biblical illogic

  1. I believe in God, not the bible. I believe the universe was designed and created according to the needs of those inhabiting it, but I refuse to believe in the bullshit that the bible proclaims. I therefore don’t follow the Christian teaching of swearing, but if my worst crime is that then I’m ultimately pretty great aren’t I? I mean, I’m not like you; believing in a book that promotes killing rape victims, slavery, and human sacrifice, just to name a few immoral things.
  2. But of course I’m certain like most every other “Christian” you cherry-pick information from the Bible to suit your needs, otherwise you’d be out there stoning rape victims and killing gay people. Still feel so high and mighty calling yourself a ‘Christian’? Or do you acknowledge now that calling yourself by that term is either (a) ridiculous since you don’t adhere to all teaching, or, if you actually follow all those Biblical teachings, (b) just illogical, rude, and disgusting given what you are ordered to do to yourself and others.
  3. I really don’t care if my swearing affects peoples’ spiritual beliefs
  4. But I doubt my swearing would even slightly affect peoples’ belief in a greater power. “Oh this guy believes in God AND HE SWORE WOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE GOD ISN’T REAL 666 666”
  5. Take your judgement to someone with an IQ lower than their age, because that’s the only way I see your words affecting anyone to a point where they agree with you. You lost all sense of credibility the second you tried to use Christianity to convince me how to act in accordance with your beliefs, especially when my swearing is not affecting anyone negatively at all.
  6. Seriously, you’re not a Christian unless you follow all Christian teachings. So either get out there and do all the ridiculous bullshit that book tells you or admit that most of it is illogical and stop being so unnecessarily arrogant and rude to people like me who do nothing wrong but express emotions online using words.
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