Youtube is a wonderful resource with lots of helpful information on it! I’ve collated together all the Divination Lessons I could find. If any of these links break, or you find something that should be added to the list, please message me!

This is as much a resource for me as it is for you - I have only watched part of most of these so take them with a grain of salt!


Learn the 78 Tarot Cards in Two Hours (Part 1, Part 2)

Tarot Cards - Understanding Reversals

How to Practice Tarot Readings when you’re on your own (Part 1, Part 2)

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

How to Get Good Results Every Time with Tarot

The Only Way To Learn The Tarot (and a bit about what Pages mean)

How to read a Tarot card easily and comfortably

Putting it all together in a Tarot reading

Know How To Use Your Tarot Cards By Munisha Khatwani

Tarot - An Introduction by Munisha Khatwani

22 Major Arcana Cards In Tarot - Munisha Khatwani

Tarot Cards Use and History

7 Tarot Tips for Learning Tarot Card Meanings


How to read runes (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

How to Cast Runes (Runes for Beginners)

What are Runes?

150. A Technique for Memorising Runes

How to make Runes

Your First Rune Readings: Practicing with Meanings

The Long History of the Rune Stones

All About Runes (Intermediate Magic) (Part 1, Part 2)


How to Use a Pendulum (Basics)

Your Pendulum and Its Secret Uses

An introduction to dowsing with a pendulum

How To Use A Pendulum For Divining

How to use a Pendulum for Spirit Communication

How to use a Pendulum to get answers from your Subconscious


How to Scry (Part 1, Part 2)  

Magical Techniques: Part 1 - The Art of Scrying. 

One Witch’s Way - Crystal Ball (Part 1, Part 2)

Crystal Ball and Mirror Gazing Tutorial 

Crystal Spheres and Scrying 

Simple Water Scrying 

How to Scry 

Scrying Mirrors | Witchcraft 101


Tea leaf reading with Amber McCarroll 

Tea Leaf Reading 

Tea Leaf Reading 

What Is Tea Leaf Reading? | Psychic Abilities 

Tea Leaf Reading with Shaheen 

Tea Leaf Reading 


Fortune Telling with Playing Cards 

Playing Card Meanings - How to read a deck of cards - Cartomancy 

Fortune Telling Cards (Reading & Meanings)


173. The Art of Bibliomancy
Bibliomancy introduction
How to do Bibliomancy, divination with books!


Read your palm ! - only 7 minutes lectured by Japanese Ninja  Secrets Revealed in Your Palm
Secrets Revealed in Your Palm - Part 2
wealth indications in detail more points palmistry
palmistry detailed analysis (very refined hand)
Palmistry Saturn Line Fate Line Money Line Wealth Line Analysis

To make Friends with Fate


As my gift to you, I am going to give you a way to make friends with Fate. 

Fate, it is said, may be influenced in your favor if you know your personal magic work. To find it, light a white candle and sit facing south.  

Take a dictionary and close your eyes.  Turn the book around several times, in various ways so that you are unaware of which way it is facing.  With your eyes closed, fan the pages until you feel compelled to stop at a certain page.  Keep your eyes shut and wander about the page using your forefinger (index finger) until you feel inclined to pause.  

Open your eyes and look at the work under your finger.  If there is more than one word, pick the first word that jumps out at you.  This is your magic word. 

You can remind yourself of your magic word mentally or verbally whenever you wish to tune into a situation, or whenever you feel you need a boost of energy.  it will change the vibration around you and attract good influences.

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Artsy Witch Ideas/Tips

For all of my witches out there that are artists or just love art of any kind, here are some things to consider adding to your craft.

Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

  • Use vine or compressed charcoal dust to make black salt
  • Use sketchbooks as unique grimoires, book of shadows, book of cosmos, dream journals, etc that allow you to use markers, paints, etc to your heart’s desire
  • Red liquid ink can substitute for blood
  • Black liquid ink is good for curses especially for blinding, confusion and chaos
  • Blue liquid ink can represent water or the ocean 
  • Yellow liquid ink for divination
  • Green liquid ink for protection and healing spells
  • Enchant your calligraphy pens for sigil work to strengthen the sigils you make or spells you write with them
  • Use doodles of people or how you see a person for taglocks in curses and bindings
  • Melt crayons for wax seals on jars or other spells by placing them in intense sun or heating them in a wax melter (use caution that you don’t heat them too high)
  • Melt crayons and mix with coconut oil and olive oil for anointing oil corresponding with the colors you use (also can be used as lipstick if desired)*
  • Use scrapbooking paper in your grimoire to give it unique and artsy pages
  • Use your paints to make painted spells. Make a sigil and paint it onto your page or canvas, and based on the sigil’s intent once dried paint over it an image that corresponds with that intent to activate. Hang up in your room or home. Cleanse and charge regularly
  • Glitter my witches, great for color magic and jar spells (note glitter is not good to be tossed into the environment so please don’t)
  • Write down a person or ‘force’ in your life you wish to remove and use erasers to erase it away as a simple severing spell
  • Use your dirty paint water for curses or inspiration spells
  • Use stickers to seal spell jars 
  • Unable to burn something in your apartment? Drench it in black ink or paint instead
  • Use mechanical pencil lead in curses by break it up. very effective for writer’s block and creativity block curses
  • Bead enthusiasts or jewelry makers, use your beads to make spell/enchanted jewelry based on colors, shapes, and letters used in it for correspondences
  • Make your own ouija boards, crystal grids, pendulum charts, etc on some matte board or foam board using paints to make unique affordable tools
  • Use chalk dust for warding and protection spells
  • Buy chalkboard paint to turn a wall or other object into a chalkboard for sigil use, spell writing, organization, etc
  • Use those plastic reusable paint containers for small portable spell jars
  • Sharpies and black markers are good for curses in general
  • Use your color wheels for divination via colormancy
  • Use modeling clay or pottery clay to make your own offering bowls, statuettes and poppets for a variety of uses
  • For a quick and easy black mirror simply paint the back glass of a picture frame with black acrylic paint. It may take several layers
  • Reuse bottles and cans by painting them up to make them witchy containers for your tools, art supplies and other storage purposes
  • Make drawings, write poetry, write stories, make pottery, make a painting, etc to make as offerings to deities, fae, spirits, etc. Just be sure not to sign it if it is for fae (your name can give them power of you)
  • Use glue or tape to seal spells, for binding and for strengthening spells
  • Use whiteout for banishing and invisibility spells
  • Use henna, temporary tats or body safe paint for fun body sigils
  • Save pencil shavings for inspiration and creativity spells
  • Enchant your art supplies to bring you creativity, focus, motivation and inspiration when you use them
  • Use your paints to paint rocks colors for easy color magic
  • Turn your name into a sigil to sign your artwork so people will recognize it as yours (or other such desires)
  • Use used paint sponges to absorb negativity before throwing away
  • Mix paint or ink with water to make color potions or spell jars
  • Collect markers, crayons, colored pencils, pens, highlighters, etc to use for colorful written spells, amplify sigils, and to strengthen spells
  • Illustrate your grimoire, book of shadows, dream journal, etc with images that you feel are important or doodles to add your own extra touch to the spells and information inside. Make it your own
  • Paint, draw, or design your desires or wishes and charge the art in the moonlight to help welcome those things into your life. Keep the piece of art in your room or home
  • Use lines from your written poetry, stories, lyrics, etc as spell incantations or lines when writing spells to make them more personal
  • Use old sketchbooks, idea notebooks, free write journals, etc for bibliomancy 
  • Try/Practice automatic writing or drawing for divination and spirit communication
  • Make collages out of posters, drawings, photos, writings, poems, etc on your wall to act as a low key altar
How to Do A Stichomancy Reading

This is a post from my old blog, @the-daily-diviner

Stichomancy is the use of a book to divine. It’s not a hard concept to wrap your head around, but it seems like there aren’t many resources on it. So here I am with one! :D

Alright. So first you need to choose a book.

