Proverbs 3, MSG: I was just saying this in my Salad Jam post from yesterday. If you are like me and have struggled to lose weight and make better food choices, the only way to truly get your eating under control is to submit it to God. “Listen to God’s voice…He will keep you on track…Run from evil (in this case, refined sugar and processed foods ARE evil to your body!)…and your body will GLOW with HEALTH!” It’s right there in the Word ladies! I just adore God for giving us freedom from excuses that have led to excess weight, overeating and lack of motivation to exercise. Your body is a temple. If you want to change it, don’t rely on your “willpower”…rely on God’s power. #Biblestudy #Biblebreak #bible #weightloss #beautybreakthrough
The Right Candidate

Who are you going to vote for? Does it really matter? Of course it matters who you are going to vote for. God has give us the freedom to choose who we are going to put into leadership in this country. From a strictly human point of view, it matters. The United States is the country that God has given us to live in and we should take an active part in deciding who we are going to have lead us. But that is no excuse for the Christian to be rude, unkind, disrespectful, hurtful, or irrational toward someone that disagrees with political views. Vote for who you want and who you believe will be the best candidate and state your views as to why you support that candidate, but also remember that being a Christian comes first or at least being a Christian SHOULD come first.

Check out my new blog to see who I choose as the best candidate.