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nabeel qureshi had such a profound impact on me when i was a teenager and was considering leaving christianity. it was between atheism and christianity, but i was also considering islam. as a 16 year old, i read material from a variety of thinkers and watched debates with different apologists. ravi zecharias and nabeel qureshi were the two that helped me to come back to faith in christ.

i don’t put nabeel on a pedestal because oooooh, he used to be a muslim and saw The Light!! as so many christians unfortunately do. he was simply a very gifted, charismatic young man who excelled at medicine, apologetics, and biblical studies, and happened to have formerly been a muslim. he was instrumental in helping me to find my faith - i can only imagine the countless lives he impacted and still continues to impact through his legacy.

rest in the arms of jesus, dear brother. your pain and suffering is no more.

The Cult of the Postmodern Duh of Tumblr Christianity Exposed

By Michael


Background:  Silly Gooses

The Ad Hominem of Ignoramuses:  or how these nitwits are the Paul Crouches of postmodern slander

greater-than-the-sword writes this without a hint of irony:

Lastly, there is no way to prove this, but there is substantial evidence that many, or at least some of Sweetling’s followers are sock-puppet accounts (accounts also run by him under a different persona). Read more about that here. Whenever his blog is active, so are the others. But when he hasn’t posted anything in a while, neither have they.

Substantial evidence?  Actually, this single incident is neither one of the things that feministfailures imagines.  Ultra is Peaches’ cousin.  Peaches’ husband is my best friend and business partner.  Hence, I trust Ultra with my sign-in info.  Ultra asked me to list some basics about natural law.  I did so in a Text as Tumblr did not have the pm module of today and, as we all know, the other methods for pm'ing were annoying back then.  She fashioned a post out of them and inadvertently posted it under my name, realized her mistake, copied and pasted it, and then posted it under her name proper.  That’s all that happened.  I wasn't even aware that it was an issue until theeldritchdreamer asked me about it weeks later and Ultra told me what happened.

And the reason that most of my followers rarely post when I’m not around is because they don’t blog their apologetics on Tumblr.  Our circle of bloggers mostly uses these sites for in-depth apologetics only.  The others are not just reading me.  They're writing their own stuff and reading each other elsewhere.  I’m just one person writing biblical exegesis/apologetics among many within our blogosphere.  In this wise, I’m of no more or less significance than the others.

As for the nonsense that “our community” had anything to do with the rash of anon pms that Srei got, I and a few others were getting similar messages in our inboxes about her.  They were creepy and obviously coming from the same source trying to stir up trouble between her followers and our community.  I told Srei to ignore them as I did.  I know the character of the males and females within our blogosphere.  If they have something to say, they say it under their names on threads or in inboxes. 

greater-than-the-sword, aubscares and saint-georgeii’s imperious temerity to suggest that they are out of line for doing the latter is insane.

Who the hell do they think they are?  

Many in our corner of Tumblr get critical messages too, I’m sure.  I get tons of them, the vast majority of which are vile.  Block.  Delete.  I don’t believe for a moment that anyone in our community has ever pm'ed the ugliness that I and the few others that I know of get.  I’m not complaining, as such, but merely making a point regarding a common occurrence.  I don’t care.  Most of these messages are just brain-dead stupid. 

Some within our community might send critical pms to others’ inboxes too, but to call them inordinately nasty is subjectively argumentative. 

The Crouchean greater-than-the-sword, aubscares and saint-georgeii write:

Sweetling’s followers act eerily similar to the followers of other cult leaders/false prophets.

Oh, my!  What do the pms from the postmodern minds of your followers and those from the same of others who have an unfavorable opinion of my social commentary and apologetics signify? 

They continue:

For example, Paul Crouch from The Bible Network said the reason Walter Martin died is that God killed him because he spoke out against him. Apparently, Paul Crouch thought that someone questioning him was the equivalent to someone questioning God Himself. A popular catch-phrase of such false teachers is “Toucheth not the Lord’s anointed.”

They take this verse out of context to prove that one cannot criticize or question them or their teachings. Similarly, when various people have questioned Sweetling on Tumblr, their inboxes were quickly filled with angry anonymous messages. They all had one theme hidden throughout the childish insults: “How dare you speak to a man of God that way?”