Any book will do, but I like to choose one based on the situation; if it’s a situation in which I need very blunt and honest answers, I might choose my book ‘Wuthering Heights’  because I get very obvious answers from it.

I could potentially choose ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for a more of a creative answer, or for a problem dealing with art, motivation, etc.

If you have a favorite book, use that one for your first stichomancy reading :)

If you wish to use a bible, you would actually be doing a bibliomancy reading, but it is indeed the same method- just with the bible instead of any book.

I personally do this when I need a good saying for the day; the different verses can be modified for anyone to use as little reminders and inspiration :)

Continuing on, you take this book, and begin meditating on your question. You can say it aloud, repeat it over and over in your head, or write it down. Just get the question out as a certain phrase. Define it, be confident in it, and don’ be iffy with it. Assert that this is the question you wish to answer. :)

Now flip open the book to the page that feels right to you, and flick your eyes over it until you find a paragraph, sentence, or simply a word that helps you with your problem. It might be a symbolic response, a literal one, or simply a little push to give you an ideas as to what you should do.

Whatever you read, record the answer and then interpret the meaning. If you feel like it wasn’t a good response, you may want to repeat the process and try again.

I get off-readings every now and then, and it’s usually because I wasn’t focused. But some of the time, I just need to switch books and start over. You might find that only one book works well for you, or certain books work for certain problems. It all depends on you, your book, and your ability to interpret the meaning of what you read :)

I hope this guide helps you out and provides a little insight as to how you might go about doing a Stichomancy reading! :D Good luck divining!

Stichomancy Tips

I’ve been getting a slew of stichomancy how to and tip questions so, here’s a post! This is one of my favorite divination methods so, I am excited! It’s much simpler than it seems, I promise.

  • Stichomancy is the act of divination through a non Biblical book or prose.
  • Choose a book you connect with. I use The Dark Crystal by ACH Smith, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, and Anne Rice for myself when I feel particularly angsty.
  • When doing a reading, the method is mostly up to you. It’s simple.I thumb through the pages of the book, stop when it feels right and choose the passage my eyes fall on first. If it’s a particularly tough question, I close my eyes and run a finger down the page.
  • If you’re just beginning, start with questions you know the answer to just like you would with any other divination method. Do Scully and Mulder get together? What’s the plot of Pride and Prejudice in a nutshell? How was your day?
  • As with other divination methods, you can easily ask a clarifier question. This can be either through another passage or integrating another divination tool.
  • Practice is key!
free divination open!

I’m offering 15 slots for bibliomancy divination.

I’ll be using Sappho’s “If Not, Winter”, that consists only of fragments.


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- send me an ask with your question, prefaced by your emoji of choice

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor so I will not answer any health-related questions, and by requesting my services you agree that I’m not legally responsible by any actions taken upon my reading.

Subtle Magical Practice

Some of us live an environment where we cannot practice our craft openly.  It is a shame but our living situation is what it is.  So this is for those of you - of age of course- who cannot openly practice magic!

Energy working

This is a method that requires pretty much no tools so there’s not much to hide.  You can set barriers and shields with this method and no one ever can see.  However, if your spiritual strength is a bit on the low end, this is also a great way to start trying to increase it.  Like working out for your spirit power.

Here’s a post with various sources on energy working!

Kitchen Magic

This is one that if you like cooking, you can do without ever being suspected.  This is also a perfect excuse to have a lot of herbs because you can claim its for cooking!  I’m afraid I’m not particularly versed in it so I don’t really have any recipes to give but you can find a ton within the kitchen magic tag!


