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like for god’s sake do people expect you to read, in full, EVERY SINGLE BOOK/ARTICLE you post here? you gather resources for others & read them when you can. you’re like the epitome of what a librarian can and should be.


Have some BOOKS and RESOURCES!

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“Anyone who has seen the frolicsome dances of Caribbean sea-nymphs will instantly recognize the inspiration of Liberation born Jesus de la Canal’s newest line of designer gowns. Created with an enchanted stitching that causes the hems and folds of the fabric to move as if caught underwater, the dresses also have an enchantment that instantly vanishes sweat while keeping the wearer cool.

-Gloria Hamm, The Boston Bibliomancer

American Inter-School Quodpot Tournament Between Mesa Academy and Salem Institute Shapes-up to be Spectacular Match -June 22, 2014

By: Mason Wheeler of the Boston Bibliomancer

It has certainly been an outstanding year for Quodpot fans and aficionados. As fans wait with baited breath to see which teams will make it into the National Finals in late July (hosted, as always, in the National Stadium of Stoppelwald, Pennsylvania), the finalist teams from Mesa Academy and the Salem Institute are gearing up for this weeks final showdown for the Inter-School Cup. As last year’s champions, the Mesa Academy will have the honor of hosting the championship match on their school’s pitch.

Mesa is currently the fan favorite, having taken the Cup consistently over the last three years. Though last year’s conquest was somewhat marred by the disqualification of the Laveau Academy’s team early on in the match for illicit charm-work, the Mesa Academy Cactus Cats have proved themselves to be a formidable team, hungry for victory and confidant in their abilities.

Others are not so sure. Mesa has, afterall, lost three of its most valuable players, including the twin defensive-linesmen, Mayra and Mario Cortez, and former team-captain, and top scorer, Julian Yazzie. Meanwhile, the Salem Institute’s new team captain, Priscilla Connolly, has proven to be a tactical genius in her last several matches, and has made good use of the school’s most recent addition to the team, Pierre Tremblay, who scored five goals against the Allegiance Academy Wolves in their last match. Tremblay has proven a fearless scorer, holding onto a smoking quod until the very last moment. Rumor is he is already being scouted by several teams.

If the Salem Institute Falcons take this year’s cup it will be a major coup for the school, who have not won the competition in almost fourteen years, and have lost some of their standing in the Inter-School Dueling League in the last two decades, having placed third last year and fourth this year, being beaten by Allegiance and the Randolph-Poythress Institute both times, and Blackgate in the most recent competition. Indeed, only the school chess-team has held their coveted champion status despite all challengers.

As for the National Playoffs, the Miami Firebirds will be facing off against the Chicago Comets next weekend to see who will playing against the Black Plains Banshees for the coveted Finch-Amphora.