bible names

Some beautiful female biblical names: 

Hannah - Hannah wanted a child and begged the Lord to give her one. In return she promised to raise the child dedicated to the Lord. He answered her prayer and gave her a son. She followed through on the promise -  and her son grew up to be Samuel, one of the most influential and godly men in the Bible.

Abigail - Abigail was married to a self-centered, wicked man named Nabal. He denied hospitality to David and angered him. Abigail went to David trying to calm him to prevent a fight (and thus protect her household) and was successful. After hearing that it was his wife and not himself who saved his household, Nabal died of shock and Abigail married David who saw her for who she was, a very strong woman. 

Esther - Esther was a Jewish woman married to a king. The King chose her through a contest and did not know she was a Jew, neither was she allowed to go before him without invitation. In fact, doing so without invitation meant death. The King’s right hand, a wicked man called Haman, planned to kill all Jews. When Esther found out, she bravely decided to go before the king uninvited to save her people. She did so cleverly by inviting him for a meal and was successful.   

Lois - see Eunice 

Eunice - Eunice was the mother and Lois the grandmother of Timothy. While they’re only briefly mentioned in the bible, we know that Timothy learned many things from them and can conclude that they were caring, loving women who raised him to be a faithful student of God’s word. 

Mary - You are likely familiar with her story: An angel appeared to her, announcing she had been chosen to give birth as a virgin and she gave birth in a stable - to Jesus! 

Ruth - Ruth’s first husband died before they had a child. She loved her mother-in-law and left her homeland to follow  her, declaring “Your people will be my people and your God my God “. Her loyalty to Ruth and to God brought rich rewards and attracted Boaz who marries her. Through her family line came King David and ultimately Jesus. 

Elizabeth - As a childless woman, Elizabeth prayed for a baby. The Lord answered her prayer and she gave birth John the Baptist, whom Jesus called the greatest of all men. Remarkably, she recognized the unborn Jesus as the Messiah while the pregnant Mary visits her! 

Hagar - Hagar was a surrogate for the infertile Sarah. After she gave birth, Sarah chased her away into the wilderness. But God provided for her and her son and she kept her faith despite her difficult life circumstances. 

Magdalena - Jesus delivered Mary Magdalena from seven demons. She became a devoted follower of Him and supported His ministry financially. Later, she was the first who saw Him after He had risen from death! 

Puah - See Shiphrah 

Shiphrah -  She and Puah were two midwives who feared God, and helped prevent the murder of Hebrew male children by the Egyptians, and thus the genocide of the Hebrew people! 

Keziah - The bible doesn’t tell us much about her except that she received a equal inheritance from her father which was unusual at that time, so many see her name as a symbol for equality as it’s likely that she was a strong woman who fighted for it! 

I never got why people want guns? I love guns, they are amazing. Shot a few myself, mostly shotguns and rifles because Ireland but the love is there. I’m pro gun all the way but I’m not pro every Matthew, Mark, Luke and John having one. I know people say they need it for self defence and I understand but have you seen fail videos? Stupid people with guns do stupid things with the guns and I don’t consider that great for the self defence case. People are saying if people had guns in London the there would have been less death and it could be possible but what about the person who shot the gun? Yes, they killed bad guys but killing someone is not an easy thing and it can have bad after affects on someone’s mind. What if they liked it? What if they didn’t? Cause no sane person likes killing but it is necessary and that why we have Garda and soldiers. They do the bad stuff so we don’t have to and look how it messes with their minds? Some of them aren’t good people and look what happens when you give them the tools that cause a lot bad things. I guess why guns are needed and I will never be for banning all guns cause that’s stupid but not everyone is good. So until you can make sure that the person holding the gun isn’t the next terrorist or mass shooter or gangster or just a crazy person who loves hunting a bit too much then yeah you need gun control. Don’t give me the bulshit it’s someone’s right because yes you have a right to defend yourself but what is defending yourself when the bad guy has a gun also?

Red Letters Misplaced

The false prophets
crowded on the corner

and cried

set up shops
sold their sights
for a couple of coins.

Thirty bites of silver
is worth
     is worth
          is worth?

– rope burn below
the chin

– tables tossed
like trash
in the wind

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So there’s a little girl in my neighborhood who is President of the Charlie Fan Club, and always runs up to pet him and tell me all about her day and how excited she is to start kindergarten this fall etc.  And until this afternoon, I thought her name was “Ava”

Today, I actually met her mother, who is one of those New-age garbled-eastern-religions-spiritualist people but to quote her “There’s a family tradition of bible names, so I looked up some of the older names becuase there are so many ‘Nevaeh’s and I wanted something unique, and I just fell in love with one of the old colonial names!”