Music can be paired, I think, with energy work and it can be used for a lot!  Especially if it has an emotive response for you!  Music tends to give me emotional responses and I have used it on more than one occasion to cleanse, lift the air and even give myself a boost in power.  You can even pull song lyrics to help make a spell incantation!  I can’t really tell you specifically which songs to use because this all would depend on how music effects you.  But it is certainly an option!  You can also sing or play your own instrument if you can to fuel a spell or cleanse!

Water, Water, Everywhere

Keep your empty bottles and you can store water of different types in there. Moon water, Storm water, Sun water, Sea water (if you are near the ocean), or even just add some salt to your water bottle.   You can keep it in a drawer or something and it is pretty versatile.  Salt water/sea water is great for cleansing and banishing and I love to use Storm water for the same purpose!  And if your family or roommates find it, so what?  All they’ll see are bottles of water.

Pop Culture Magic

As a nerd, I like the idea of charging up video game symbols or something and using it as something witchy.  And to others, it can just look like you are just wearing nerdy regalia.  Got a cool necklace from your favorite tv show?  Great!  Charge that sucker up in sun or moonlight and wear it around with you as a special charm!  Like some symbols from that video game you like?  Awesome!  Use it to make a special sigil of your own!


Now that we’ve mentioned sigils, those are actually pretty great too!  You can use a pen to draw them on your skin somewhere under your clothes.  Draw it into the soup you are about to eat, use your concealer to draw it on your face and blend it in, draw it on a sheet of paper and put it in your pocket to carry with you.  Draw it on the inside of your tag on your shirt or jacket!  Hell, draw it and take a picture of it and set it as your phone background!  Sigils are extremely versatile and easy to keep very subtle!

Glamour Magic

This is a big one and really easy to disguise.  Use your make up to cast a spell on yourself for the day!  Charge your make up in moonlight to give it some extra strength!  Don’t wear make up?  That’s cool too!  Chapstick charged in moonlight is great!  You can also use your facial scrub or soap and use it as a cleansing ritual.  You can also use your clothes!  Charge up your clothes with moon or sunlight!  You can also charge them with your intent and focus on that intent becoming a part of you as you put them on!  You can also incorporate knot magic and braid your hair to lock in the spell so to speak or focus on the braid and it’s weaving together what you want to happen!  You can also use your cologne or perfume to set your tone for the day!


If you are allowed to burn them, they can be helpful as well!  All you have to do is say you like to have nice smelling candles!  And speaking of scents, aromatherapy is a great tool as well!  You can carve sigils into candles, anoint them with different waters and herbs!  

Bath Magic

Oh boy this is a good one and also great for self care and cleansing!  You can charge up your favorite soaps, body washes and shampoos in the sun or moonlight!  You can also mix a bit of your different waters in with them!  I like to take my body wash and mix in some herbs!  Rosemary is a great one for cleansing and protection.  You can use bath salts to help with cleansing and there all kinds of things you can add in there!  Throw in some lemon slices, orange slices just some really great stuff and it makes you feel so nice!


Not really magic but I’m including it because in theory if you are in a situation where you can’t practice magic, you are probably in a situation in which you can’t openly do tarot either.  Shufflemancy is a good one because all you need is your music.  That’s it.  Nothing suspicious about that.  You just shuffle whether specified by another person or by when you think you should stop and give a reading based on the song that came up.  You can also use Stichomancy (with books) or Bibliomancy (which is with the Bible.  How’s THAT for ironic?  HAH!) 

That’s what I’ve got for now but I’m sure there are other options to pursue.  I hope this was helpful to some of you!

