Yo! It's update time.

Firstly, I was supposed to update the Witches of Colour masterlist a few days ago, unfortunately I left my computer in North Carolina and am currently waiting for my cousin to mail it back to me. As soon as I have that, it will be updated. Please remember that if you want to be added, you MUST send me a message and ask. There are too many posts and notes for me to go through and add people myself

Secondly, I hate when my blogs start getting “crowded”, it’s why I have like 20 on three different emails (personal, Disney, and this one). Anyways, I want to better section off and focus on certain gifts that I have so:

If you want to know more about sex/love magic or just see porn and body positivity etc check out @103-fevers

For my book lovers and bibliomancers/stichomancers go to @nookofwords I’ll be posting my own writing, book reviews, and doing free stichomancy/bibliomancy readings there

And finally, I’m moving ALL of my horror and spirit work over to @tendrilsofdarkness

This blog will be general witchcraft, some fandom, sj etc. Have any questions feel free to ask!

Peace and Blessings,