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I declare the end from the beginning and from long ago what is not yet done, saying: My plan will take place, and I will do all My will. Isaiah 46:10
Maybe, today you are angry with God for not giving you something you’ve been praying for. “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” Isaiah 55:8 Take God at His word today. His word is true and He has promised that He will give us everything we would ever need for life. It may not be what we expect or dream of, but it will be better than that, it will be more than you can ask or think. Only God knows what’s best for you. May the truth of His word flood your heart as you continue to trust Him to take care of all you need, Amen.

So when are we getting that college/murder mystery AU?
  • Nico is initially kinda not really feeling college, then again she’s not really feeling anything, and at least attending college makes mom happy.
  • Then she meets her super church-y roommate, who by the time she arrives has already wallpapered their room in bible quotes and pictures of Jesus, and now she’s definitely not feeling college
  • Seriously can she go 5 minutes without saying something homophobic? (Not that Nico is gay or anything, it’s just exhausting having to listen to how god made women for men and all that junk day in and day out)
  • Jesus-roomie starts spending a lot of time with this other girl Destiny from her church group who might legitimately be a reborn saint or some shit?
  • The 2 are conjoined at the hip, and their happiness is downright infectious.
  • Destiny even gets Karolina to take down her huge “abortion is murder” poster and stop glaring whenever someone takes the lord’s name in vain.
  • The only thing that isn’t going anywhere is her homophobia, which is somehow getting even worse and offensive
  • Which is weird, since Nico is definitely picking up a vibe from the way Karolina and Destiny keep just sitting around in her room and gazing longingly into each other’s eyes for hours at a time.
  • Seeing that makes Nico feel some type of way (because she’s jealous she doesn’t have that kind of intense connection with anyone, yep, that’s definitely it!)
  • One day Destiny has a very loud argument on the phone with her mom, which ends with her loudly yelling “Mom I’m gay!” in the middle of the quad and hanging up
  • That night she goes missing, and 3 days later her corpse washes up on the beach.
  • Everyone, including Nico, immediately suspects Karolina, because if anyone was going to kill the angel Destiny Gonzales, it would be the overly cheerful churchgirl with a hate-on for gay people.
  • Until Karolina tearfully shows Nico her text chains with Destiny. Turns out her and Destiny were definitely an item, and Karolina feared for her life if her family found out.
  • So they team up to prove Karolina’s innocence and bring Destiny’s murderers to justice. Along the way they will have to navigate adult life, corrupt college staff, and a web of conspiracies all tracing back to a mysterious character by the name “Father Jonah”.
  • As well as their growing attraction to each other, which is the last thing either of them need, and at least once leaves Nico yelling “not now vagina” at her own crotch.