Safe Travels

Twili's Free Stitchomancy Readings

Okay, I’m doing free readings! Please see the rules below before sending in asks. This is for me to get some practice in, so please give me feedback if you can! Rules for free readings:

  • One to three lines of text per question
  • Multipart asks will be counted as more than one question and will be done last
  • I will make a post when readings are open or closed. I will also tell you which books I’m using for the readings.
  • When I’m using multiple books for readings, you can select which one you’d like me to use, otherwise I will pick the one that calls to me for your reading.
  • If you would like a private reading, just ask. Anon asks cannot be answered privately.
  • Please no love or health-related readings. No third party readings.
  • If you’re not sure your ask got through, it’s okay to just send it a second time. If you’re still worried, then send a follow up ask to find out if I got it
  • Rudeness will not be tolerated. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but if you’re being obviously rude your ask will be deleted and you will be blocked. No exceptions.

I thought I’d make a post laying out all my divination equipment, since I’m going to be focusing more on that in the future.

- Bible (bibliomancy)
- Black Mirror (scrying)
- Rune Dice
- Silver Bowl (water scrying)
- Crystal Ball (scrying)
- Pendulums
- Tarot/Oracle/Playing Cards
- Oracle Coin
- Bag of Runes x2
- Pipe (smoke scrying)

Not Pictured:
- My Dreams (oneiromancy)
- Local Birds (ornithomancy)
- The sky (plus celestial bodies)
- Various Candles/Flames (fire scrying)
- Incense (smoke scrying)

I’d love to see everyone else’s setups! (*hint hint* lol).

- Brigitte

Intermediate Stichomancy: Stichomancy Spreads

Originally posted by penguinteen

Hey everyone! So, since my Intro to Stichomancy post has been gaining popularity, I decided to dive a little deeper into stichomancy for you today and introduce one of the more “intermediate” facets of stichomancy. Enjoy!

What is stichomancy?

The basics of stichomancy are described in this post. If you haven’t already, please read it before reading this! If you’ve already read my intro post on stichomancy, you probably already know that stichomancy is a fairly simple method of divination. It doesn’t require any fancy tools, and it’s a pretty easy concept. The hardest part is actually interpreting the information that you gain in relation to your question or topic. If you want to dive a little deeper into your question or topic, you might enjoy using stichomancy spreads.

What are stichomancy spreads?

Stichomancy spreads are a lot like tarot spreads, if you’re familiar with those. In a tarot spread, the chosen tarot cards are layed out in a certain shape or configuration, and each card has a meaning based on where it is in the spread. For example, in a tarot spread with three cards, one card may represent the past, one card represents the present, and one card represents the future. Pretty simple, right? Stichomancy spreads are pretty much the same, except you don’t really need to lay them out in any certain shape. Using a spread can help give you more information on your topic or question and allow you to gain deeper insight than you would with a basic stichomancy reading.

How to use a stichomancy spread

Well first, let’s take a look at some spreads that you could use. Pretty much any spread that you can use with tarot can be used with stichomancy, but I find it easier to use a smaller spread for stichomancy purposes. For example, one of the most popular tarot spreads is the Celtic Cross spread, which, depending on the version, typically has about 9-10 cards. That works fine for tarot, but with stichomancy, it’s a bit overwhelming. For all intensive purposes, I suggest sticking with a 3-4 card spread for best results. Here are some ideas for spreads:

3 cards-

Past / present / future

Situation / challenge / outcome

Mind / body / spirit

Background / problem / advice

4 cards-

Earth / water / air / fire

Winter / spring / summer / fall

Past / present / future / outcome

Background / problem / hidden influences / advice

I suggest starting with 3 cards, for sake of ease. Now pick a spread, and go and perform your basic stichomancy reading 3 times (or 4 if you’re using a 4 card spread). To keep things easy and in order, you can either keep each book open to the page that you turned to, mark it with a book mark or something, or write down the passage that you landed on. Make sure that you have some way of knowing the results that you got for each time that you did the reading. Now, take all of that information together, put it into your spread, and interpret! 

Spreads can be a little hard to grasp if you don’t have much background with them, but they can make stichomancy readings a lot more in-depth and fulfilling. Once you get the hang of using spreads, you can make your own to fit your own personal purposes, or you could even try using a bigger spread :) 

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. Thanks for reading,


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—  Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72.
Communicating With Deities

How do I communicate with my deity?

