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The I’m-Planning-to-Write-But-Haven’t-Started-Yet-Cause-I’m-Procrastinating Checklist

Alternatively, you haven’t started writing because you’re still planning, you haven’t come up with something yet, you’re waiting for November 1st, it’s a bad brain day and you can’t string two sentences together, or your favorite area in the library has been colonized by poly-sci majors who have no respect for quiet zones (no I’m not bitter).

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No matter why, you’re still not writing. Here’s a short checklist that will let you keep procrastinating while still being productive! Yay!

  • Write an outline
  • Pick a title, or a few titles to get you started
  • Write a synopsis
  • Create a world bible
  • Create a Pinterest board
  • Tidy up your writing space (if you can)
  • Create a writing playlist, or a playlist for this particular project
  • List out the characters, settings, etc.
  • Pick some goals – plot points, word count, time elapsed, etc.
  • Pick a reward for when you reach your goals

This way, you’re still being somewhat productive in creating your novel, screenplay, short story, etc., but you don’t have to actually start writing yet. It’s a win-win!

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what's your advice for starting off reading the bible and taking notes and such??


If you are starting to read the Bible right now, head over to John and once you read that you can continue on to the rest of the gospels. It will help you get to know Jesus and who He is, what He has done, and why. Then read the Epistles-mostly written by Paul…
She Reads Truth is a great option as well. It is an app you can download, which helps you study different books of the Bible. Get involved in Bible studies at Church. Befriend someone who can encourage you in your reading or read through a book of the Bible with someone. Set goals and rewards for yourself with your reading. 

Note taking…well, I have a journaling Bible, with margins on the side that has space for writing. I like taking notes there when I’m listening to a sermon or if I have thoughts I want to remember. You can keep a journal and write in it when you’re reading through the Bible. 
Always read the footnotes at the bottom-you learn a lot and it can link you to other passages in the Bible that are related.

For me, personally, I have learned most when I am working through a book with a Bible study and when I do hermeneutics-another great thing you can do, using different books (commentaries/studies) and the internet to understand scripture. Also, prayer. When you pray about your life and ask God to direct you to the appropriate scriptures, He speaks and it’s incredible. 

Hope that helps! Feel free to come off anon, so we can talk more.