…The girl’s name is Avarice.

So, I’ve never told anyone about this, ever in my life, and to be honest, I’m not quite sure it even happened. I want to be very clear, this is not a joke or a shitpost or anything like that. The details may not be exactly right, but I’m being 100% serious. It’s something kinda funny and weird that happened to me when I was 10, and for whatever reason it’s been on my mind lately and I think it’s time I shared it with the world.

So, I went to a Lutheran Elementary School, so, in addition to Math, English, Science, etc., Bible Studies was also part of my curriculum. When I was in fifth grade, when this story took place, a different teacher would come in once a week and teach us Bible Studies. He was a younger guy, at least, younger than the rest of my teachers at that point. Late twenties, early thirties, I would say. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this guy’s name was Jonathan. I kinda remember thinking it was kind of a funny coincidence that he had a vaguely Biblical name, like the gospel John.

Jonathan was kind of chubby, and he had spiky black hair and sunglasses, and I think he had tattoos. I might be wrong about the tattoos, but whether he had them or not, he was a cool guy. I remember thinking he seemed like the kind of guy that was in a band.

Even though he only came in once a week, he had an office adjacent to my fifth-grade classroom, and sometimes we’d get sent in there when my actual teacher wanted to grill a kid alone (which she did a lot, because she was a vile bully of a teacher that shouldn’t have been allowed to work with children).

I don’t remember why I ended up in that office, it has been 18 years, after all, but I remember sitting in there, alone, when I spotted an open notepad on the table next to me. Written on the notepad were the lyrics to All Star by Smash Mouth. The song was new at the time; Shrek would not be out for two more years, and I had only heard it once or twice, and hadn’t learned the lyrics yet. I had heard it, though, I knew the song and was able to recognize that these were the lyrics to it. I distinctly remember that reading them on that notepad was how I learned the lyrics to All Star by Smash Mouth. I distinctly remember a time after that day, being in the car with my mom and dad when the song came on. I remember singing along, and they were impressed that I knew all the words. And I could swear that the lyrics written on the notepad weren’t perfect, like, there were some crossed out and some that weren’t in the actual song.

More than 15 years later, Smash Mouth tweets a viral photo of the"original lyrics" to All Star written on a notepad. And I can’t be 100% certain, because I mean, I was 10, but if you put a gun to my head I would say, yes, that is the exact same page of the exact same notepad I saw in 1999.

So my question for anyone reading this is: what actually happened here? Because it sounds like what happened is that Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth, while All Star was Number 4 on Billboard, used to moonlight as a Bible Studies teacher named Jonathan once a week to my 5th-grade class of 20 kids in a tiny elementary school in Burbank, California. But I know that can’t be what actually happened. So what actually happened?

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice for someone who loves writing but was told they weren't good at it?

Everyone who writes has, at some point, been told they were a shit writer. That’s just…..part of the process, both not being very good and being told you’re not very good. (I could pull my receipts, because I’m the kind of self-flagellating person who keeps evidence of people insulting her, but I won’t.)

But you should keep writing.

FIRST, because if you want to write, then obviously you should keep writing. It’s a lot of fun, doing whatever self-indulgent thing you like, because you want it. I spent years writing shit that will never ever see the light of day, convinced they were works of poetic and narrative genius. Spoiler alert: they were not, but god did I have fun writing them. (And I still write them!) Plus…

SECOND, if you want to improve, then you should keep writing. The only way to get better at writing is to do it more. Read widely, and critically, and borrow the techniques you think are effective. Write more. No one ever gets to Carnegie Hall by giving up after a couple bad rehearsals.

THIRD, you should keep writing because—the simple truth of the matter is that someone is always going to think you’re not a good writer. I think Steinbeck is a hack. I would rather swallow mercury bichloride than read a Thomas Hardy novel. I really want to like Ursula Le Guin, but I can’t take her writing style. I love Tolkien, but there are days when I just can’t struggle through another passage in the Silm that sounds like the Bible with the names ctl+replaced. And I’ve got 15+ years of strangers, family, and friends who will say the same about my writing! No writer will ever be universally beloved.

So really, the only thing to do is keep writing. For yourself, if no one else.

In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.
Proverbs 3:6
- This scripture speaks to us about our priorities.
- If we will put God first in our lives there are rewards.
- This is a key to living a successful life.
- Give Him first place in your life today!

PRAYER: Lord, I give You the place of priority in my life right now. Help me to realise that apart from You I can do nothing! In Jesus’ Name. Amen

No matter how dark or how hard things are right now, when you surrender all to Christ, and trust in God wholeheartedly. Know this, that God is going to change this situation around for His Glory and your good. Don’t worry about it. God is in control, and taking care of it. God bless you.