They call him the keeper of writs, the doctorate scribe, the inksmith. He is the bibliomancer, wielder of knowledge itself. He binds it to the physical world with his ink and his pen. 

Lalna was once a human who desired knowledge above all. Fascinated he studied every subject, and where there was no written knowledge to find he would conduct his own experiments and research. Unafraid he dove into subjects such as alchemy and witchcraft, but being a foolish mortal with an overwhelming desire he quickly got in too deep.
Lalna has traded away many things, all in the name of science. He bargained with many beasts and has given away parts of himself to the point where little of him remains human.

So heres my idea for Urban Magic Yogs Lalna! I wanted to portray Lalna as a source of knowledge, wisdom, and the result of a deranged scientist who got a hold of magic. I’ve got a whole bunch more content for him, more to come later!