How do I know if a deity is trying to reach me?

How can I tell if my deity accepted my offering?

How can I receive messages from my deity?

The topic of communicating with deities is the question I get asked the most so I figured it was time to give it its own post. Especially because this question doesn’t have an easy answer.  It’s not as simple as learning to give an offering or how to devote yourself to a deity. There’s no step by step, made for everyone and every deity, guide to communicating. Its ultimately something you have to figure out yourself, though I can offer some help in ways to go about figuring it out. But first I want to clear some things up about communication with deities. I feel there are a lot of misconceptions that surround it and I also need to explain WHY it’s a topic I can’t give you an easy answer to. So let’s get to that!

  1. Faith- So I’ll admit that the obsession that a lot of people have with communicating with their deities confuses me. When I started I didn’t really think much of the hows of interacting with Aphrodite because I, just like with any other religion, assumed that I had to have faith that Aphrodite was listening. I feel like a lot of people are missing that, like being a Hellenic Polytheist means you have constant, consistent, and direct messages from the gods, but that’s not the case. Faith is still an element and honestly it remains an element even when you have been devoted for years. You’re not always going to get confirmations on things you do or ask, actually most of the time you don’t. You just have to have faith they are there and listening
  2. Tumblr - This point is directly related to the first point. I believe that a lot of the misconceptions of communicating with deities and even the obsession with it has a lot to do with our community here on tumblr. I’m not here to accuse anyone or point any blame. I’m not even saying that people are lying or exaggerating. I just think because of everyone sharing their wonderful experiences it’s creating an image of communicating being a natural part of a devotee’s everyday life with their deity. I mean maybe it is for some, but not all. Honestly, a lot of what you are looking at on tumblr are snapshots of worship. Maybe that devotee received an AMAZING sign or message from their deity but perhaps that was the first one in a few months. The truth is, just like with most aspects of our lives, we like to share the fantastic on social media, so don’t take everything you read as the “normal” or the “standard” of devotion. The truth is there really isn’t one and definitely not one for communicating with deities.
  3. Skills - It’s important to keep in mind that communicating with deities can be seen as a skill. And just like with any skill there are those who are “naturally gifted” and others who have to practice practice practice in order to see any results. This is also a reason why you shouldn’t look to others’ experiences as the way it works for everyone. They could be one of those naturally gifted people who are just born tuned into the god frequency or they could also have been practicing and doing a lot of work to get the point where it’s easier to receive messages. So those of you starting out shouldn’t automatically think you will begin getting signs and messages right away, it most likely will be something you have to work towards.
  4. Deities Communicate Differently - A big reason it’s nearly impossible to say how or if a deity is communicating with you is because they do it in different ways. The way Aphrodite and me communicate may not be the same way she communicates with another devotee. A lot of it depends on the devotee. We each have a way of communicating that we will be more receptive to, whether you know it or not. Your deity might know that and choose to use that form, even if you haven’t exactly figured that out yet (fun, right? lol). A deity also may choose a way to communicate depending on the message they are trying to send you. They could also pick a way simply because they find it amusing and/or ironic (i’m looking at you, Hermes). It’s really hard for someone on the outside to tell you for sure how your deity is going to interact with you specifically. I can’t speak for the gods and I can’t speak on your personal relationship with them. Again, it’s something you have to journey through and find answers to yourself.

Now that the bad news is over with, how about I give you some good news? As I said above, I can give you some advice/tips on ways you can figure out how to communicate with your deity yourself. Remember this is a process, a journey, it’s not a faucet. Doing one of these things isn’t going to automatically start the flowing of messages. Just keep that in mind! Now onto the list!

