bible of filth


PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEASE don’t ruin it for other people. 

Many people are waiting for it to OFFICIALLY come out because there’s been a lot of drama surrounding this topic (and just out of respect for George.) So please, it doesn’t matter how SHOOK you are about the content in it or whatever, but please just either don’t post about it or  tag the post so people know it’s gonna spoil something.

Please reblog so that other people can see this and thank you ❤✌

My thoughts on the book so far, i dunno if it’s considered a spoiler or not but I tagged it as one regardless.

Anywho. I’m completely enthralled with this book and find myself grinning uncontrollably when something familiar shows up. The way George writes thrusts you straight into another world, holding you firmly by the wrist and guiding you through. He envelopes you in its surroundings and makes you feel as though you’re tagging along for the ride, as if you could reach out and touch the characters themselves. It already feels like a “legend or tale” that has been passed down for years and years.