biblical plague

The banes of nursery work:

-Powdery Mildew.

- Botrytis + annuals.

-Spiders. Spiders everywhere.

- You will never have clean fingernails again.

-Plants that throw tantrums and drop half their leaves because you moved them ten feet (I’m looking at you, ficus.)

- The way vines always want to hold tendrils with one another and you have to constantly pull them apart. Ugh. Go get a private garden!

- Those spontaneous gnat clouds that engulf you when you water stuff on a hot day.

- Kinks in hoses.

- Multiple kinks in hoses. “Still no water?! But I just untangled–oh, for the love of–”

- Wet socks.

- Japanese beetles coalescing in biblical-plague proportions, then making a feast of and having giant orgies on those roses you’ve worked so hard to maintain. And all you can do is sit and watch them be devoured while you wait days for the IPM guy to show up, because everybody else is having the same problem.

*deep breath*

- Evergreen sap, slug slime, and other assorted substances you can’t seem to wash off your hands even though you’ve been scrubbing at the sink for five minutes.

- New cuts and bruises on a daily basis.

-Tagging roses and barberries. (see above)

-Constantly fighting the urge to repot plants that are rootbound because it would affect the price.

- Having to throw away plants that you still see potential in.

- Worst of all: Rude customers. It only takes one to ruin a day. I’ll take anything listed above over a mean customer.

Nobody (Part 2)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: mentions of past torture/imprisonment

Words: 1444

A/N: Italics used for Russian translations to English. This part is Bucky and Nat’s encounter with the reader from Bucky’s point of view.

Bucky’s POV

They hadn’t been expecting this Ural Mountains hidden base to be so heavily guarded.  Steve’s intel had indicated that it would’ve been relatively abandoned considering its proximity to the Dyatlov Pass.  Nat had told him about the dead hikers from the 50s and he couldn’t deny that the details had caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand up.

However, the pair had descended upon the heavily armed Hydra base like a biblical plague, smiting anything in their path.  The Black Widow was a force to be reckoned with as she seemingly flew through the stone corridors leaving dead and sentries in her wake.  Bucky was glad not to be the one on the receiving end of one of her signature thigh choke holds.  Natasha Romanov was appropriately named “Black Widow”; beautiful but deadly.

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guys, remember a while back I said I think they might be doing a 10 plagues of Egypt kinda thing…BEHOLD : this picture!

biblical plague #1 was turning all the drinkable water into blood.

Now of course it’s the 100 so it will be radiation that make all the water “undrinkable” like ALIE predicts in 3.16

Also this could just be the writers being silly.
But if you look at the picture you can see clean/blue water. Then there’s a literal “dam” of beaver tails. Then the water turns red. In the bible when the Nile was turned to blood it killed all the fish, & started killing the animal life that drank it etc.

I really think they may be following the book of Genesis as well as Exodus. Mixing the ark with the plagues of Egypt & Moses. Only time will tell!
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>gets sick at christmas with weird stomach bug

>two days later develops disgusting headcold virus I caught from my dumbass brother who cant fucking put his hand over his mouth when he coughs

>wakes up with left eye swelling to the point where I can barely see out of it due to eye infection from mascara leaking into my eye because of head cold sniffles

>gets period with severe cramps today


So for those of you who don’t have those kinds of acquaintances in your social media feeds, Burning Man is going on right now.

And the news is, this year the Black Rock Desert, the location chosen for the festival specifically for its inability to support any kind of life, has been afflicted by giant swarms of multiple kinds of smelly, biting insects.

That was the news two days ago at least. The news I’m hearing from my Burner friends today is that the festival is now afflicted by giant swarms of rodents and bats, come to eat the bugs.

Burning Man is being scourged by biblical plagues.

2015: It’s Happening™

  • What Republicans thought would happen if gay marriage is legalized: the death of marriage, discrimination against Christians, the downfall of religion, the rise of Satan, inter species marriage, gay sex in the streets, the rapture, the destruction of heterosexuality, the biblical plague, the death of every first born child, and city wide orgies
  • What happened when gay marriage was legalized: Facebook adds a rainbow profile picture feature