  • Divination - Probably the most popular form of communication with deities is using some form of divination. There’s A LOT to choose from so do your research and see what calls out to you and give it a try! Some examples are tarot, oracle, runes, pendulum, scrying, bibliomancy, shufflemancy, just to name a few.
  • Meditation - I strongly recommend everyone try meditation because there’s a ton of benefits to it and one of those benefits is connecting with your deities. Not only can you receive messages and signs while mediating, the act itself opens you up to be more receptive in your everyday life!
  • Astral Travel - This is another popular method used to communicate with deities. Many people talk about not only receiving messages from their deities, but also full on interaction with them. Make sure you do your research before attempting it! It also may help to practice meditation first.
  • Dreams - Okay so this is one of the easier ones on the list to do. Basically start recording your dreams and see if you notice anything either popping out at you or that’s repeating. Sometimes your deity may just simple show up like “hey, what’s going on? You dreamin?” but other times they aren’t that obvious (why would they make it easy on us?). Recording your dreams is a great way to notice patterns because sometimes it can take multiple dreams to get a message. This applies to the universe as well. Like it took me a good chunk of my life to realize that when the universe wants me to pay attention it throws an abundance of something in my dream, where I’ll be like “shit thats a lot of elephants!” and then another dream years later “What is with all these fucking spiders!?”. Keeping a dream journal makes it easier to notice things like that. You can also ask your deity to appear in your dreams if you so choose (of course whether they do or not is up to them). Also if you’re into it you can use herbs and stones to better receive messages in your dreams and to remember them when you wake up.
  • Journaling - Anyone who has been a follower of me for awhile can probably tell you that my answer for most things is “Keep a Journal” and they are probably eyerolling me right now, lol! But I really believe in the benefits of journaling because they are abundant! I won’t go into all of them because we are talking about communicating with deities and damn it I WILL stay on topic! Just like recording your dreams, recording your waking life can help you spot patterns and possible signs that you might miss otherwise. If you’re like me and interact a lot with your deity through emotions and feelings, journaling is truly wonderful! You can start making connections between actions and your emotions that could help you better understand your deity. I also recommend doing this even if you choose to do one of the other ideas listed above. Recording your progress and your emotions is great for looking back on and seeing how far you come especially in those moments when you feel like you haven’t done much. So yeah, everyone keep a journal!
  • Open Yourself - So those of you who are witches don’t really need much explanation on this and honestly you might have already started on this one, but for the sake of those who might not know let me explain. There are different ways you can better open yourself up so receiving messages can be easier. Using certain stones, burning certain herbs/incense, using oils, casting spells, doing rituals, etc. There’s a lot you can do to help open yourself up to the universe! And these aid a lot in the techniques above!
  • Talk To Others - I know what you’re thinking “Wait, didn’t you say that looking at what someone else does is part of the problem?” Yes, i did, but it can also be helpful as long as you find the balance! Seeing how other devotees of your deity interact with them can at least give you ideas and a direction to go in. The key is not to compare and to not see their devotion as the “one true way”. Think of it more as a brainstorming session!

I just want to add that this post is my own personal opinion and personal reasons why I feel I can’t answer questions of this topic. I hope this post was helpful to those of you who took the time to read it!

Meme credit goes to my hilarious, wonderful and talented wifey @nerdywitchmomma 

poison-cupcake  asked:

I would like a bibliomancy reading about my (very turbulent right now) spiritual life. The book I'd like a reading from is A Monster Calls.

“Resisting, but not winning.

Because how could a boy beat a monster?”

As…harsh as this particular passage might sound, to me it actually feels like a very reassuring idea. I have a tendency to equate and conflate the divine and the monstrous, so I’m reading references to the Monster as references to the divine: this feels rather like a reminder to trust in the gods. The divine trumps all other factors of life.

Context is important to me in this instance, too. This passage comes out of a larger scene where the protagonist uses the Monster’s strength to finally administer a comeuppance to someone who had been long harassing him. This notion of using or trusting in the strength of the divine to aid you in overcoming all obstacles and naysayers seems to be the central theme.

TLDR; it may be a fight, but trust in your gods and you’ll be alright.

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