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After writing against prophets for so long my hand grows weak and I start lying through my teeth. When people ask me if I believe in God I say “no” just to stay consistent. The poems speaking out against God turn into cries asking for his guidance. Reading about the different metaphors I could use for God start to hit me in a different place in my heart and afterwards I have to stand in front of a mirror to remove the thorns. It hurts just as much as it is on fire. They are not the same thing, they were never the same thing. I cough up pages of the Gospel in the morning. I call in sick but they say “You aren’t sick, you’re just knowing.” My notebooks seem to fill themselves and I check, unsure of why, and read a book full of apologies spelled “Yeshua.” Going to the church for a friend seems like a stealthy way of gaining knowledge about this foreign faith that slips into my every word. The priest smiles at me, hands me some books and sends me on my way. When I next return, rain-soaked, and heavy with the Word, he asks me how my friend is doing. I tell him that she’s found love. And the statue of Jesus begins to burn and hum.

Hannah R., Finding God Through Blasphemy 

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That earlier post by @prokopetz joked about having a riveting adaption of 2nd Corinthians which was very funny but all jokes aside?? Having a drama or series about early church politics?? I can see a lot of potential in that. Like you could explore the tensions between leadership of a group of people trying to reconcile their new idealistic faith with the Dominant Greco-Roman culture, showing the fights and differences between the various sects arising, including folks like the syncretics and gnostics, the debates between Paul and the Athenians, etc. Paul being distrustful of John Mark and criticizing Peter and traveling around getting arrested with Silas. You could show the female leadership (Phoebe, Thekla, Priscilla) in the early church, and the hostile responses to them by Paul and other male leaders. Basically it could be an interesting story that tells multiple viewpoints BESIDES what was just outlined in Paul’s epistles. First century Christianity was a huge discoursey mess that still trips us up today and I think a story that explores that messiness, showing humans struggling to reconcile strong and idealistic beliefs with worldly historical pettiness, would be really impactful. Also, it would be kind of cool to de-mystify Paul. Depending on the writer you could show him as being perceived as a more corrupt-prejudiced leader (reflecting much modern approaches to Paul today) or maybe someone who sincerely did have a vision and change of heart and made it his mission to spread the Good News, only to run into conflict when it comes to practically implementing that in the real world. The epistles and acts are kind of preachy by nature but I feel like a story about them….doesn’t have to be you know? Also. Shipwrecks. There can be shipwrecks.

jesus christ superstar modern redux: P A R T  O N E

avan jogia as j e s u s  c h r i s t
henry cavill as p o n t i u s  p i l a t e
bob morley as j u d a s  i s c a r i o t
gugu mbatha-raw as m a r y  m a g d a l e n e

Now that Exodus and Gods of Egypt are total flops, does that mean that Hollywood learns that the audience doesn’t like this stupid as fuck whitewashed epics? That all the big names and big budgets don’t mean anything if they fail to have just the slightest bit of respect to the source material and the persons it depicts?

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which horror movie?

JeruZalem. Biblical zombie apocalypse, basically. “Found footage” style film, except instead of a camera it’s a Google Glass.

Main character is terribly annoying and something like the first 30 minutes has almost no plot in it, but the rest isn’t half bad. Just filled with terrible decisions on the parts of everyone involved. 

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I just finished watching Prince of Egypt. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I ask you one simple question that doesn't require a complex answer: what was your favorite aspect of the movie that made it unique?

Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you had the chance to watch it and enjoyed it so much! 

There are so many things I adore about The Prince of Egypt. There are so many things the movie does well. When considering the specifically unique aspects of the film I find creative, I want to actually list two as my favorites:

The Human Rawness of the Movie

The Ten Commandments was big and dramatic, and I think that the stories within the Bible have been intriguing for millennia in part because of their emotionality. But I feel like there is a very special, unique rawness to The Prince of Egypt which I’ve never encountered in another biblical retelling, be it movie or book. In truth, it’s hard to find this level of evocative, heart-searing emotionality in any media for any type of story.

We didn’t just get a story of Moses whereby he was this incredible hero who stood up to the Pharaoh and freed his people. We didn’t even get a story that was exactly like the Bible’s characterizations of Moses’ strengths and weaknesses (ex: he was not a good public speaker at all biblically). But what we did get was something raw, powerful, REAL. It created Moses as a three-dimensional person. A downright mischievous, carefree RASCAL when he was young. A shocked, traumatized, off-balance young man who just committed murder and was questioning his very identity. A man who raced away from everything he called home, who rejected everything he called his heritage and family. A man who fell in love, who matured, who grew, who found a PURPOSE. A man whose love for his brother never, ever, ever died, and how he felt conflicted even as he told Rameses to “Let my people go.” A man who fell down to his knees and sobbed because of the impact of the Plagues.

Wow. Wow wow wow. The emotionality in this movie is so REAL. It’s incredible to see Moses so three-dimensional, so real, so personable, so dynamic, so tangible, so understandable. It’s hard to create characters that well, and I feel like biblical characters especially often end up too flat in retellings. But this… this movie is the core of human emotion.

And it’s not just Moses. We get just as deep with other characters, too. My favorite dynamics to the movie are those between Moses and Rameses, and between Moses and his two biological siblings. It’s so incredibly complex, sometimes subtle, but always with intention and depth and reason.

So this is all just incredible and unique.

The Music

I rant a lot about how music isn’t up to my standards. I’m, unfortunately, someone who isn’t impressed by most musicals and most soundtracks. Disney’s music is often catchy, but many movies have poor accompaniments. Instrumental soundtracks at the back of most movies have a bunch of stock sounds and lack of ingenuity, uniqueness, and/or complexity.

But The Prince of Egypt’s music BLOWS ME OUT OF THE WATER (didn’t mean to make a Parting of the Red Sea pun whoops).

Every single aspect of the music is incredible. First of all, the songs are all very well-written, from the lyrics to the orchestration to the vocalists to the internal structure and music theory of the piece. The accompaniment isn’t some boring, simple, basic stuff, but very intelligently crafted orchestration for a huge ensemble. Furthermore, the musical melodies all contain important symbolism throughout the film. Quite a few different melodies appear not only in the sung numbers, but also during the instrumentation at critical moments. Some of the themes are very apparent, like the God Theme, but others are more subtle. The musical insertions help build understanding and interpretation to the story. For instance, the “All I Ever Wanted” theme - in particular the melody of the line “This is my home,” shows up throughout the movie and helps indicate how/where Moses feels comfortable. It’s very thoughtfully done.

The music makes you want to crap your pants in “The Plagues”. It makes you want to dance in “Through Heaven’s Eyes”. And it will always make me cry in “When You Believe.”