
- Oracle Coin
- Bag of Runes x2
- Pipe (smoke scrying)

Not Pictured:
- My Dreams (oneiromancy)
- Local Birds (ornithomancy)
- The sky (plus celestial bodies)
- Various Candles/Flames (fire scrying)
- Incense (smoke scrying)

I’d love to see everyone else’s setups! (*hint hint* lol).

- Brigitte

Intermediate Stichomancy: Stichomancy Spreads

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Hey everyone! So, since my Intro to Stichomancy post has been gaining popularity, I decided to dive a little deeper into stichomancy for you today and introduce one of the more “intermediate” facets of stichomancy. Enjoy!

What is stichomancy?

The basics of stichomancy are described in this post. If you haven’t already, please read it before reading this! If you’ve already read my intro post on stichomancy, you probably already know that stichomancy is a fairly simple method of divination. It doesn’t require any fancy tools, and it’s a pretty easy concept. The hardest part is actually interpreting the information that you gain in relation to your question or topic. If you want to dive a little deeper into your question or topic, you might enjoy using stichomancy spreads.

What are stichomancy spreads?

Stichomancy spreads are a lot like tarot spreads, if you’re familiar with those. In a tarot spread, the chosen tarot cards are layed out in a certain shape or configuration, and each card has a meaning based on where it is in the spread. For example, in a tarot spread with three cards, one card may represent the past, one card represents the present, and one card represents the future. Pretty simple, right? Stichomancy spreads are pretty much the same, except you don’t really need to lay them out in any certain shape. Using a spread can help give you more information on your topic or question and allow you to gain deeper insight than you would with a basic stichomancy reading.

How to use a stichomancy spread

Well first, let’s take a look at some spreads that you could use. Pretty much any spread that you can use with tarot can be used with stichomancy, but I find it easier to use a smaller spread for stichomancy purposes. For example, one of the most popular tarot spreads is the Celtic Cross spread, which, depending on the version, typically has about 9-10 cards. That works fine for tarot, but with stichomancy, it’s a bit overwhelming. For all intensive purposes, I suggest sticking with a 3-4 card spread for best results. Here are some ideas for spreads:

3 cards-

Past / present / future

Situation / challenge / outcome

Mind / body / spirit

Background / problem / advice

4 cards-

Earth / water / air / fire

Winter / spring / summer / fall

Past / present / future / outcome

Background / problem / hidden influences / advice

I suggest starting with 3 cards, for sake of ease. Now pick a spread, and go and perform your basic stichomancy reading 3 times (or 4 if you’re using a 4 card spread). To keep things easy and in order, you can either keep each book open to the page that you turned to, mark it with a book mark or something, or write down the passage that you landed on. Make sure that you have some way of knowing the results that you got for each time that you did the reading. Now, take all of that information together, put it into your spread, and interpret! 

Spreads can be a little hard to grasp if you don’t have much background with them, but they can make stichomancy readings a lot more in-depth and fulfilling. Once you get the hang of using spreads, you can make your own to fit your own personal purposes, or you could even try using a bigger spread :) 

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. Thanks for reading,


anonymous asked:

What website do you use for online bibliomancy? I've been looking but haven't found a good one

Oh hello, sorry if it’s been a few days since you asked this question, tumblr didn’t tell me I had an ask!

The site I use is and it seems to do the job. The results are sometimes from books I’ve never heard of, so there are lots available to the site, but I find they’re most often from Alice In Wonderland, Moby Dick, and more recently The Art of War - I assume they’re Loki’s favourites or something. The answers sometimes take a bit of interpretation so I always check with another divination tool to see if I’ve correctly understood what was said. I hope it goes well for you!

no but seriously what would a library witch (book witch?) look like….

  • stichomancy, obviously
  • also divining based on call numbers and barcodes (both books’ and patrons’)
  • also also divination where it’s like ailuromancy but with patrons?
  • designs sigils (or spell formulas in general?) based on MARC standards (or other cataloging formats)
  • also hides little coded spells into books’ OPAC records to bring luck and happiness to whoever reads that book (especially for things like self-help books!)
  • uses knot magic to make yarn-based bookmarks
  • book displays as altars, as offerings, as spells
  • knows exactly the book for whatever it is you want (or, maybe not what you want, but what you need)
  • if the library has a cat, the cat is their familiar

what else???

Bibliomancy is the use of books in divination, the method of employing sacred books (especially specific words and verses) for ‘magical medicine.’ Bibliomancy compares with rhapsodomancy (from rhapsode “poem, song, ode”) “divination by reading a random passage from a poem”. 

1. A book is picked that is believed to hold truth.
2. It is balanced on its spine and allowed to fall open.
3. A passage is picked, with the eyes closed.
Among Christians, the Bible is most commonly used (in the Sortes Sanctorum), and in Islamic cultures the Qur'an. In the Middle Ages the use of Virgil’s Aeneid was common in Europe and known as the sortes Virgilianae. In the classical world the sortes Virgilianae and sortes Homericae (using the Iliad and Odyssey) were used.”

Al-Spell (I)

MThis is how I do my Bibliomancy :
1. Make sure you clean yourself (properly taking a bath or wash your hands, feet, and face)
2. Sit down, and hold your bible on your lap. Spine straight up. Get a comfy position
3. Close your eyes, start to slowing down your breath
4. Start to giving thanks to G-d, do it and just keep doing it. The more specific you give thanks, the more feel you gave and thats the point.
5. Just enjoy your moment
6. When you feel over-whelmed by the vibe than chant Our Father prayer 7 times. Make sure you keep your breath steady
7. Visualize your closed bible with the book mark toward you and ask clearly for the clue (make your own key qustion)
8. See the light in your bible and slowly open it and read the first passage you saw
9. Say givethanks everytime you work this out

That’s how I do it. Keep it simple.
Phil 4 : 13 - I can do all thing through He who strengthen me

Remind it:
Practice is the best friend and they are cool!