Get over yourselves!  Certainly the women in our blogoshere, including the complementarians, take the biblical imperative regarding the deference that women of God are to render masculine authority in general more seriously than most, which in and of itself is shocking to the postmodern sensibilities of those who are used to men being portrayed as bumbling fools in popular culture.  But I’m quite certain their derision has more to do with the hysterical slander of nitwits and what it implies about their character and devotion to Christ.  I’m willing to bet that in addition to that sentiment in general, their messages mostly go to the undercurrent of the childish misogyny that postmodernism leverages against the more traditional women of the Bible, especially that which adds insult to injury by characterizing their criticisms of this smarmy attitude as benighted too. 

How dare they criticize the Lord’s anointed postmodernists of matriarchal gynocentrism! 

To say that the sentiments that some might get from persons within our circle are those of fawning, weak-willed females doing their cult leader’s bidding or that I actually wield Svengali-like powers over their wills in the first place is like asking me when I last beat my wife. 

There is no cult!  

That notion is the fantasy of the cult of the postmodern duh on Tumblr.  It’s the same ignorant, closed-minded duh of greater-than-the-sword’s thoughtless dismissal of the TAG’s terminology.  In other words, it’s the self-induced stupor that automatically confounds everything a proponent of biblical patriarchy has to say about anything.  (Does greater-than-the-sword relegate all of the classical arguments for God’s existence to the extra-biblical bin of her unexamined, quasi-fundamentalism of rote assimilation?) 

It’s the grandiosity, pride, egotism and the lack of intellectual empathy (greater-than-the-sword’s words) that can’t wrap it's postmodern head around biblical patriarchy proper.  It’s a head full of the revisionist mush of feminism that causes ignoramuses to mostly read things into my prose that aren’t there and condemn the things that are in the very rare instances in which they get it right.  It’s all due to what the prevailing gynocentric culture has conditioned them to think and believe about these things.

It's the inability of most to divorce themselves from their ingrained, cultural biases long enough to objectively stand back and consider something different in its own right, within the context of its worldview, from its actual premise to conclusion. 



Sweetling’s views about the Patriarchy place men, especially Men of God like himself, in a godlike position over females. This overflows into the kind of egotism and self-worship that has been previously addressed. There is no question that Sweetlingsuniverse is the cult’s leader.

You forgot to capitalize the m in the first men, the g in godlike, the e in egotism and the l in leader.


Naturally, I've exposed the “previously addressed” in my series of rebuttals for the crap that it is.

Check out this syllogism:

Sweetling often uses the verse 1st Corinthians 11:3: “But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.”

Forgetting that the rest of the verse teaches that God the Father is also the head of Christ, and they are both equally God.


So because the husband is the wife’s head, doesn’t mean that she has to worship him or treat him as a god.


But Sweetling says this:

“The only good women left are devout, bible-believing Christian women who respect, adore, honor and obey their fathers and husbands…” (x)

Okay, we have the co-equal divinity of God the Father and God the Son.  We have something or another about me supposedly forgetting the preeminent doctrine of Christendom.  We have the truth, though it be a non sequitur, that wives are not to worship their husbands.  And we have what Sweetling said. 

It is hard to believe that someone as educated as Sweetling does not know that the word “adore” means “worship”.

All that unrelated rigmarole just to lie about the intended connotation of the term adore in this context?  The term adore only means worship proper if the object is God, you idiots.  The term adore is variously applied to divinity, humans, animals or nonliving things.  Hence, adore in this context goes to a sense of high affection at the human level. 

“The Bible holds that the husband is to stand in the place of Christ!” (x)

No. Husbands in the Bible are commanded to show Christ’s love to their wives. But only Christ can stand in the place of Christ.

“[O]nly Christ can stand in the place of Christ” is a tautology; the parallel drawn between husband and the place of Christ goes to the metaphorical parallel regarding the order of authority in marriage at the human level and  transcendent level only. 

But, of course, you knew what I meant.  Why are you confusing your biblically illiterate readers? 

“The women of my fellowship… …would be ashamed to bring such a callously unrepentant and disrespectful attitude… …to the marriage bed of their earthly lord.” (x)

So are you preying on the feminist prejudices of your readers regarding the term lord, lower-case l, though it be preceded by the term earthly

I thought you weren’t feminists.

Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement (I Peter 3:6).

Christ is not an earthy lord among many; He’s the Lord of all Creation.


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